I think I am losing Pandora each day to everyone. Andy, Ian, TSAU, the Factory, and even Hunter. I don�t know how to handle it. Sure, we still get time together. That only when we are going and leaving classes. She has become a star now. Andy and Ian keep dragging her into more and more movies. She�s not happy. I�m not happy. This is just not working for us. But what can we do? Andy is digging his claws deep into Pandora as I speak. He keeps pulling her into our world. I still am on the edge of the outside. Ian is teaching me how to become a director. He�s better teacher than the ones at school. But, he has this unhealthy obsession with my Pandora. Ian is always trying to film her every chance that he gets. She doesn�t like it all. Neither do I. But what can I do? Ian is my teacher and he has been in the Factory longer than I have. So, he gets what he wants�

Lucky for me, I get to work with Pandora, Andy, and Ian on another movie. She isn�t happy about doing another film. Maybe having me there will make things easier for her. We were in the screening room. Pandora stood in red glittery high heels and an Anna Miller waitress uniform. She had her hair in long ponytails. The geisha make-up on face couldn�t hide her unhappiness. Andy and Ian didn�t seem to notice at all. They did look up when I closed the door behind me. Ian gave me a little smile.

�Ah, Evan!� he said. �You�re just in time.� I gave him a little smile.

�Aye,� I said. Pandora looked at me in slight surprise and relief. I gave her a little smile. We may not be able to spend time like we used, but I can at least try to spend time with her like this. I have found that this is fine with me.



�I still can�t make up my mind!� I complained to Jemima on my break. She looked at me oddly for a moment.

�How hard is it to choose between two boys?� I sighed and shrugged at her.

�They are both cute.�

�So? Choose one or the other. It�s not that hard!� I shook my head.

�It doesn�t work that way.�

�What do you mean?� I turned around to my best friend. How can I even begin to break this down into the simplest terms possible? I took in a deep breath. I will have to try.

�I have a choice between Hunter and Evan, right?�


�They�re cute, yeah?�


�Hunter is a charming Irish actor who is very good to me. He tries to help me around the Factory and he treats me like a princess.�

�So go with him.� I held up my hand at Jemima.

�Ah, but then there�s Evan. He is a hot Scottish director. He too tries to help me around the Factory and he treats me like a princess.� There was a moment�s pause. My best mate took a moment to think about all of this. She looked at me with big eyes afterwards.

�Damn! You don�t have a problem!�


�So what are you going to do?� I shrugged at her.

�I don�t know.� We both sat there in stressed silence. I had a serious conflict with my love life indeed. Which bloke do I choose and who do I let go of?



Pandora, we lovely lass. Perfect example of an angel known to man. She�s different from all of my previous relationships. I used to date sluts in the past, but I might switch over. When I�m with that lass, the need for sex doesn�t appear as frequently as it has in the past. She and I can just sit at the bar and talk over drinks until it is closing time. With the girls I went out with in the past, I just wanted to have sex with them� and that was it. They didn�t want a �real� relationship. I didn�t want a �real� relationship. We both just wanted to have fun and get out when it was all over. But with Pandora, I don�t want to just have sex with her. I actually want to start a �real� relationship with her. However, there is a problem.

This Evan guy likes the lass too. He has an advantage over me. They both go to school together. So, they get to know each other much better. He fancies her and she feels the same way. But yet, she fancies me too. Not so bad. I just know to win over the lass to my side and get Evan out of the way. I can start tonight right here in this bar.

Black Cherry:

Pandora walked into the Pagoda bar close to the late hours all worn out. She leaned up against the door and nearly slid to the floor. She looked around at her surroundings. The lights looked dimmed down so that the lotus flower candles on the square mini ponds in the floor set off a hazy glow. Not many people were here tonight. Pandora slowly became confused. �Why did I get called out here?� she thought.

�Hey lass!� someone called to her attention. Pandora quickly looked up. Hunter sat at the bar waiting for her. Curious, she slowly walked over to her crush. She sat down next to him. The Irish man smiled at her.

�Good, you got my text,� he said. Pandora looked at him confused.

�I don�t get it,�

�Get what?�

�Why are we out here?� Hunter shrugged at her.

�Just figured you needed a break from filming.�

�But why here?�

�It�s very quiet and not many people come here late at night.� Pandora nodded a bit.

�Ah.� She turned to the bar tender and ordered a light cherry soda. He served her in a few seconds. As she watched him pour her soda, Hunter looked Pandora�s shoes. She still had now her red glitter pumps from filming. The actor gave them a little smile.

�Cute shoes!� Pandora froze up quickly.

�Oh shit. I forgot to change out of them.� Hunter lightly shook his head.

�Why? They look cute!�

�You really think so?�

�Yeah, they really do suit you.� Pandora blushed at his comment.

�C-Cheers!� She had drink up her cherry soda really quick just to calm herself down. Hunter laughed as his quasi-date did so. Suddenly in the midnight hour, the song of the night came on. Goldfrapp�s �Black Cherry� sensually waved through the serene bar�s atmosphere. Hunter turned to the English girl.

�Fancy a dance?� Pandora looked away, blushing a bit.

�You sure?� Hunter smiled as he lightly took her by the hands.

�Come on.� He lightly dragged her onto the dance floor. Pandora just let him take her. After all, when was she going to get another moment like this with one of her crushes again? Probably never. The part just danced into sunrise the next morning. Score one for Hunter and Evan has zip.

Black Crushes