Saying Goodbye?

Dateline: Angela, Jen, and Sammi went to Joshville.

    Sammi was reading a magazine in her room at the Ketchum house when the tragic news came. “Sammi, someone’s on the phone for you!” Ash called from the kitchen. “Uh… Okay.” said she sounding confused. Then she slid off the bed and walked to phone in the other guest bedroom. “Hello?” she answered once she picked up the phone. “Sammi.” said an old man’s voice. “Master?” Sammi asked. “What is it?” It’s about your mission.” the old man answered. Sammi’s face grew pale. “Have I failed master?” she asked in fear. “No, no. You successes. Ash is doing well and much happier.” the old man explained. Sammi sighed with relief. “However….” the old man continued. Sammi’s eyes grew big. “You did your mission and now it’s time to come home. Agreed?” the magi said. Sammi nodded sadly. “Great, I’ll see you in two weeks.” said the old man. Then he hung up. Sammi just sat there and cried. Then she left the room with tears and a solemn look on her face.

    For the rest of the day, Sammi looked depressed. Nobody engendered this until dinner. “Hey Sam, why you look so down?” Angela asked. “Nothing.” Sammi mumbled. She kept the news to herself until she looked up at them and said: “Guys.” Angela, Ash, and Jen looked up at her. She stood up and said miserably: “I have to leave you in two weeks.” “What?!?” the family yelled. Sammi explained her master’s message and ran away crying. That evening Jen was glad that Sammi was leaving and Ash and Angela were disappointed. So the three of them decided to make her last couple of weeks happy and memorable.
To Be Continued…