Chapter Five: Silly Little Adults:


I: Saturday Morning

Nothing to do on this warm morning. He pins her to the wall and kisses her hard.

“Mmm,” she murmurs. He holds her wrists firmly above her head as his tongue darts into her mouth. The heated craving driving them for more. He starts this battle while she’s brushing her teeth. One grab of her waist starts her off.

“Hey!” she shouts as he playfully pulls her away from the sink. He looks at her with big puppy dog eyes.

“Play with me?” he asks, nearly whimpering. She sighs and lowers her toothbrush. His innocent charms prove overpowering to her ability to politely turn him down.

“You,” she says. She tries to steel her resolve before they begin another quiet storm in bed. He kisses her on the nape without letting go of her. She giggles as he nuzzles her hair.

“Stop,” she whispers. “That tickles.”


She kisses him on the forehead. “Big baby.” Now, he slides down her panties.


In the darkness of a basement house party, a young girl awoke in Alice’s Wonderland. Dimly colored paper lanterns hung from the ceiling. She could feel the music pounding within her soul.  Little rabbits rubbed against her ankles on the floor. Among them, two strong lions slept peacefully. Many girls danced to the heavy beats around them while she herself lacked experience.

A girl lying on a couch made of moss put her hands to her chest. The sensations made her come alive. She looked up when a soft hum filled her ears. A girl with violet eyes danced towards her. This ethereally hazy purple lady felt so inviting to everyone around her. As if in a trance, the red-haired girl tried to dance awkwardly with her. With each low, vibrant beat drew them closer. She couldn’t understand what was happening between them, but the red-haired girl felt a strange flutter in her heart as she peered intently into the eyes of her dance partner. Her lips longed to be kissed. The girl with violet eyes smiled as she offered a lit joint and beckoned her to indulge. At first, she refused, but the girl with violet eyes would not be denied.

“Take it,” she insisted. The red headed beauty found herself drawn in by her sultry voice. Her hand inched towards the smoldering aromatic kush in her dance partner’s graceful hand. She thought about it momentarily, then accepted the offering, took a long drag and filled her lungs with the sweet pungent smoke. Rainbow colors filled the dim room. She could feel the heavily percussive music in her soul as it grew louder and swirled about her like a raging river. The violet-eyed muse leaned forward and kissed the red-haired girl on the lips. She felt her body being transported into another world.

II: Down Day

Tsuzuki and Anna don’t plan to do much today. In fact, he’s watching her right now, lying naked on the living room couch, looking up at the ceiling lost in her thoughts. He struggles not to pounce on her as he enjoys the view. The morning sun caresses her bare skin. His eyes are glued to her breasts and legs as he grabs onto the lounge chair. He forces himself to stay put as he swallows back drool. Her sweat slicked body makes it harder for him to exercise self-control. His bites on his lower lip and begins breathing heavily. When she glances over at him, his heart races as if he’s having a heart attack.  Of course, she sees the hungry look in his eyes.

“See something you like?” she smiles coquettishly. That’s all it takes before he leaps from his chair and launches himself at her. She is happy to oblige him as he climbs on top and claims her.

III: High Life

She opened her eyes and saw lavender clouds drifting lazily in a vast light pink sky. The girl hovered blithely over them as they pass beneath her feet. Their warm light caressed her. Each step sent cold tiny shocks up her spine. The clouds hummed dreamy little tunes into her ears.

In the distance, she noticed a woman walking towards her. The woman was dressed very casually, almost like a gypsy. wearing a simple blouse and billowing skirt. Her raven coloured curls were full of stars that glimmered brightly. She turned the clouds gold with each step. The girl felt small as the gypsy came within inches of her.

“Come with me,” the gypsy purred. At first, the girl wouldn’t move.

“You sure?” she wondered. The gypsy nodded at her, smiling as she held out her hand. Without another thought, the young girl gave her hand to the mysterious wanderer. Both disappeared from the clouds.

IV: More Rounds

They are not done with their carnal fun and games and the action continue deep into the night. He pushes her down on the counter roughly. Her eyes draw him in and he happily complies with a kiss. Her nails sink into his shoulder blades as he begins, leaving soft moist kisses down her neck.

“Take me,” she whispers. “Please take me.” He glances up at her with a hint of mischief in his eyes. How can he turn down such a request? His tongue seeks her mouth as his hands squeeze and knead her ample bosom. As their legs entwined, he could feel himself getting harder and his lover become more aroused by the moment.

“I want you,” she murmurs. “Please don't make me wait.”

He kisses her on the forehead. “Mmm...” he whispers. “Believe me, I will have you.” His lips consume hers.

V: High Flying

They fell into an emerald sea. The red-haired muse opened her eyes. Tall seaweed made her feel like an another anonymous drop in an endless sea. The life swimming around ignited her soul. This is… The gypsy grabbed her hand and pulled her upwards. The red-haired girl looked upon her wide eyed. Where are you taking me now?

They floated upwards until they reached the surface. The red-haired girl gasped at the sights around her. Trees stood erect and proud on the golden island. The women swam to shore. The violet-eyed gypsy helped the red hair girl out of the water.

“Look around,” the gypsy said. The younger girl looked around her in absolute wonder. Picturesque trees ringed the edge of the lake before them. Both women looked out at the setting sun. From the warm calm breeze, a voice came whispering to the girl.

“Open your eyes.”

She turned and saw her gypsy transform. The sun straightened out her long black hair. Her violet eyes complimented her pale skin and plump red lips. Red silk enveloped her body as flowers bloomed under her feet. The younger girl gasped.

“You found me…”

VI: Afterward

They sit on the bathroom floor, panting.

He smiles at her. “Good enough for you?”

She looks up at the ceiling. “Yeah.” He chuckles.

He looks at her with a nearly feral gleam in his eye. She lifts her head, and raises a curious brow, “What?”

“Want another round?” He licks his lips at her.

She splashes him with the draining bath water and smiles. “Shut up.” Peals of laughter fills the Sunday afternoon air.