Chapter Twenty-Five: Somnophilia:

9:29 p.m.

Anna lay on the futon, looking at the ceiling. Her heart fluttered as she waited. Last night had been her last night as a single woman. Tonight, she would become one with her lover turned husband. The thought alone made her body quiver.

Her eyes focused on the brightly lit ceiling above. All but one paper lantern had been turned. Tsuzuki would fix that when he returned. Where had he gone anyway? He had to be plotting something to take off like that. Anna tried to guess what it could be.

Moments later, she looked up when she heard the door slide open. Tsuzuki stood in the doorway with a little smile on his face.


April 8th, 2010.

10:00 p.m.

He got to her again today. Yet, Tatsumi wouldn't let them stay alone. Tsuzuki frowned, glaring. Damn you, Tatsumi! Damn you and Tana both! He couldn't enjoy Anna carnally. A month-long dry spell should be against the law all over the world. Tsuzuki cranked up the hot water in the shower. In that moment, he came to realize something.

I'm going to be alone tonight, he thought. Hisoka and Tatsumi went out to do patrols. The girls stayed in a separate hotel. Tsuzuki weighted his options. He could just call his wife right now. That wouldn't hurt, yeah? What good would that do? Tana arrived in Kabukicho at two o'clock today. Chances were she would monitor calls between them. Tsuzuki cut off the water and cursed himself.


Anna stared at her phone. Why did I even bother to come here? It seemed like a good idea at the time. What's the point now? They couldn't sleep together until May. Phone calls didn't do the newlyweds justice. Kabukicho wasn't exactly her place to play. Anna lay down on her bed and shut off the light.


Tsuzuki lay down on his bed. His thoughts trailed back to his wife. Anna� It's been close to a week. This was supposed to be easier now, but it sure didn't feel like it to him. The current location did little to put him at ease through this period. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. His mind went back to their wedding day.


On the other side of town, Anna's mind pondered on their wedding day as well. He sprung it on her as a surprise that day. She naturally didn't know how to react. After she got dressed up, Anna really got into it.


Tsuzuki's thoughts walked through the whole wedding day. The shinigami smiled when he got to the wedding night. He slowed down every single detail from that night. His heart danced at every kiss. Tsuzuki felt his hands undressing his bride again. The silk of that kimono could never compete with the softness of Anna's skin. A flush of heat flooded from his face down to his chest, stomach, and groin. Tsuzuki took in heavy breaths as his right hand rose up for service.


Anna had come to the wedding night in her mind as well. A smile crossed her lips as she remembered how he took her into his arms in a tender, loving embrace. She trembled at the remembered kisses on her neck and chest. She felt herself get so hot that her undies started to get wet as his strong hands started to undress her. Her cheeks flushed red for some much needed relief. She rolled onto her back and her hands inch down to her hips. Her fingertips curved around the white cotton and worked it downwards. Her panties wound up on the darkened hotel carpet. The fingers of her right hand woke for duty.

Both hands of husband and wife began their journey downwards. They finally came down to their respective destinations.


Late in the spring night, the priest was out on a journey. He hadn't had a bite to eat in days. The goddesses at the temple he called home promised to take care of everything. In the beginning, that was enough to get him through the long days awaiting him.

Tonight, he needed a rest from all of the travelling and fasting. So, he lay down in a field of tall, dry, yellow grass. He drew his eyes closed and began to dream.

At the same time, the priestess left her temple in the snowy Hokkaido Mountains and began a journey of her own. She too hadn't eaten for days. In the beginning, different spirits motivated her forward as she walked. She knew a hot bath and a bed awaited her in the end.

Tonight, she needed a rest from all of the travelling and fasting. So, she lay down on the spongy green moss below her. She drew her eyes closed and began to dream.

Both opened their eyes to see an ocean full of fish floating by them. Priest and priestess had never seen so many fishes before in their lives. These creatures knew no limit to themselves. The priest and priestess gasped at what they saw. The fish didn't stop coming. Red snappers led the charge as the other fish increased in numbers.

The squid sang out to the priest. "Eat me!" it sang. "Eat me! Eat me!" The priestess heard the same thing with the big, healthy tuna.

"Eat me!" it sang it in a deep voice. "Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!"

"Eat us!" the fish cried to both priest and priestess. "Eat us! Eat us! Eat us!" Both priest and priestess stood in the eye of the storms in silence. So many fish called out to them. They hadn't eaten in days either. The fish looked so inviting too. It wouldn't hurt to take just one.

They both drew back. They thought, No! They could not take the fish. Their commitments stopped them cold. The fish floated faster before them.

"Eat us!" the fish yelled.

"We can't!"

"Eat us!"


The fish floated away and the voices all died to silence. The priestess and priest stood alone in the white quiet. By sunrise, they woke up alone.


What good did that do? Husband and wife realized that it's better if they were together. Right now, they were just utterly alone.


Meanwhile, he's on the hunt again. It's bad this time. I mean, really bad. The cramps keep attacking his stomach. The voices screaming in his head didn't help either. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! He huddled over, gasping for air. Help� me� The pain turned in hard, twisted knots in his belly. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! He nearly sank to knees surrounded by bright lights of the red light alley. The sounds around him blurred into one muzzled, underwater-like tone.

Moments later, another sound caught his ear. Is that� He tried to look through the blurry haze in his eyes. He heard a woman's laughter, the laughter of two women, to be exact. He tried to get a better look through his suffering.

When his vision cleared, he saw two goth-looking women leaving apartment complex hand-in-hand. Judging by the key dangling in the purple-haired woman's hand, they looked to have come from a key party. The purple-haired woman leaned over and nibbled on her red-haired partner's powder pale neck. The other woman giggled and gave her a tender kiss back on the lips. A little drool escaped from his own lips. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

He paused; he hadn't done this type since he first started. You sure?

Kill! His doubt ran away nervous from that point. It was then he noticed the long-haired goth beauties staring at him.

"Are you alright?" the purple-haired woman asked with the face of a concerned mother. He rose to his feet, smiling.

"I have drugs and toys back at my place," he addressed. "Interested?"