Chapter Twenty-Three: Somniphobia:

Anna let her slender fingers ran through Tsuzuki’s short brown hair as he slept on her chest. The woman lightly kissed him on the forehead.

“That was all you wanted,” she whispered, “You only wanted to feel something.” She kissed him again. “I won’t leave you,” Anna whispered, “You have my word.” Her eyes trailed up to the blackened ceiling. A new rage flared up inside of her as she held her sleeping lover in her arms.

Asmodeus!, she thought, How dare you drag Asato-kun into this! Your target is me! She began to tremble at that thought. Asmodeus tracked her down again. Only he could break her into fear. That monster really wanted for virginity. Now, that bastard was punishing Tsuzuki for taking it from him; punishing him for loving her. Anna held Tsuzuki closer to her body. Her lover had played the martyr long enough. He deserved to be happy. His beloved’s anger tightened up as her nails dug through his hair.

You have no right to hurt my Asato-kun!, she thought. Her heartbeat doubled as her body grew hot. She really wanted to kill that monster. However, Anna found her mind trapped between anger and fear. She wanted to make Asmodeus suffer, but he paralyzed her spine with fear. She had the will to fight, just not the ability. How could she even hope to win?

Her throat dried up as Anna shut her eyes. She could smell the blood again while the white feathers floated downwards in the darkness. These feathers sailed into pools of more blood. Anna saw the angel’s body up ahead. Asmodeus made the unfortunate soul his dinner, raped and eaten, no less. His teeth ripped through her flesh and licked up her blood from his lips. Anna could still hear her pleading for her life. Asmodeus enjoyed making her suffer. Anna could almost feel the bites herself. She even found herself looking at the predator through the victim’s eyes. Both tried to scream for help, but their voices only came out as a whisper.

Asmodeus enjoyed every second of their pain. He pumped in and out even more because of it. The angel’s eyes widened at the climax. He wasn’t done there; that bastard was still hungry. The angel couldn’t live to tell God about the attack.

His eyes wandered down to her pearl white throat. He could hear her barely breathing. The sound pushed him for more. His pupils dilated as he sank into the trance. Asmodeus sank down and bit his victim in her pretty pristine throat. With one violent rip, he finished his dinner. The blood flooded everywhere like split crimson wine. It didn’t faze him when some of it got on his face. He only licked it away as he looked down at the angel’s naked corpse lying there bloodied and chewed up. Her open eyes looked empty and soulless. Even in that state, her cries for help fell on deaf ears.

Anna forced her eyes open while patting in a cold sweat. The old sick feeling in her stomach returned for remembering that scene just now. She frantically felt along her throat. Small relief sank in when she felt warm skin. Her eyes fixated on the blackened ceiling again to calm her nerves. It was then that she began to realize.