Chapter Forty-Eight: Red Christmas:

-Christmas Night-

She knew she was spoiled. It was his fault after all.

Christmas night would be no different.

Tsuzuki sat on the bed, smirking. “Come here, my love.” Anna smiled like a devil as she walked over to her husband. She looked comfortable in his lap. Her legs came on either side of him. He kissed her on the lips.

“What would you like tonight?” Tsuzuki purred in her ear. She giggled as he nibbled on her ear lobe.

“Mmm, pleasure me,” Anna murmured. The violet-eyed shinigami kissed her on the cheek.

“I’ll see what I can do,” he whispered. Tsuzuki gently nipped her on the neck. A chill raced up her spine. His hands reached behind her back grasped her lacy black and pink bra. This time, he was calm enough to work the hooks. The last one came apart clumsy. Tsuzuki chuckled.

“I’ll have them free in a second,” he said. The hook came undone in his hand. Anna’s bra fell off in the shinigami’s hand. Once it hit the floor, Anna ended up on her back on the bed. Tsuzuki landed another kiss on her lips. Her taste awoke his member in his trousers.

Anna’s nails went to the shinigami’s chest. “Asato-kun…” He put his finger to her lips.

“I know,” Tsuzuki said. He unzipped his trousers. Anna gently seized his wrists.

“No?” her husband asked.

“Allow me,” she said. Anna yanked down his trousers. Tsuzuki kissed her on the neck.

“Stop,” she said, giggling. Her husband smiled in the kiss.

“But you are so sweet,” he said. “I can’t help myself.” He began grinding his hips against hers. Anna’s laughter filled the room.

“Come on now,” she said. “Let me finish this.” The woman finally removed his trousers. She panted as she tossed them to the floor. His hand moved to her breasts. He ran his tongue down her throat. Tsuzuki glanced up as he moved his hands down to her hips. His fingers curled around the waistband of her panties. With one yank, the black and pink lace wound on the floor. Anna panted her legs as Tsuzuki took off his boxers.


Cherry blossoms looked elegant with the snow. A young man with violet eyes held out his hand. He smiled as an icy cherry blossom petal landed in his palm. The pink color warmed his heart.

The young man froze when he felt like someone was watching him. A girl with dark hair stood in the snow. Only a thin light blue sheet covered her waist. The wind played with her hair. Something about her pale face had his attention. He walked over to this young woman. When he got closer, his eyes widened.

She has no shadow. And she’s not standing on the snow.

The young woman started floating away. Her sudden movement made him jump. He found himself running after her. The young woman floated away into the thin winter air. The young man shielded his eyes from the sun.

Minutes later, the young man stopped and saw a lone cherry blossom tree standing in front of a big white house. Lively music filled the air. The violet-eyed young man tilted his head.

What’s this?

He walked over to the big beautiful house. He stood within inches of the red door when it opened. A girl in a black dress stood on the other side. Little red flowers bloomed around her black buns on either side of her head.

“Welcome,” she greeted the young man. “You have come to Voluptas House. Would you like to come in?”

The young man stared at her red lips. “I don’t have shoes.” The girl looked down at his bare, dirty feet.

“That’s okay,” she said. “Come inside.” Her flowers flew over and shoved the young man up the stairs. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the house.

The gold interior nearly blinded him. Paper lanterns hung from the ceiling. Fountains flowed in all four corners. The floor felt like cold marble. The young man shivered as he walked into the house. He about jumped as the flowers took his black cloak and hung it on the rack. The girl whistled as she saw his shirtless body.

“Yes, you will be perfect,” she said. The young man gave her a blank stare.

“What do you mean?” she asked. She giggled as she grabbed his hand.

“Wait, where are we going?” the young man asked. They headed down the gold-colored hall. Giggling filled his ears. The girl glanced behind her.

“I’ll take you to where the others are waiting,” she said.

“Others?” he asked. They came up to two bright red doors. The girl pushed them wide open. A cool breeze brushed against the young man’s face. The little flowers pushed him into the room before returning to their master.

“I will collect you when the party’s over,” the girl said. She bowed and walked away. The young man stood blankly as she disappeared. He turned back to the open room and walked inside.

He moved from gold to light purple. His feet warmed up on soft white carpet. A soft jazz tune played in the background. The young man felt like all eyes rested on him. He gulped, looking around.

“Are you the new guest?” a woman’s voice asked. The young man jerked his head upwards. On the other side of the room sat a woman with long pinkish white hair. He tried not to look at her curves through her equally pinkish-white dress. Her wings seemed to lure him in. She held a gold key in her right hand.

“Are you the new guest?” she asked. The young man gulped.

“I… I… guess I am,” he said. The wing-woman smiled and moved aside on the big plush red couch. She patted the spot originally sat on. The young man shrugged and walked over to the couch. He quietly took a seat.


Tsuzuki looked down at a sleeping Anna.

“Merry Christmas, my love,” he whispered. He rested his head on her breasts before succumbing to sleep himself.