Chapter Six: Ring Shopping:

February 18th, 2010.

Today was the day! Tsuzuki planned to get the wedding rings. They didn't have anything else, so why not start there? During the break, go to the jewelry shop. Look through the selection, pick out the ring he wanted for Anna and himself, save up the money. However, there came a hitch today.

As Tsuzuki headed out for lunch, he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Tatsumi had just come through the doorway. Curious, Tsuzuki turned to him.

"Tatsumi?" he asked.

"Uh-hm?" the secretary asked. Tsuzuki shuffled his feet a bit.

"Are you� heading out?" he asked.

"Yes, why?" Tatsumi replied.

"With me?"

"Of course, is that a problem?"

Tsuzuki froze in panic. Oh shit! There's no way I could talk him out of this. I'm screwed; my plans are ruined! Suddenly, he paused. Wait! I could use this to my advantage. He put on a fake smile.

"Alright," he said. "But I want to stop somewhere afterwards."

Tatsumi raised an eyebrow at him. "Where?"

Tsuzuki grinned. "Secret!" His former partner didn't like the sound of that.


The men chose a small caf� downtown (Tatsumi's treat, of course.) Tsuzuki plotted the whole time. Like most brides, this ring had to be special. Fashioned from love; something from the heart.

"So where are we going?" someone asked. Tsuzuki looked up.

"Hm?" he asked. Tatsumi stared at him intently.

"Where are we going?" he asked. "After this." Tsuzuki sat back, smiling.

"The jewelry store," he said.

Tatsumi blinked. "Why?"

"Uh� I want to get Anna�" A sign of my love? A symbol of our future together? A promise to love her forever? "Present."

"A present?"

"Yeah, her birthday's coming up and all."

"But it's in March."

"Yes, I know."

"So why�"

Tsuzuki lowered his fork. "Well, I wanted to shop early. Save up money for it, you know?" Tatsumi narrowed his eyes at him. Tsuzuki put up a brave face. Please buy it! Please buy it! Please buy it! Please buy it! Tatsumi sat back in his chair.

"Whatever," he muttered. Tsuzuki relaxed in his head.

"We can't stay out too long," Tatsumi added.

"Right," Tsuzuki said. "Of course�"


At one, they made it to the jewelry store. Tatsumi looked at the watches. Tsuzuki observed him with bated breath. He's still not looking up, good. The shinigami looked at the rings. He marveled at their glimmering beauty. He didn't want to get her a diamond, too clich�. Plus, a diamond didn't suit her personality well. Tsuzuki looked at his options. Ruby? Too fierce. Emerald? Didn't match. Sapphire? Maybe� Tsuzuki looked up to see a cute clerk looking at him.

"Excuse me," she said. "Can I help you?" Tsuzuki smiled.

"Ah yes," he said. "I'm looking for a wedding ring for my fianc�e." The clerk's eyes lit up.

"Ooo!" she cheered. "You're getting married?"

"Shhh!" Tsuzuki whispered. He quickly looked around as the clerked blinked. The shinigami looked into her eyes.

"Not so loud," he whispered.

"Why?" she whispered back.

Tsuzuki leaned in really close. "No one else knows we're engaged."



The clerk eyed him with her bright eyes. "Are you going to elope?"

"I don't know� I need help to pick her ring."

"Okay, what do you have in mind?"

"Something that reflects her personality. Strong, yet gentle, classy, but modern. Have something like that?"

The clerk lightly pushed her bangs out of her eyes. "I think I might have something." She unlocked the case and pulled out an aquamarine wedding band. Tsuzuki marveled at its elegance. The light blue stone was heart-shaped with matching little pearls surrounding it. The band itself was platinum.

"Does it come in this size?" he asked. He reached into his coat and pulled out a piece of paper. The clerk looked up, smiling.

"No problem!" she said. It all looks good, but then Tsuzuki saw the price tag. He swallowed hard.

"What's the matter?" the clerk asked. The shinigami nervously chuckled.

"It's a little high," he said in a small voice. Tsuzuki fidgeted with his hands.

"Err� can you save this one for me until I can get the money?" he asked. The young clerk grinned.

"Sure," she said.

"Tsuzuki-san," Tatsumi said. "We have to go." The other shinigami looked up.

"Okay," he said. Tsuzuki turned back to the clerk. "I'll be back." The clerk gave him a little nod. The shinigami left with Tatsumi, smiling to himself.