The Rebels' Wedding
Dateline: Tai broke up with Sora. Now Sora well be going out with Richard.
"Let's see, One for the Ketchums, one for the Johnsons, one for Matt's parents, one for Tai and Kari and one for everyone else." said Jenny as she counted though the invitations. "Here's your dress." said Angela.  "What is this?" asked Jenny. "It's your wedding dress." said Angela. "But why that color? You know I don't like white!" whined Jenny. "Well, what color do you want?" asked Gwen. "Light Blue." said her future sister-in-law. "I'll order the dress tomorrow." said Angela. "Good." said Jenny. Then Angela took the dress and left. "Here Gwen, give this to your family." said Jenny as she handed the five envelopes to her future sister-in-law give to her family. "All right." she said as put the envelopes in her purse. Then, the phone rang. Jenny picked up the phone. "Hello, Halawill residence." she said. "Hey Jenny." said Matt calling her on his cell phone. "Hi Matt." she said. "Listen Jenny, I've bought the tux." he said. "Ooo! What does it look like?" she asked. "You'll have to see for yourself." he said. "Awww!" whined Jenny. "Did the dress come in?" he asked. "Yes, but it wasn't in the color I wanted." said Jenny. "Oh?" said Matt. "I wanted it blue." she said. The two talked on and on about the wedding plans until Matt said: "Well, Jenny, I've got to go now, bye." "Bye Matt." she said. Then she blew a kiss into the phone and hung up. "I've got to go now." said Gwen as she got up off the floor, grabbed her jacket and left with the invitations in her hand. "Bye." said Jenny. Then she got up and went to bed.
The next day, Angela and Jenny were at the bridal outlet store to pick up her dress. "Back so soon, girls?" asked the guy behind the desk. "We came to get dress number forty-seven." said Angela. "You know the one that was satin with a huge bow in the back, that was in the color I didn't want." said Jenny. "Ah, yes we just got that one in this morning. Wait right here and I'll get it for you." he said. Then he walked into the back and got the dress out. The dress was made of light blue satin, it had a light blue shoulder puff, a clear heart shaped crystal gem in the center of her shoulder puff, little clear crystal gems all over the skirt, and big light blue bow in the back. "How much will it cost?" asked Jenny. "Thirty-four ninety five." said the guy behind the desk. Angela was about to reach into her purse and get the money out, but Jenny stopped her. "I'll pay her it since it's my dress." she said. Then Jenny reached into her, pulled out the money and paid for the dress. The saleslady gently put the dress into the bag and Jenny snatched the bag away from the saleslady. Then she and Angela left the store. Then they went over to the Bride's Treasures store to get Jenny's veil and decorations for the wedding. "How does this one looks?" asked Jenny as she modeled off one of the veils she found that came half way to her back. "Too short." said Angela. "So you're saying I should try a longer veil?" asked Jenny. "Not really, unless you want." said Angela. "Hmm. Maybe. Wait here." she said. Then Jenny ran into the back and came back with a veil that would come down to the tippy-top of her bow in the back of her dress. Then she put it on her head. "What do you think?" asked Jenny as she showed off her veil. "Not too bad." said Angela. "All right then. Now let's get the decorations." said Jenny as she took the veil off and carried it with her. Then she and Angela walked to look at the decorations.
Matt looked though his desk to find the lyrics to a very special song he handed written for Jenny on a special occasion. "Where did put them?" he said to himself. Finally he found the lyrics tied together with dark blue ribbon that he had tied on to keep them together. The song was called My Heart's Desire and he had never played it in any of his concerts so it was in perfect condition. Matt didn't sing this song in concert because he wanted it to be strictly for Jenny alone. He knew he had twelve weeks practice in order to make the song sound perfect to sing at the wedding. So he gently untied the ribbon and took the lyrics to the living room. "I've been waiting for my whole entire life for this moment to happen between you and me. I have just about let go of everything I ever had. At first I was blind, but now since you're in life, You have opened my eyes. I'm falling even more in love with you. I don't have any time left to hold back what I have to say...." Matt sang the first verse aloud. "All though my band has broken up, I can still sing this to her." he thought.
