Chapter Two: Snow Date:

December 15th, 2010.

Gold showered down in the club tonight. This was Hotaru’s idea, really.

-Hours Earlier-

Hotaru tilted her head. “You’ve never been clubbing?”

“No,” Ryo said.

“Do you drink?”

“Occasionally. I drink with my coworkers.”

Her girlfriend narrowed her eyes at her. “Really?”


“Oh damn. You need to get out more.” No sooner had she said that, Hotaru came up with an idea. She grabbed Ryo by the hands.

“Let’s go out tonight!” the loli demon said. The miko blinked at her like a deer.

“Right now?” she asked.

“Well, I’ll let you run home and get changed.”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing right now?”

Hotaru frowned as she looked at her girlfriend’s light grey dress suit. “It looks too… teacherish.”

“But I am a teacher.”

Hotaru had to force herself to stay on track. Cute and smart, ooo! She cleared her throat. “Either way, it’s not good for a club.”

“What’s good for a club?”

Hotaru giggled. “Let me help you with that.”


After a little wardrobe change, the ladies hit the town. Hotaru turned to Ryo and smiled.

“We’re going to the best place tonight,” she said. The loli demon placed her finger to her date’s lips as Ryo tried to speak.

“Aint!” Hotaru said. “Don’t ask questions. Come with me!” She grabbed her girlfriend by the hand and dragged her down the street.

“Hoto-chan!” Ryo shouted. “Slow down! Ow!” The loli demon giggled as she ran.

“Come on!” she shouted. “Live a little!”  They arrived at a club named Mika Kinko. Ryo looked at the line winding around the corner of a pachinko parlor.

“I don’t think we can get in,” she said. Hotaru smirked.

“I can get us in,” she said.


The loli demon snickered as she grabbed her by the hand. Ryo shouted as they ran to the front of the line. A bouncer in black with big muscles peered at them through his shades.

“I.D.?” he asked. Hotaru smirked as she groped Ryo’s breasts.

“We have I.D. alright,” she said. “Is that right, honey?” Ryo’s eyes shifted left and right.

“Play along with me, okay?” Hotaru whispered. Before her girlfriend could speak, the loli demon turned and kissed her on the lips. Her hands fondled on Ryo’s breasts. The miko didn’t know whether to push her away or enjoy the moment. Her girlfriend didn’t let up for two minutes.

“In you go,” the bouncer said. Hotaru grinned as she led Ryo into the club. The miko felt out of place once they disappeared inside.


Gold showered down in the club tonight. Hotaru held up her glass.

“To adventure!” she shouted over the pounding Jpop remixes in the air.

“To adventure!” Ryo said back. The women downed their drinks and the miko ordered another. Hotaru watched as her date drank three more shots.

“Whoa, there!” she said. “You are clearing that liquor!”

“Ah!” Ryo said. “More!” Hotaru put her hand on her shoulder.

“Slow down there,” she said. “I want you sober enough to enjoy the night.” Ryo turned her head red in the cheeks.

“Really?” she asked. The miko gave her a wild hug. Hotaru pushed her off gently.

“Slow down, girl,” she said. “Not in that way.” Ryo gave her a pouty face.

“No?” she asked as she hiccupped. Hotaru shook her head.

“We just started dating. I want us to get to know each other before going further.” She frowned as Ryo gave her puppy dog eyes.

“Stop that,” the loli demon said. Ryo grabbed onto her white dress, whimpering.

“Why are you so mean?” she whined. Hotaru winced as she tried to push off her hands.

“Stop it,” she said. “You’ll mess up my dress!” The loli demon sighed as she rubbed her forehead. She’s like me when Emiko-sama and I went on our first date. Now what? However, her mood shifted when a familiar song filled the club. Her heart flipped as she recognized it.

Little Red Corvette, huh? The loli demon smiled and giggled like a little schoolgirl. Hotaru turned her head as a new idea was formed.

“Well. I’ll tell you what,” she said to Ryo. “We can’t sleep together, but we can dance.” Her date’s eyes widened as her jaw dropped.

“Dance?” she asked. “Yay!” The loli demon shushed her as she patted her on the head. She seemed to have become Emiko and Ryo was her in this situation. Hotaru brushed off that thought as she dragged her date to the dance floor. She pulled Ryo in for a kiss as they danced.