Chapter Thirty-Nine: Soft Summer Night:

Anna lied awake in bed in a hotel in Nishikyo Ward around midnight. She woke up seconds before feeling the bright crimson ribbon around her throat. Her eyes trailed back to Tsuzuki. His arm lay draped over her breasts. The woman found her mind in a confusing place.

Asato-kun would never do that to me, she thought. She reached over and brushed some loose strands from his forehead. His smile delivered a feeling of calm over Anna.

I wonder what he's dreaming about now, she thought. That thought led back to her own dreams. Is it a trap by them? Anna let her fingers run along her throat again. She knew that ribbon wasn't real, but still…

Tsuzuki turned over in his sleep, mumbling something she couldn't hear. Anna couldn't help but smile. Tsuzuki proved to be a complex man; sweet and playful, but yet serious at the same time. She and he mirrored each other. Though not as perky as he was, Anna still had a good heart. The woman never was a big people-person like Becky was. Anna just wanted to be left alone; in the beginning at least.

Tsuzuki wound up changing that. Strangely, Anna didn't feel threatened, but didn't exactly welcome it with open arms either. Though it was slowly unfolding, anyone could see clear progress between the couple. However, relapse could still be possible. Maybe, the dream was a possible sign of that.

Anna shook her head. No, he's not like that, she thought. It had to be something else. Anna dug in her mind for what it could be.  Suddenly, she felt rustling next to her in the bed. Anna glanced over to see a pair of violet eyes staring back at her.

"Oh," she said. "How long have you been awake?"

"A couple of minutes," Tsuzuki replied. He noticed the look on her face. "What's the matter?" he whispered. Anna pressed her lips together as she shook her head.

"That dream again?" the shinigami asked. Anna nodded at him.

"Ah," he said. His beloved sighed.

"I can't understand why I keep having it," she said. "I've had weird dreams before, but this…" Tsuzuki lightly touched her shoulder. Anna looked over to see him gently smile at her as he shook his head.

"You're doing it again," he said in a low voice. Anna blinked at him.

"Doing what?" she asked. He rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Thinking too much," her boyfriend answered. Anna glanced over to him.

"I'm being serious here!" she complained. He gave her a small kiss on the neck.

"I know," Tsuzuki told her. Anna sighed.

"I just can't brush this one off,” she explained. “This one just doesn't feel right."

"I won't kill you," he assured her. Anna pressed her lips together as she shook her head.

"I just don't understand why I keep having that dream," she said. Tsuzuki gently caressed her cheek. Anna slowly closed her mouth. Her boyfriend kissed her on the forehead.

"I won't let anyone hurt you," he whispered.

"Including you?" she asked. The shinigami pressed his lips together as he lowered his eyes.

"Yes," he finally mumbled. Anna put her hand to his chest. He looked deep into her eyes. She seemed to have a calming effect on him. She kissed him on the nose.

"I'll trust you on that," the woman whispered. Despite her calm demeanor, Anna was already preparing to counter any plans of her family using Tsuzuki to kill her. She could feel her heart pounding up to her ears.