Jenny looked though her trunk to look for her mother's light blue sandal four inch high heel shoes to wear for her wedding. Then she found them and took them out. She looked at them to see if they were in good condition and they were. Jenny slipped them on. They seemed to fit. She stood up to how they feel. The shoes felt comfortable. Then Jenny walked from the trunk to the door. She felt as if she was walking on the clouds in her mother's shoes. "Perfect!" thought Jenny. Then she took them off and put them back into the box. Then she walked down the stairs with her shoes.  The doorbell rang when she got downstairs. Jenny opened door. Matt was at the door. "Hi Matt." she said. Then she kissed him on lips. "I have a little surprise for you on our wedding." he said. "Oh! What is it?" asked Jenny. "You'll have to hear for your self on the wedding." said Matt. "What's with all the surprises?" asked Jenny. "I want to surprise you so you and I will never forget about this moment between us both." he said. "Oh." she said. "Have you picked out the bridesmaid dresses yet?" asked Matt. "Ah Man! I keep writing that on my list but I manage to forget." she said. "Well, Why don't you get them today." said Matt. "I'll do that right." said Jenny. Then she rose up from the table and walked out the door.
"So what color do you want your dresses?" asked Jenny. "I want them to be pink." said Kari. "Blue." said Gwen. "Red." said Angela. "Yellow." said Nicole. "White." said Yolei. "Green." said Morgan. Jenny wrote all of their suggestions down in her notepad. "That's great, but we can only have one color for the dresses." she said. "But how?" asked Angela. "Well, I don't like white, yellow, or pink." said the bride-to-be as she scratched out white, yellow, and pink. "I don't really what you get, I'll wear it just as long as it looks good." said Kari. "Okay, So the colors we have to pick from are blue, red, and green." said Jenny. "I don't think red will match with all the decorations we bought for the wedding." said Angela after a while of thinking. "All right. So now we have to decide between blue or green." said Jenny as she crossed out red. The group thought for little while. "We have too much blue all ready as it is." said Gwen. "And you're saying?" asked Yolei. "We don't need anymore blue because Jenny's wedding dress is blue, the decorations are blue, the frosting for the cake will be blue, and everything else will be blue." said the queen-to-be as she straightened back her hair. "All right then. We are left with green so the bridesmaid dresses will be green." said Jenny as she crossed out blue. "Now you can have your dresses any style you want I don't care." With that, the bridesmaids went all over the store to look for green bridesmaids dresses. Gwen came back with a pale green strapless dress. "What do you think?" asked the queen-to-be as she held up her dress to show Jenny. "It looks so beautiful on you." said the bride-to-be. Then Morgan came back with a pale green sequined tube dress. "Uh... Nice dress." said Gwen kinda unhappily. Nicole came back with a pale green leaf print dress. "That's a nice dress for you." said Jenny. Then Kari came back with a short green dress with little flowers printed all over it. "You would so cute in that dress." said Morgan. "I'm sick of being cute." thought Kari. Then Angela came back with a spaghetti strap green dress. "That looks so beautiful on you." said Gwen. Then Yolei came back with a short sleeve long skirt dark green dress. "Okay, now that we got our dresses, now let's get out of here." said Jenny. Then she purchased the dresses and the girls left the store.
"Blue or Gray?" Matt asked T.K. as he showed him a picture of the suits for the best men for the wedding from a catalog called Suits and Men. "Hmm... I kinda like the blue." his little brother said. Matt looked at the two suits for a while. "I like the blue too." he said. Then Matt took a red ink pen and circled the blue suit. Then he reached for his cell phone and dialed the catalog's phone number. "Hello, Suits and Men. How may I help you?" asked the woman on the other line. "I would like to order suit number two seventy-five." said Matt. "What color would you want that to be?" the woman on the other line asked as she wrote down Matt's order. "Uh... Blue." said Matt. "And how will you paying me? In cash or check?" she asked. "How much do they cost?" asked Matt. "Thirty-two dollars ninety-nine." the operator. "I'll pay you with check." said Matt. "When do you want them delivered?" she asked. "By...September twenty-fifth." he said as he looked at the calendar. "All right then we'll have delivered by then and you pay us at the door." said the woman on the other line. Then she hung up. Matt hung up as well. Later, Matt decided today to get the rings, so he got into his car and drove to the jewelry store. Matt looked at all of the rings for a long time and finally he bought two platinum and diamond princess cut rings with the diamonds shaped in a square and accented with two baguettes.
