Chapter Forty-One: Second First Impression:


Last time didn�t go well with April-san. She probably thinks I�m an idiot. Really, I�m not! I lowered my head.

I need a better way to turn this around. The only problem is I don�t know how. Still, I have to try.

I found her going into the lab the next morning. She looked so pretty from the side. Today, her brown hair was up in a ponytail. I drew in a breath. Here I go. I walked up to my new co-worker. I can do this! Don�t back down. Just go over and talk to her. It shouldn�t too hard. I can do this. I paused when I saw her looking at me. My heart pounded in my chest. Don�t back down!

�Hi!� I squeaked with a little wave. I could tell by the odd expression on her face that this could go downhill pretty quickly.

�Hello?� she asked. Quick, say something.

�Uh� I like your ponytail!� I exclaimed. Okay, that was stupid.

�Thanks, I guess,� she said.

�I�m Kyosuke!� I forced out, �Nice to meet you!�

�It�s nice to meet you too,� she said back. I laughed out loud nervously. This was going nowhere. I don�t know how to fix this! Yet, I couldn�t back down. April tilted her head at me.

�I�m sorry,� she spoke up. �Is there something you wanted?� I snapped up straight. I have to go for this! Don�t back down!

�I just wanted to get to know you!� I blurted out. It just donned on me what came out of my mouth. Did I just� Oh damn it. I have to fix this somehow.

�I mean, since we�re working together on this case,� I corrected, �So, we should get to know each other a bit and maybe be friends.� I waited for an answer. That should be just about it, nice and simple. Please don�t turn me down. Please don�t turn me down! Please say yes. You�re really pretty.

I noticed April giving me a smile. She looked at me rather intrigued.

�You want to get to know me, huh?� she asked.

�Yeah,� I answered in a small voice. My heart jumped as she made her way over to me. She rested her hand on my shoulder.

�Come out with me tonight,� April told me.

�Come out with you where?� I asked. I stared deep into those green eyes of hers.

�Meet me at Blue Diamond Heart at eight,� she said. My cheeks colored bright red as I nodded.

�Alright,� I replied.

�Don�t let me down, okay?� April said. I gulped as she turned and walked into the lab. I think that went well, I hope.


Watari stood around the corner eavesdropping. He already began to plot.