Sarah's Bio
Name: Sarah Laura Nicole Komastsu

AKA: Kio, Neko, Maggie, Haruko, Ceolin, Kinume, Li, Melissa, and Violet

Birthdate: 3/3/**

Age: 133 million (But looks 13)

P.O.B: Kyoto, Japan

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Spy and Journalist

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'0"

Love status: Single

Likes: Spying, writing, Gorillaz, pocky, Filter, Grey's Anatomy, Green Day, Chinese food, Linkin Park, gossip, music, Japan, traveling, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Asia, satires, ramen, scandals, news, blackmail, anime, action movies, CNN World news, story lemons, the internet, reviewing different forms of entertainment, Pandora radio, and tech stuff

Outfit: Jeans, black t-shirt, black socks, sneakers, white fingerless gloves, and a bright pink backpack

Animal Chibi: Squirrel

    Cunning and wise, Sarah was born from a fire comet. She was found pinned by arms, legs, and chest against an oak tree as a completely bloodless and lifeless thirteen-year-old body. When removed and bathed, life was given to her. Ai Komastsu took Sarah in as daughter. The mother did all that she could for her daughter. Sarah pretty much lived a normal, quiet life. No real thrills, just shrines and old stories around in the neighborhood. The old stories alone formed her urge to find out the truth behind them.

    A descendant of Helen, a piece of the maiden's heart was in the bathing water. Sarah was placed in the water and the piece went into her body. Helen raised her for two weeks and gave Sarah her spy power. Thus, the spy girl was born. As she grew older, Sarah just had the desire to snoop on people and find all that she could about them. At first, she asked questions. When no one gave her the answer she needed, she turned to spying all on her own. For a short time, the girl grew bored of Japan and ran away to America with a friend of her adoptive mother's. He assured her that he would take good care of her while he was there.

    Originally part of Bemmer's crew, Sarah and Bemmer met in Atlanta, Georgia. They and Soot and Amanda had a lot of adventures, but after Amanda died, the group broke up. Sarah found herself back in Japan after she learned that her mother had died. While looking for her mother's relatives, she came across Noizchild, Bemmer, and Iris back in her hometown. Bemmer recruited her to the academy to help her out while she still looked for her mother's relatives. Sarah wasn't too sure about that at first. After realizing that she didn't have much to go on, she finally agreed to join them. Sarah just roams the world, but keeps in contact with her "sisters".