Chapter Eighteen: Sinner Within Me:


Tsuzuki and Anna came to a hotel after dinner. The woman cuddled close to her boyfriend as he checked them in. Near the window in the lobby, Asmodeus watched them while reading his paper. He kept his eyes trained on Tsuzuki. He hadn’t gotten so close and dear to Anna’s heart in a short amount of time. He even deflowered her. It would hurt her if something happened to him.

That’s where Asmodeus came in. To wither this relationship, he had to get into one of the lovers’ heads. Anna was fun to violate, but the handsome demon felt like torturing someone new, a shinigami, a man. Asmodeus loved making women suffer. Could this translate over into a man? The demon of corrupt charm shrugged.

Worth a shot, he thought. Tsuzuki and Anna headed to their room. Asmodeus got up and followed behind.

He waited and watched them in the room. Anna and Tsuzuki made out and sailed all the way to naked cuddling in bed. When the fluff cooled down the night, Asmodeus walked over to their bed. The couple looked so peaceful asleep. This charming demon eyed a sleeping Tsuzuki. This should be interesting, he thought. Asmodeus waved his hand over the shinigami.

-Inside Tsuzuki’s Nightmare-

Tsuzuki walked into a dark room. “Anna-chan?” he asked, “Where are you Anna-chan?” An icy pit formed in his stomach. His mind raced to the worst.

Don’t tell me she’s…, he thought in horror.

“No, no!” someone spoke. Tsuzuki snapped his attention upwards. Asmodeus sat before him in a big red fancy armchair. The heavy black coat seemed to swallow his pale body in one gulp. He held a bottle of sake in his hand. Tsuzuki’s brain went into attack mode.

“You!” he shouted. Who the hell are you?!? Where’s Anna-chan?!? What did you do with her?!?” Asmodeus smirked at him.

“Nothing,” he replied in calm voice, “She’s perfectly fine. I came to see you.” The shinigami looked rather confused when he heard this.

“Huh?” he asked. The demon in black leaned in with his chin resting on his fingers like Ikari Gendo from Evangelion.

“You ruined something valuable to me,” he simply put.

“What are…”Tsuzuki began to ask. It donned on the shinigami what this creeper was talking about. “Anna-chan is not your personal property!” he shouted.

“Her life and her body will be mine,” Asmodeus declared. Tsuzuki’s anger flared up as he drew out a fuda for attack. “You…” he hissed. Asmodeus held up his hand.

“I just want to talk,” he said in a collected tone. Tsuzuki kept up his guard. The charming sociopath set his bottle down on the ground.

“Like I said before, you ruined something highly valuable to me,” he began again. He paused to take in more. Tsuzuki glared at him.

“What do you want with Anna?!?” the shinigami barked.

“I have eaten and killed angels for many years,” Asmodeus began in his explanation, “They bore me now. I really want some new meat.” He chuckled a bit to himself. “That silly girl saw something she wasn’t supposed to,” the demon told him, “Poor soul witnessed me with one of my ‘meals.’ Heh, I could’ve eaten her right then and there, a nice desert with dinner, but do you know what made me spare her?”

“No!” Tsuzuki hissed. Asmodeus smirked at him.

“Her kitsune,” he answered in the simplest way possible. The shinigami gritted his teeth.

“What did you say?!?” he barked as he took a step closer.

“Her kitsune was fully awake at the time,” the demon explained, “If I was going to ravish such a terrified tsukai; I want her to be the strongest as the kitsune herself.” He closed his eyes and felt as if he was reliving that night in 2004. “Mmm, her fear was so tantalizing,” he purred, “Makes me want to rip into her sweet flesh even more!”

“You monster!” Tsuzuki shouted as he held up his fuda again. Asmodeus snickered at him. The shinigami glared at the twisted gentleman.

“What the hell is so damn funny?!?” he yelled. The demon looked at him with a smirk.

“So ironic, isn’t it?” he asked as he began to go in for the poisonous strike. Tsuzuki prepared himself to lunge forward.

“What did you say?!?” he growled at the demon. Asmodeus put up his hands ever so nonchalantly.

“Let’s face it,” he pointed out, “You yourself have blood on your hands, am I right?” Tsuzuki tried to hold down his hurt and anger. Asmodeus could see him starting to crack.

“All to those lambs lost their lives to you,” he said in a low voice, “You’re a murderer, Tsuzuki-san.”

“No! That’s not true! I… I…” the other man cried with his heart racing against his chest. The vile gentleman gave him a look of fake sympathy.

“Such a shame,” he carried on, “I would hate to see Anna dies by your hands like so many others, including Ruka.”

“That’s not true!” the other man wailed, “It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my fault! I… I…”

“YOU ARE A MONSTER!” all of the voices in his head yelled. Tsuzuki sank down to his knees, trembling and holding himself in a survival hug.