Chapter Twenty-Five: Shared Madness:


I: Crazy Love

Love me! Love me! Love me! Devour me!

Asato-kun’s become an addiction to me. I am mad with love. The rush gives me a thrill that I never knew exist before I met him. I never felt this when I was with Henry. Words have yet to describe what exactly this is with Asato-kun and I. He pins me against the wall. The look in his eyes is so hungry that I shiver.

“What do you want tonight?” Asato-kun asks. I press my lips together. I don’t even hesitate with my answer tonight: “I just want you and nothing else.”

I want you… Take me! Take me now!

My tone is just as commanding as the look in his eyes. He kisses me so passionately that the intensity of his attentions make my knees wobble. My face is flush, and I feel a sudden rush of emotions. Part of me feels that I must give in to this sudden tidal wave of lust.

Take me! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!

He pins me down on our futon. My lips curve into a wanton smile at the sight of him hovering over me. I know what’s coming next. He plants another kiss on my lips. I reach up and circle my arms around his neck. A slight feeling of madness takes over with each touch. His teeth meet with my ear again. Keeping silent becomes more and more impossible as passion and lust course through me, and I am ready to become his once more.

I love you! Take me, Asato-kun! Do with me what you will…


II: Rapture

She waited among the white-blue blossoms. The low hum in the trees inform her that he’s coming home today. The bright but soft winter sun gently caressed her cool skin. She smiles as she remembered his letter by heart. That’s why she wears her light blue wedding dress today. They will wed when he comes home.

In the distance, the bride saw his boat pulling into shore. She raced into the water to flag him down. He could see her from the bow of the boat, the young man waved and smiled at his eager bride. She swam out to the boat, and met him there.

“Welcome home!” she said as he pulled her out of the water and swept her into his arms. Her beloved couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m home,” he whispered in her hair. They shared a kiss on the boat. Back on shore, the bride’s two hand maidens giggled as they watched her reunite with her beau. The blonde one with her feather headdress shook her head.

“Oh no!” she wailed. “She ruined her dress.”

“She’s in love, let her be...” the dark-haired maiden with a silver headpiece said.

“But,” the blonde interrupted.

“It’s fine,” her dark-haired sister said. The other hand maiden silently watched as the bride embrace her lover.

III: Silly

We are lounging about quite happily this morning as we lie tangled together in our sheets. Asato-kun looks like a child in peaceful repose. I smile at his sleeping face and lightly kiss him on the nose. My big baby!

I'm sure that he's as crazy as I am. The rain, heat, summer, love - each play a different role as they conspire in our shared madness. Each day, it intensifies and runs nearly out of control. Not that I mind at all. I love this madness. It makes me warm inside. Today Asato-kun has time off and he’s taking me somewhere special. He won’t tell me where yet.

At seven o’clock, Asato-kun stands near the front door, smiling.

“Ready to go?” he asks.

I walk over to his side. “Yes,” I say.

“Then, let’s go,” he says, as we head out the door.


IV: Wicked

We end up in a fancy hotel in Tokyo; a place that hasn’t even opened yet. I look around, unsure what to say as Asato-kun smiles at me.

“So what do you think?” he asks.

I turn around, eyebrow raised. “Won’t we get in trouble?” I ask.

“No. We won't…” he says, shaking his head.  He pulls me into his arms and hoarsely whispers: “We’re the only ones here.”

“Oh…” I murmur.

Asato-kun leads me into the hotel bar. I climb onto a barstool and perch myself cross legged. My desire peaks as he stares hungrily into my eyes. I swallow hard, and shift in my seat as I start to recognize the familiar heat of lust beginning. I am acutely aware of my growing feeling of want and agitation as dampness between my legs consumes my thoughts. His hands are warm and they move up my thighs so deliberately. He expertly rolls down my purple and black lace panties, and my thighs seem to open for him - as if on command.


Tonight, I am your beloved concubine. I willingly present myself to you as I lie upon satin sheets, my body lavishly clothed in fishnets, and black lace. Topped with a glistening string of pearls at my throat. He spoils me night after night. He drowns me in love. I don’t need or want for anything at all. He is all I need.

“I love you,” I whisper. “Make me yours!” He doesn’t laugh at me or treat me like trash. He truly loves me.

V: Princess

I sat in my woods of bright pink cherry blossoms. My kimono is made of equally pink silk. I strum a song of love on my golden swan harp. He will hear my song echo throughout the woods and come to me. I am his princess after all.

Every night, I play my song. He comes and wraps me in his love. Tonight will be no different. My knight came up behind me and embraced me. His scent sends my mind to heaven.

“Love only me,” he commands.

Yes! Yes, I will and I do! I love you so much… I don’t even know how to stop if I could.


Asato-kun pulls me close enough so that his lips brush my ear. “It’s even better in the Sky Room.”

VI: Sounds of Tokyo

The Sky Room looks down upon the city. The room is filled with spectacular vistas of the glittering city below. I feel like a goddess up here. As Asato-kun makes love to me against the glass, I can hear sounds of the bustling city below. Not just cars, traffic, lights, and shops, but the people below as well.

I hear the voices below wafting through my brain. almost as if their thoughts have melded with my own. Though I almost cannot grasp it in this state of ecstasy, I find that I cannot turn away from each whisper and moan. They are overjoyed, depressed, enraged, and they are some are even in love. Their thoughts run round and round. I feel like I'm eavesdropping on them, but the cacophony of voices adds energy and force to each thrust Asato-kun makes. The higher we go, the more the sounds inside in my head rise in pitch and fervor. In my mind, I chase them down like the high that Asato-kun is pleased to give me night after night. I don’t want the voices to leave me. However, I do find the quiet I crave after our climax. I lean forward, half naked torso pressed against the glass, panting.

“Can I hear the sounds of Tokyo like this forever?” I ask, breathless.

“Excuse me?” Asato-kun huffs.


With a tired smile, I shake my head as I put the evening’s events into perspective. Each love making session with Asato-kun has been an adventure and a revelation.


He is my forever love. My body and mind are freely given to him with a grateful heart.