Chapter three: Salvation:

    “Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you. 50,000 tears I have cried. Screaming, deceiving, and bleeding for you. And you still won’t hear me!”

-Evanescence “Going Under”

    Aneko pounded on the door. She waited for a good few seconds. Then the door opened. The princess looked up. A tall muscular man stood before her. Aneko kept staring at him.

    “Nani do you want?!?” the man snapped. Aneko swallowed hard. “Reporting for duty!” she said at last. Then she saluted quickly. The man kept his straight face on. “Id.” he said. The princess said nothing. She pulled out her tag and showed it to him. The man looked at the tag. He said nothing. Then the man stepped aside. Aneko walked in the manor. The man watched her. Then he shut the door behind them.

    Aneko walked down the dark hall. She looked around. “I need some info to keep me going.” she thought. Soon, she would have her answer.

    Aneko looked ahead and saw another guard. He looked bored on his watch shift. It seemed that her luck turned around. Then…

    The princess turned and saw two full bottles of sake sitting on the floor. Another idea hit her. So she picked up the bottles and kept walking.

    “’Cuse me!” Aneko called out to the guard. He looked up and saw her. He pointed to himself. Aneko nodded. Then she signaled for him. The guy complied quickly.

    “Hai?” he asked. Aneko grinned. “Thirsty?” she asked. The guard said nothing. Then the princess took out ichi sake bottle. The guard’s eyes grew big. Aneko paused. “Want this?” she asked. The guard nodded. “Here.” she said as she handed him the bottle. The guard hastily opened it and began drinking it. Aneko was still grinning. Then she handed him the other bottle. He grabbed that and drank the sake up in it too.

    The sake had more alcohol in it them usual. Aneko had slipped liquor pills in the bottles. And soon, the guard was completely drunk. Just as Aneko had planned. Now for business.

Aneko cleared her throat. The guard looked up with hazy eyes. “Hai ba… ba…. baby?” he slurred out. “Where’s the prisoner? Takeru?” the princess asked. “The prisoners are kept in the prison cells downstairs.” he answered without thinking. “Where can I find that?” Aneko asked. “It’s on the maps….” the guard said. Then he passed out. Aneko looked down and shook her head. At least she got some more info.

    Aneko walked on in the dark hall. Where in hell was she supposed to find a map in a dark tunnel like this? Then her bloodstone lit up. Aneko quickly hid it under her suit quickly. “Much better!” she thought. Then she kept walking.

    At long last, Aneko found a map. It was posted hard up on a wall. She stopped and read it. The prison was further down the hall and behind a big steel door. Aneko nodded and headed that direction.

    The foul stench hit Aneko right in the face. She felt like she was going to be sick. But the princess had to stay strong in order to save her lover. So she held her breath and walked through.

    All of the cells looked the same. Dim, cold, and lifeless. Finding Takeru would be like finding gold in California during the gold rush in the 1800’s. It was going to be tough. But Aneko knew that. She knew that when she first took the mission. But she had to hurry. It would only be a matter of time….

    Then her bloodstone’s light grew stronger. Aneko held it close to her chest. Ah! Takeru was close by. The princess began to run as she followed the hikari.

After a few moments of running, Aneko found Takeru’s cell. The princess looked in. Her boyfriend was lying on the cold stone floor. His body was covered in cuts and bruises. The site torn at Aneko’s heart. She had to save him now!

    “Takeru!” she called out. The boy didn’t stir. Worry filled Aneko again. “Takeru!” she cried louder. Now, he turned his head. Aneko began to feel relief. Takeru looked at her. His eyes were blank. Aneko filled with a slight worry again. “Aneko?” Takeru asked at last. The princess nodded. The boy sat up slowly in pain. She was clear in his view. The boy blinked hard. “Am I dreaming?” he asked at last. “Iie.” said his girlfriend. His eyes grew big. “Nani are you doing here?” he whispered. “I came to save you.” Aneko answered. Takeru’s eyes were completely wide. “You mean?” he asked aloud. “Shhh!” Aneko whispered. “Not so loud.” “Right.” the boy said.

    Then Aneko reached into her pocket and pulled out the key to his cell. The princess quickly unlocked it. Then she pushed the door open. Takeru slowly stepped out. “Now listen closely,” Aneko whispered. Then she told him the plan.

    The couple snuck out the back way. They would escape into the woods and ran away. So far they had they had made it to courtyard. They just had to make it through the garden and the gates, they were home free. But they had to be careful. Guards and cameras were watching their every move. One false move and it would be all she wrote!

    Aneko and Takeru walked softly and carefully. The ground could have rigged with wires. The air was warm tonight. The ban seemed peaceful. But that didn’t matter. Escaping was more important right now.

    But trouble came anyway. Aneko paused. Takeru stopped as well. “Nani’s wrong?” he asked his girlfriend. “Shhh!” she said quickly. “Quiet. We’re being followed!” Takeru paused hard. The princess listened hard. She shut her lovely brown eyes. The silence dragged on.

    Then, Aneko’s eyes shot open. “They’re coming!!!” she yelled. Takeru was in fear. “Two inus and another guard.” the princess said. “Nani do we do?” her boyfriend asked. “Uh…” Aneko said. “Run!” “Right.” the boy said. Then the couple took off running.

    The run was long and hard. The guard and inus chased them hard. But Aneko fought them off with her strength and powers. Overall, the couple escaped unharmed and with great success. But Aneko knew she couldn’t rest now. There was ichi more thing to do. And Aneko had to do it now!