Chapter Fifteen: The Smell of Blood:

The blinds weren’t open. Still, he knew he was alone.

Nobu laughed to himself.

“Look at our family, Sharon,” he said. “We are perfect, aren’t we?” He fell back on the floor. So this is what it came down to, huh? Dead wife, run-away daughter, and father who’s gone crazy. Even Sharon’s fish floated to the top of the tank.

Nobu knew who to blame.

“Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna!”

Yes, this was her fault. She broke up his family She killed Sharon. She drove him mad. She destroyed his happy home.

Haruka had the solution.

“Why don’t you just kill her?” she asked in his head. Nobu sat up.

That’s right. His niece would have to die. But what about his daughter?

Nobu frowned.


He and Victoria used to be so close. That was back when he still had his mind, back before her powers manifested. Those times were easier. Nobu drew his knees to his chest.

“Sharon! Victoria! Let’s go back home together. Let’s go back to being a family! Wouldn’t it be grand?”

But this won’t happen. Not while she’s still alive. Nobu went still for a second.

Yes. He knew what needed to be done. But first…

The man rose to his feet. Victoria had to come home.

“Oh, Victoria-honey! It’s time for you to come home.” He breathed heavily. His laughter choked up in his throat. The last ropes in his mind snapped and soaked up in blood. His vision tunneled in red.

“Kill! Kill! I will kill you! I will kill you and bring her home!” The whole time he spoke, his brain turned off the tracks. When it will crash, nobody could tell anymore.


His kitsune was still there. His voice became almost inaudible by this point. How long before the connection was completely lost. All the kitsune could do was stay by his side invisible and silent. He could feel his life slipping away. The kitsune breathed in and heard his heart beating slower. How long before he died? Days? Weeks, maybe? Human souls and Nobu’s level kept him alive. The kitsune shook his head. He rested his chin on Nobu’s shoulder.

“Whatever you choose, I will stay by your side,” he whispered. His master walked out the door. The kitsune knew where he was going.