Scarlet Record Playlist

Chapter One: Mad World: "Mad World" by Gary Jules

Chapter Two: Letting Her Go: "Heart Cooks the Brain" by Modest Mouse

Chapter Three: Dollhouse: "Pale Horses" by Moby

Chapter Four: Dead Doll: "Life in Mono" by Mono

Chapter Five: Fallen: "Gods and Monsters" by Lana Del Rey

Chapter Six: Devil in My Details: "Devil in the Details" by Placebo

Chapter Seven: Problem in the Road: "Makes Me Wanna Die" by Tricky

Chapter Eight: Missing Children at Play: "Compliments" by Bloc Party

Chapter Nine: Worse Problems: "Neverland" by Takenobu

Chapter Ten: Human Interest: "Human Interest" by Hooverphonic

Chapter Eleven: Dimming Lights: "Commercial for Levi" by Placebo

Chapter Twelve: Party's End: "Nancy Boy" by Placebo

Chapter Thirteen: Hide and Seek: "One Month Off" by Bloc Party

Chapter Fourteen: Tracing the Line: "Psyche" by Massive Attack

Chapter Fifteen: Sad Old Man in Love: "We Fall in Love" by Lamb

Chapter Sixteen: "Lazarus Star" by David Bowie

Chapter Seventeen: "Aftermath" by Tricky

Chapter Eighteen: The Streets aren't Home: "Hell is Round the Corner" by Tricky

Chapter Nineteen: Trapped and No Rest: "Despair" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Chapter Twenty: Wolves and Children: "Be There" by Unkle

Chapter Twenty-One: Bitter Bitch: "Dumb" by Garbage

Chapter Twenty-Two: Thousand Eyes Watching Me: "Thousand Eyes" by Of Monsters and Men

Chapter Twenty-Three: Dogs VS. Old Man: "Make a Fist" by Phantogram

Chapter Twenty-Four: Shinigami and Old Man: "Turn it Off" by Phantogram

Chapter Twenty-Five: Rushing to Die: "6 Different Ways to Die" by The Death Set

Chapter Twenty-Six: They Come to Get Me: "They Come to Get Us" by the Death Set

Chapter Twenty-Seven: I am the Earth: "Rabbit in Your Headlights" by Unkle

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Tragic Heroine: "Hero" by Lissie

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Pale Blue Eyes Shut: "Pale Blue Eyes" by Velvet Underground

Chapter Thirty: Worn Down and Tired Eyes: "Mad World" by Human Experiment