I followed Haruka around just figure her out. She tried to ignore me at first. Now that I think about it, she did look a little cute when she�s angry. Just like her sister, I couldn�t help but focus my attention on her. The fact that she always looked pissed off made her more interesting. What was she so angry at all of the time, besides the fact that Juriko gets all the attention? I took it upon myself to find out why.

Every time she saw me, Haruka gritted her teeth and clenched her fists to keep from screaming or hitting me. I think she wanted to punch me. I don�t have a clue what held her back. I mean, I didn�t want to be punched, but I want her to do something. I know that sounded weird, but I blame them for doing this to me. My thoughts got jumbled up every time we crossed paths. I guess it�s because of the kitsune curse. I didn�t want to think that they could be feeding off of my sanity at the time. It could be possible, that�s how freaky it was. Haruka�s anger made things worse for me. Juriko didn�t help either with her giggling and smiles.

�You�re not going to get anywhere with her,� she told me. �She doesn�t like sweet things or affection.�

�But why?� I asked. Juriko gave me a cute little shrug.

�She doesn�t.�

�But why?�

�She�s just that type of person.� Okay, this wasn�t going anywhere once again. I decided to go for the other tactic.

�Well then, what does she like?� I asked. Juriko smiled and shook her head.

�You�re going to have to figure that one out on your own,� she said. Any sane person would�ve given up at that point. However, I didn�t stop trying. I followed Haruka around just attempting to break her down and figuring her out. She on the other hand, couldn�t take it any longer. This chase went on for weeks.

Finally one day after school, Haruka turned around to me with the look of the devil in her eyes.

�Look!� she snapped. �Why you hell do you keep following me around?!� I smiled as I shrugged.

�I just want to get to know you,� I said.


�Just cause�� Haruka rolled her eyes as I frowned.

�Oh come on. I just want to be close to you,� I said.

�Heh!� she snorted.

�What do you mean, �heh�?�

�Men are just dogs!�

�What do you mean?�

�When it�s not wanting sex, you try to do anything that will have us girls under your power! I don�t want that!� I blinked.

�Well, what do you want?�

Haruka snorted as threw back her deep midnight blue hair. �Freedom.�

�Freedom from what?�

�Idiots like you!� Haruka stormed past me. A rush of spring wind blew over my head.