Chapter Sixteen: Spun Sugar:

White didn't suit her. The same could be said for that doctor, but she was worse at it than him. The cheap lighting of the room flickered. His mind played back the past few nights, making his head hurt just thinking about it. This trip was Jessie's idea.

"Let's get away," she murmured in his ear.

"But I can't," he said. "I have to work." Jessie pouted.

"Please?" she whimpered. "I'm so bored here!"


"Come on." Jessie wrapped her around him, but Hisoka pushed her off.

"Stop," he said. "You're being annoying again." Nevertheless in the end, she won out.


Jessie slid off her black party dress. Hisoka lay on the bed, watching. He could tell she was plotting something tonight. The chains held him firmly in place. He smirked, feeling the hunger within him grow as he waited. Jessie didn't say where they were going.

"Does that matter?" she asked. Hisoka shook his head innocently. She kissed him on the nose. They left in the early hours of the morning.


She walked over to the bed. Hisoka smirked from his confinement.

"Well, well," he said. "And what do we have tonight?"

"Shhh," the demon said. "No talking." Hisoka's green eyes drowned in lust. Even the lotus marking on Jessie's neck looked sexy tonight.

They worked their way through the underbelly of Meifu. That numbing feeling swept over Hisoka the entire time. It was just going to be the same anyway.

Jessie climbed on top of him. Hisoka licked his lips. She reached under the bed and pulled out a riding crop. The demon struck him across the stomach. Hisoka yelped in pain. Jessie inhaled sharply.

"Oh yes!" she screamed. The demon struck him again. The sound of pain in his voice put lit the fire in her belly.

"Yes!" she moaned. The cycle never stopped, no matter where they went. They couldn't seem to slow down, either. Hisoka had gotten used to the blur around him. Loud pounding in his head drowned out his thoughts. The drugs did little to help, and Jessie only made it worse.

She leaned down for a kiss and Hisoka took it indifferently. The demon stuck out her tongue and tried to force it into his mouth. The shinigami accepted it without question. Jessie was gentle with the kiss at first. She snapped and bit down on his lips. Hisoka took in the pain. Strangely, though, he found it all arousing.


The drug-induced sight and sounds made him dizzy. He came to enjoy the drumming in his ears. An odd comfort began to fill him up. Jessie downed another shot.


"Wow," Hisoka murmured. "You really can put that stuff away." She turned to him with rosy cheeks.

"So can you," she said. Hisoka looked down at his glass. The booze was almost gone.

"Oh," he said. The boy put up his hand. "Bar tender, another round!" Originally, it took only one drink and he would be out cold. Now, he couldn't stop.


Jessie bit on his tongue. Hisoka's body jolted at the pain. He couldn't help but crave more. This pain felt much better than the one Tsuzuki drove into his heart. Jessie sat up with a twisted smile as she unhooked her lacy black bra. She could feel his boner against the crotch of her stained panties.

"Mmm," the demon hummed. She tossed aside her bra and picked up the crop. Another hard whack came down onto Hisoka's stomach.

"Oh!" the shinigami yelled. A third whack came down on his member. Jessie eyed him.

"You like that, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah!" her toy yelled. Jessie licked her lips.

"Good boy," she said. The fourth whack came down hard on his arousal. Hisoka howled in both pain and pleasure. Jessie lowered her mouth down to the throbbing flesh.


Hisoka and Jessie were always on the move. They never got to rest and the pattern never changed either. Drink, party, drugs, sex, fight. No rest, just continuous acceleration. The lovers practically covered every bar, club, motel, and love hotel in the city in less than a week. Hisoka went along with the flashing lights and pounding drums.

After ten minutes of slow teasing, Jessie bit down on the skin hard enough to break it. Hisoka let out a pain-pleasure filled cry. The demon paused before she let go. Her heated breath ghosted over the wound before she licked it. The very taste soaked up her panties. Hisoka closed his eyes.

"Ah! Mistress!" he shouted. "Please fuck me!" Jessie looked up hungrily. Did he need to beg? Her panties hit the dirty motel carpet with a flutter. Hisoka grinned happy dazed-out as she climbed back onto him. He knew what was coming next. Another whack came across his member before his lover saddled up.

It all disappeared into another blur. Hisoka just lay there and took it. Jessie could abuse his body all she wanted, and it wouldn't make a difference. He was dead inside, dead underneath the spinning lights and pounding drums.


When Jessie got bored, it was onto the next place to do it all over again. Hisoka followed her lead without complaint. He just wanted to kill the pain Tsuzuki continued to cause all over again. Jessie passed out next to Hisoka afterwards like always. His eyes trailed up to the ceiling. He knew that the cycle would start up again in a new place tomorrow.