Chapter Thirty-One: Siren Bait:

Three Days Later…

She had just been dumped by her fiancé. All she wanted was to be left alone. In a maid café, she looked at all of the pictures on her phone. He and his new girlfriend were on vacation. They looked so happy and were kissing. She flipped through the photos, crying. How could he? She threw down her phone. His excuse made it worse.

“She’s my true love,” he said. “I can’t live without her.” His words made her want to scream.

“Shut up!” she shouted before running away. He dumped her by text this morning. She put her head on the table. I just want to die.

Then her phone buzzed.

She slowly lifted her head with red eyes. What now? It hurt to look at her phone. Did he have to kick her while she’s down? Why couldn’t he leave her alone? Still, she couldn’t resist. When she looked at the screen she became puzzled.

Hm? An ad for an app popped up on her screen. She wondered, what is this? She ran her finger across the screen. Pink hearts flashed, beating.

“Press me?” she asked. The sender had no return address. This invitation didn’t look addressed to her in particular. It could be spam.

It took one press.

“Welcome!” her screen read. “Pick a number.” Okay… She typed in “28” and hit send. Her phone buzzed in her hand.

“Congratulations, you won!” a message said. She looked at the screen, confused. What the hell? What is this?

“Excuse me,” someone spoke blushed. A young man with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes stood inches from her. He held up his phone.

“Number 28?” he asked. She stared at him, big-eyed.

“Uh… Uh… Uh…” she said. The young man shrugged.

“I guess not,” he said.

“Wait!” she shouted as he turned to leave. He looked over his shoulder. She struggled to speak as she held up her phone. He read the screen and perked up.

“Oh, so you are,” he said. She nodded, red-faced.

“Is this seat taken?” he asked. She was quick to shake her head.

“Thanks,” he said. The young man sat down in front of her. She blinked, wide-eyed. This can’t be real. Am I dreaming? She pinched her leg under the table.

“Ow,” she muttered.

“Something wrong?” the young man asked. She shook her head.

“No,” she said.

“I’m Ataru,” the young man said. “And you are?” She blushed as she listened to him talk.

“Sa-Sa-Sayaka,” she said. Ataru chuckled.

“You are so cute,” he said. Her jaw about dropped.

“R-R-Really?” she asked. Part of her hoped this was a prank. This felt too good too fast. Ataru smiled as he rested his hand on his chin.

“Yes,” he said.

“Wow,” was all Sayaka could say. Her cheeks felt hot by this point. Ataru rubbed the back of his head.

“I know this will sound so sudden,” he said. “But… are you free this Saturday?”

“What?” she asked. “Oh! Um… Yes! Yes!”

“Great, would you like to go out with me?” he asked.

“Yes!” Sayaka said. She took him by the hands with hope in her eyes. Ataru held her hands.

“See you at six?” he asked. She nodded with a smile for the first time today.

“Of course,” Sayaka said.


Across the room in the café, Hisoka discreetly watched the couple and their blooming love. He fired off a quick text after the date was made. His gamble paid off for their plan. They needed to wait for Saturday to arrive to turn the tide.