Simon and Emily II

I: Addiction:

Simon�s doing something foolish again. Emily has the need tonight. It all started with a text. He and Nia were at dinner with friends at the time. Kei noticed him looking down at his phone. Simon felt it buzz in his phone. He took it out under the table and read the message.

Hi honey! :-* I missed you so much. I�m bored tonight. Come and entertain me.

Simon scrolled down on the message. His eyes grew wide at the picture of Emily�s red and black lace panties on the floor. Nia happened to notice her boyfriend�s face looked so red.

�Something wrong, sweetie?� she asked. Simon quickly shook his head.

�It�s nothing,� he lied. �Excuse me.� The man rushed out to the bathroom.

II: Duty Calls:

He ducked into the nearest stall in the men�s room. Once Simon got his thoughts together, he typed up his reply.

Please, not tonight. I�m out with my girlfriend and friends.

He found that Emily was quick to reply.

But I�m so lonely. Please play with me.

Simon shook his head to himself. I will not fall for this again! I have a stable girlfriend I�m going to marry soon. I can�t keep doing this with her. Simon shut his eyes, ready to turn Emily down this time. However, she got him once again.

I�ll be waiting at the Bad Romance Hotel. Come and find me.

III: Bad Romance:

Simon made up the excuse that he had to be called in because one of the interns made a mistake with the paperwork. (�They�re new after all,� he reasoned. �I can handle it just fine.�) The man even kissed Nia on the cheek and paid his part of the bill.

That was the excuse, anyway.

Simon took a taxi to the Bad Romance Hotel. Already, he didn�t like the name of the hotel. The man hung his head and shook it. Why does she have to pick a place like that? It�s just�

In twenty minutes, the cab pulled up to his destination. Simon looked out the window. The bright pink lights alone made his stomach turn. A cat�s face winked at him on the sign. The man puffed up his cheeks. This shouldn�t shock him by now, but still Emily managed to pull something rather bold and tacky like this. He paid the driver and watched the cab drive off into the night. It would be easier to walk away, but instead he turned and walked inside.

IV: Simon:

Why am I here?

I should not being doing this.

Yet, I don�t know how to stop.

I should not be doing this.

It should have ended after that first night.

But, here I am.

I walk up to the front desk and state my fake name Emily gave me.

The clerk at the first desk says nothing, but her eyes judge me.

Please don�t look at me like that.

I don�t want this, but I can�t stop.

I keep doing this and I ashamed to say, but I like it.

I check in and head up to room 407.

V: Emily:

I have the perfect night in mind tonight.

He can�t resist those panties.

It was all it took to hook him in.

I sit back on the bed, smirking.

It�s about to be midnight now, but we won�t sleep.

I did up just right tonight too.

I have on my favorite red corset and panties with kitten heels.

I just need my favorite play toy tonight.

I look up when I hear the door open.

VI: Like a Stone:

He comes in and closes the door behind him.

She sits up, smiling.

�You�ve come.�

He puts on a brave face.

She makes an odd face at him.

�Aw, what�s wrong, baby?�

He smiles and shakes his head.

She pats her lap.

�Aw, come here.�

He walks over and

She takes him into her arms.

�Kiss me.�

Despite his reluctance, it takes one kiss.

Their clothes fly off all over the room.

He pins her against the wall.

She moans out as he enters her.

�More! Harder! Harder! Oh!�

He doesn�t know how to stop at this point.

Her lust for his takes over everything.

Nia, Nia, Nia.

She fades from his mind the more he gets into it.

She right now and here enjoys every moment as she throws back her head, moaning.

Once he comes, the lust dies down and guilt rolls back into his mind.

VII: Bitter Pill:


Why can�t I stop? She sleeps peacefully as if nothing happened. I on the other hand, cannot sleep. I stare up and the ceiling as I think about Nia. Nia� I cheated on her again. The worst part is that she won�t understand anything that I�m doing to her. I can�t tell her; that would just break her heart. I clutched onto the sheet on top of me. I can�t keep doing this to her. This time, I am going to end it with Emily for sure.

VIII: Addiction (Reprise):

Why can�t humans stop doing bad things? Is it the thrill? Guilt? Or maybe� both?

Black Affair