Chapter Twenty-Two: The Snake�s Jaws:

By afternoon, Tsuzuki joined Hisoka at Chiba Inu Cram School. His partner wasn't too sure about this.

"Should you be up now?" he asked.

"Yeah," Tsuzuki insisted. "I'm fine." Hisoka narrowed his eyes.

"Stay close to me, okay?" he said.

"Right," Tsuzuki said. The search began and they had a clear idea of what they were looking for.

"How do we draw him out?" Tsuzuki asked.

"We don't," Hisoka said. "He'll come to us." His partner scowled, but what else could they do? Muraki didn't fall for easy traps. He could be watching them right now. Tsuzuki drew in a breath as he battled to keep himself together.

"She fed on you last night, didn't she?" Hisoka asked.

"Why?" Tsuzuki asked.

"What will you do?" he asked. His partner bit his lower lip.

"I don't know," he admitted. Hisoka narrowed his eyes.

"Tsuzuki�" he said.

"I love her," his partner said. "I really do. But� But�" The man clenched his fists. "I don't know if we'll survive this!" Hisoka could feel his heart turning up inside. It still stung to hear it. Why couldn't he just accept it already? Tsuzuki loved Anna and he even married her. Why won't it let me be? Suddenly, the boy jerked his head upwards. Is� someone applauding? The shinigami looked around.

"Tsuzuki," Hisoka whispered. "Did you hear that?" His partner looked up.

"Hear what?" Tsuzuki asked.

"Somebody clapping just now," Hisoka replied.

"No�" the older shinigami said. The younger one looked behind him. He nearly jumped at what he saw down the hall. Familiar white hair floated in the air. Hisoka took a step back.

"No�" he murmured. �That can't be�"

"What is it, Hisoka?" he asked. The younger shinigami�s jaw dropped. Suddenly, Hisoka raced down the hall.

"Hisoka!" Tsuzuki yelled. He was about to run after him when someone grabbed onto his wrist. The shinigami turned his head and noticed a pair of silver eyes staring him down.

"Muraki!" Tsuzuki hissed.

"I thought he'd never leave," the doctor murmured. The shinigami glared, gritting his teeth.

"What did you do to him?" he hissed. The doctor smirked.

"Nothing," he replied. "It appears that he has become a victim of his jealousy and sorrow." Tsuzuki tried to break away, but Muraki held him in place. "Don't bother, you won't be able to save him this time. How ironic; you and that woman caused his pain too."

"Don't bring Anna into this!" Tsuzuki hissed. Muraki cleared his throat.

"Anyway," he said. "I have a little present for you." Tsuzuki narrowed his eyes.

"What is it?" he asked. Muraki smirked.

"Come with me," he said. The doctor pulled his object of obsession towards the doctor's office with him. Tsuzuki looked in the direction Hisoka went. Muraki's words stung in his ears. "You and that woman caused his pain too." That worry left a nasty mark in his heart as he and the corrupt doctor disappeared further down the hall.