The Dark Secret

Dateline: The crew has made it trough the dark gate.

    "I have finally found out the truth!!!!" yelled La Nina. "The legendary queen of darkness, Dark Lady, has been in the princess all this time!!!!!!" After all this time of research, La Nina had found out the truth about why Aneko could control dark powers along with light. "And because of that, I have a great plan." she crackled. Then she floated up and began to vanish into black clouds.

    "Boaz! Boaz! I have bad news!!!!" yelled one of angels in spiritual realm as she ran Aneko's grandmother. "What is it?" asked the old woman. "La Nina has discovered about Aneko's dark form!!!!!" yelled the angel. Boaz didn't have a good look on her face. "She doesn't know, doesn't she?" asked the angel. "No." said Boaz. "That's not good." said servant. "It isn't." said the old woman. Then she came up with a great idea. "I'll warn her in a dream." said Boaz. "How are you going to do that?" asked the angel. "You know they can't sleep in the underworld." "I know, I'll put her in a deep sleep." Boaz replied. "Oh." said the angel. And with that, the old woman began quietly chanting a sleeping spell.
    As the group walked on, Aneko started to feel tired. "That's funny, why do I feel so tired all sudden." she thought. She tried to fight her tiredness, but in the end it won out. "You guys, I feel tired so I just going to rest here." Aneko told the others. The group thought that was pretty weird because nobody can't sleep in the underworld, but they agreed to wait for her. So they stopped and waited. Then Aneko laid down onto the cold path and went to sleep. While she was asleep, Boaz came to her in a dream.
    Dream begins:
    She was sitting on a tamami in one of those Shinto shrines. "Where am I?" she asked herself as she looked around. "My child." said Boaz. "Yes grandma." said Aneko as she turned her head to where the alter was supposed to be. Her grandma appeared before. Aneko bowed her head before her grandmother. "Grandma, why have you called me forth." she asked. "My child.... I have to warn you about your adult forms." said her grandmother. "What about them?" asked Aneko. "Look in the mirror and tell me what you see." said her grandmother as she pointed to a golden mirror near what supposed the exit. Aneko stood up, walked over to mirror, and looked in. At first she saw her reflection, then she saw two women in the mirror. One woman had pink hair in  ponytails that were long with circle buns and curls at the end of her ponytails, dark brown skin, brown eyes, symbol on her forehead is a black moon facing down and wearing a black dress, with a dark red shawl, dog collars on her neck and wrists, and dark red four inch high heel shoes. The other woman (Who looked like Neo-queen Serenity),  had pearl white hair, dark brown skin, brown eyes, wings, a gold neck band necklace with a   pink hearted shaped charm in the middle of it, four inch high heel diamond/glass slippers on her feet and a white diamond tiara on her head. "Grandma, I... I see two women." she said at last as she backed away from the mirror in fear. "Yes dear, those are your adult forms." said Boaz. "Why do I have two of them?" asked Aneko terrorized. "One is good and the other is evil." answered the old lady. "Which will I become?" asked Aneko in fear. "That was depend on what you do. If you do evil deeds, you'll become Dark Lady * pointing to the lady with pink hair * and if you do positive deeds you'll become Michiko. * pointing to the lady with white hair *" she said. Aneko nodded silently. "La Nina will try to persuasive you to become Dark Lady." said Boaz. "Thank you Grandma, I'll try to keep watch." said Aneko. Boaz blesses Aneko and leaves her.
    Dream Ends:
    Aneko woke up and got up off the ground. When the others saw her awake, they stood up and got ready to leave. "We all need to keep watch for the enemy." said Aneko. Then she and others continued on.
The End