Lucky Star
Dateline: Danny takes Misty out to the beach on Hokkaido island. Misty didn't want to go at first but when she did go, she had a great time!
6/7/18 4:30 p.m.: Miraiah waited around for the mail to come in with a brown packet that had if she made the part of Elisabelle in the up coming movie called Racing with the Sliver Wind. You see, there was a HUGE audition for these nine parts: Donald (the hot young man in the movie), Kath (Elisabelle's little sister), Rosie (Elisabelle's younger cousin), Felicity (Donald's step-sister), Kit (Elisabelle's other little sister), Roe (Donald's best friend), Dave (Donald's rival), and of course Elisabelle. Miraiah and twelve other girls were auditioning for the part. Miraiah wandered around house very nervous. And then finally, their mail came in though the mail slot. She quickly rushed to the mail slot, picked out the mail, and sorted though the mail. She saw seven bills, some junk mail, the Manga magazine, and finally..... finally...... she saw the brown packet. She sat the other mail down the coffee table and opened the packet. She read the cast list and saw that her name was by the part of Elisabelle, meaning she made the part. "I made it! I made it!" yelled Miraiah in joy. Then she ran upstairs to tell the good news to her boyfriend. Izzy was typing on his laptop. "Izzy! I finally made the part!" she said in joy. "Yeah, That's nice." said Izzy as he kept on typing on his laptop. "Uh-Oh! What if he doesn't show up to she me in my movie." thought Miraiah. Then she walked out of the room. "What's wrong Miraiah?" asked Washu when Miraiah walked out the door. "Izzy doesn't care about the fact that I am Elisabelle in Racing with the Sliver Wind!" whined Miraiah. Washu clapped aloud. "Thank you, now I have rehearsal." Miraiah said sadly as she walked on. "Poor girl." said Washu.
5:00 p.m.: Miraiah ran to the old theater as fast as could run. She quietly opened the door. "Where's my Elisabelle?" asked the director. "Here I am." said Miraiah as she walked in closer. "Good, Now let's get started on the first scene." he said as he handed the cast their scripts. Miraiah read over her's quickly as she walked over to her place in the scene. "What time is it ma'am?" asked the girl who was playing Kath. "I don't know, Elisabelle could you check the sundial?" asked her mother. "All right." said Miraiah as she ran to the next scene. All of act one coutined all though the until the director called out it was time to call it quits for the night. Miraiah was sad when she left which was unusual because when she leaves a rehearsal she is very happy, but tonight was very different. It was different because she figured that Izzy wasn't coming to see her movie and she thought he only cared about work more than her. Miraiah walked sadly home.
7:00 p.m.: Instead of going home as usual, Miraiah decided to go to the park and think up a plan. She sat down upon the little red bench and thought as hard as ever she thought before. She was about to get until she came up with a wonderful idea. "I know! I'll work as hard as I can on this movie and forget about Izzy not showing up to see it." thought Miraiah. Then she got up from the bench and walked home. And from then on she worked really really hard. But filming for the last scene was very devastaing for her. "I'll tell the truth." she thought. So she asked the director if she could do her own acting. "But why?" he asked. "I just want to feel more creative." she said. It took her a long time to persuade the director to do the ending her way, but finally the director gave in.
6/29/18, 9:00 p.m.: "Places everybody and .... action!" yelled the director. "Elisabelle. I really want us to be together." said the guy playing Donald. "Oh Donald! I... I... I just can't." exclamed Miraiah. "Why?" he asked. "Because.... Because.... I'm in love with someone else!" she exclamed. She bursted into tears. The guy playing Donald looked over at the director. "Just go on." he said. The whole cast managed to play the whole thing off from there. It ended with Miraiah kissing the "Donald" on the cheek lightly and saying "Good-bye." "Cut! That was wonderful!" yelled director. The cast went home.
7/14/18, 10:00 p.m.: Izzy was shuting his laptop closed when the phone rang. Izzy slid his chair over to the phone on nightstand and answered it. "Hello." he said. "YOU JERK! YOU DIDN'T EVER CARE ABOUT MIRAIAH'S SUCESS! I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT WITH YOU GUYS TODAY!" Gwen yelled over the phone. "Please Gwen. I didn't know Miraiah meant it. I thought was joking like usual." Izzy yelled fantically. "Oh. I understand." she said. Then she hung up. "I've been an idoit." Izzy thought. Then opened his laptop and got on-line. Once he got onto the site he needed, Izzy typed "movies" in the search box. After two minutes, it came with a response of different movies that will be playing within three days. Izzy scrolled down the list for a while and then found what he was looking for. Then he clicked on the "Racing with the Sliver Wind" logo which took him to that site. Izzy clicked on the "Buy tickets" logo. "Miraiah is going to love this." he thought as he phurcased tickets.
7/17/18, 3:00 p.m.: The theather was packed tight. Among one of those lines waiting to get in, Izzy was standing in it. Then the movie conductor finally let all of those lines in. The crowds all rushed in the theather. So many people came to see Racing with the Sliver Wind that in order to make sure everyone saw the movie, they put it in eight lobbies. Miraiah came to see her movie, but she stood in the very back, hopeing to see Izzy. After the movie, Miraiah looked though the crowd for her future husband. But she didn't see him. Just about when she was going to give up, he tapped her on the shoulder. Miraiah turned around quickly. "Izzy! I thought I would never see you here." she said. "I have two tickets to see the movie at ten o'clock tonight." he said as took the tickets out of his pocket and showed them to her. "But why do.... Oh!" she said. She figured out that he had bought a ticket for her. Then he kissed her on the lips for a long time.
The End
Next Level: "I'm not asking for your phone number and I all ready have it." he said patently. "What do you mean you all ready have it?" she asked. "You gave it to me." he said. "Huh?" she said. "You did." said the young man. "What do you want with me?" Gwen asked. "Nothing much. Just a date." said the young man patently as he straighted his hair. "Who are you anyway?"  she asked. "Look closer." he said. So she did. "Your... your... your T.K.!" she said astonished. T.K. nodded. "But you don't look like him." said Gwen. "That's because I'm older."  he said honestly. He was wearing a black tuxes, with a white cape, and he had white angel wings on his back. Gwen began to relax. Then older T.K. reached out his hand. Gwen slowly reached out her hand. Then he took her by her hand and flew up into the sky. The couple flew into the sky and landed on the bank near the lake. They had a lovely picnic.