Chapter Six: So Much Blood:

November 30th, 2010.

He met her at a local bar in Kabukicho. He was new in the area. He hadn’t planned for much either. The ladies of the night could tell that he was a virgin by looking at him. He didn’t even have sex on his mind tonight.

That was until he saw her.

The red, smoky lights drew him to her. She sat alone at the bar just a few stools down. She scared him at first glance. He had never seen a woman with so many tattoos. She had more ink than skin on her arms. The black leather of skirt and short jacket added to her bad girl image. She gave off vibes that screamed, “Run away!”

However, the more he stared, the more he found himself drawn in. Once he saw past the leather and tattoos, she was beautiful. Soft-looking skin, long black hair, and tall-looking. When the music changed, he made his move.

His words came out awkward and stumbled over. Maybe he was still afraid of her in a way. She at first gave him a funny look. She couldn’t understand him through his struggles to speak. He finally had to take a drink. Now, he spoke better. Only then was she attracted to him.

It didn’t take long for the couple to end up at Black Perfumed Kitty. He wasn’t the type to dive into a one-night stand. He was more of a romantic. Liked to take things slow, get to know his dates, treat them like princesses, and develop a lasting bond. Tonight dragged him out of character.

She led him through the budding madness. She did everything—leading him down the street, spotting the hotel, taking him inside, ordering a room for the night, and taking him to the room.

He pushed back onto the bed. She looked up, smiling. One kiss at the room door was all it took. One look into her dazzling blue eyes became the nail in his coffin.

One kiss exploded into many. She pulled his shirt over his head. He bit down into her neck. She howled and bit him back. The stripping led to more biting. The taste of blood excited them further. Bright red soaked the sheets and walls.

By morning, the maid came by the room to clean. When she unlocked the door and went inside, her screaming woke up everyone on the hall. The police were baffled and horrified at the crime scene. Only Tsuzuki and Hisoka could see what was really going on. However, one more step in would lead to a deeper puddle and swallow them up.

It began with one single playing card.