Chapter Thirty-Seven: Smells of Blood:

Drag. Step. Drag. Step. Drag. Step.

It’s gotten better. Ten delicious people. It had a stable body now. The legs didn’t shake anymore. The walking moved better. And not much else.

Hm… There needed to be more. More bodies to consume. And then there was her.

Oh yes, her.

She won’t give in. Why can’t she just accept it? This was her home now. But she won’t accept it.

Ah, well. He’ll deal with her again. There are bigger things to deal with.

He could smell that sweet blood again. Hungry. Hungry!

Okay, okay. Geeze, will you calm down?

It’s quiet tonight. Too quiet. Time to look for new blood. The Red Garden became the perfect cover. Such a strong smell. Felt like home.

Oh yes!

It could see the night sky without a face. It’s going to rain. It wished it could smile. Not to worry. It didn’t matter. They will come tonight. It’s their nature. It counts on it. It knows it. It wants it.



Leave them alone.

Sorry. That’s not going to happen. We need to do this.


Fine, I’ll do it without you.

I will stop you.


She puffed up her cheeks. I will try.

Ha! Good luck with that.


The hurt began again. That sweet smell of blood filled the air. It smiled with hunger. Feed. Feed. Feed.

Someone was already here.

An office lady wandered through the park. It had been a long day. She just wanted to go home and go to bed. When did this shortcut feel so long?

The woman paused. Hm? What is that? She took a sniff in the air. The woman reeled back.

Ew!” she complained. The woman covered her nose. Then, she began to hear the singing.

“What… What is that?” the woman asked. Her eyes went into a daze. The next thing she knew she was walking down the narrow dirt path in the park. The smell of blood floated through the air.

Where am I going? My feet are moving themselves. The singing sounded so faint. So gentle… So beautiful…

She couldn’t hear the heavy breathing behind her. The scent grew softer. Warmth filled her chest. It felt… nice.

He smirked. Got you.


He grabbed her by the waist. She didn’t fight back. It just pulled her into its body. And then… Nothing. Only one thing left. One pink high heeled shoe in the mud.

That was eleven people now. Eleven people vanished. Who’s going to be next?