The next morning, Jenny was in the living room sewing by needle and tread on the flower girl's dress. The dress was going to be green with a lot of lace. She hated doing this but she wanted to save her money for want where the wedding was going to be. "Ow!" she said to herself as she pricked her self in the finger with the needle. "Hello Jenny." said Gwen as she opened the door and walked  into the living room. She was in shock when she saw her future sister-in-law sewing. "Jenny?" said Gwen when she finally managed to get the words out of her mouth. "Yes, I know. I'm sewing." she said. Then she stood up and showed Gwen the flower girl's dress. "How does it look?" asked Jenny. "Well.... Uh...." said Gwen. "I know. It looks bad." she said. Gwen thought and she thought hard about what to do. Then she came up with a great idea. "Jenny, give me the dress." she said. "Huh? What for?" Jenny asked. "Just give me the dress." said queen-to-be. "All right. But what are you going to do with it?" she asked as she handed the dress to Gwen. "You'll see." she said with a smile. Then she walked out of the room and went house. She some plans up her sleeve. Meanwhile, Matt reached over for the telephone book and looked though it to find a place to have the wedding and a house. He looked and looked until he found the loveliest house he had ever seen. Then he looked at the price. It was two hundred and ninety-nine dollars. He had about ninety-nine dollars. So now he needed the two hundred dollars. But them he read the ad even more. The sale price was ninety-nine dollars. So he called the home astate company and bought the house. Then Matt called up Jenny to tell her the news. "Hello, Halawill residence." she said. "Hey Jenny." said Matt. "Hi Matt." she said. "Listen Jenny, I found a place for our wedding." he said. "Ooo! Where is it?" asked Jenny. "You'll have to see for yourself." he said. "Awww!" whined Jenny. "I'll e-mail you the directions and then you can print them out." he said. "All right, Bye." she said. Then she hung up. He hung up as well.
Today was the day of the wedding and Jenny got into her car and drove to house using the directions that Matt had sent her. "Is this the place we are marrying at?" Jenny asked herself in surprise. "There you are, come right on in and we'll give you a good make-over." said Gwen. She and the other bridesmaids were dressed in their green dresses. Jenny took her bath with her cinnamon smelling soap. "Are you saying we're not only having the wedding, but this is our new house?" asked Jenny. "That's right." said Nicole. "Wow!" Jenny thought. Then she put her dress that was made of light blue satin, it had a light blue shoulder puff, a clear heart shaped crystal gem in the center of her shoulder puff, little clear crystal gems all over the skirt, and big light blue bow in the back. Then she put her shoes and veil on. Angela fixed up her hair. "Sit still." said Nicole as she applied a purple liquid eyeliner on her eyes, a red blush on her cheeks, and a crushed blackberry lip color to her lips. Gwen painted Jenny's nails with two coats of blue nail polish. Kari put a citrus scented silver gel to make her smell good. Morgan gave Jenny tattoo choker with a roll-on body tattoo. Matt was wearing a white tux which shocked Jenny. The ceremony took place in the newlyweds' new backyard. The whole ceremony went by quickly. "Uh... Jenny I have something for you." said Matt. "What is it?" she asked. "I have a song for you and it's called My Heart's Desire." said Matt. Then he walked up to the microphone and made that announcement. "I've been waiting for my whole entire life for this moment to happen between you and me. I have just about let go of everything I ever had. At first I was blind, but now since you're in life, You have opened my eyes. I'm falling even more in love with you. I don't have any time left to hold back what I have to say...." Matt sang. After he song, the people clapped.
The End

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