T.J.'s Bio

Name: Henri Juan Velasquez

AKA: T.J., Boss, and Mr. T

Birthdate: 10/17/65

Age: 37

P.O.B.: Seville, Spain

Species: Demimortal

Occupation: Writer and volunteer work

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'2"

Love Status: Single

Likes: Anime, music, Japan, Lola, Spain, Tom Petty, Europe, science, Jay-Z, history, writing, working with kids and old people, rain, comics, caramel, chocolate, women, hentai, wooing the women, Filter, Genesis, Gorillaz, basketball, Chris Rock, Oasis, Dave Chappelle, cats, old-school rap, Beastie Boys, manga, video games, Madonna, drama and romance stories, MTV, and samurai films

Outfit: Samurai t-shirt, jeans, fingerless gloves, a black baseball cap, and sneakers

Truck: Stinger

Animal Chibi: Loin

    Buff and gruff looking, T.J. is nice guy at heart. Even though he wants to smack his interns around time after time, he still manages to keep it together. T.J. helps Spike and the other guys out time after time. He acts like a big brother to most of the female staff at the academy.

    He lived with his Spanish father, Hector, after his Portuguese mother died. T.J. had some rough times at age six when Pilar, his mom's sister, moved in. His dad and his aunt fought a lot. She blamed him for "ruining" her younger sister when she ran off to marry Hector in Spain. To hide from the fights, T.J. would run to the beach. The funny thing was that they both loved him and tried to use him against the other. T.J. grew sick of it and left home to live with his grandfather just a few houses down. He became interested into writing in sixth grade when he had a crush on his new teacher from America. He started with poetry to try and impress her. When he found that he wasn't good in that area, he switched over to prose and found himself a happy guy ever since.

    After T.J. got into college, Pilar moved back to Portugal. Things between T.J. and Hector went back to being peaceful again. Hector even framed and put his son's undergrad degree on his office wall in pride. T.J. met Noizchild in London when he was twenty-two at grad school and they became friends. They even traded stories back and forth over Skype. Years later, Noizchild signed T.J. onto her staff after persuading him to join.

    T.J. visits his father in Spain occasionally during the holidays. He hasn't had contact with Pilar since she moved back to Portugal. T.J. works as a volunteer with kids at the local activity center and has a Japanese Bobtail cat named Woodstock. His fellow co-worker, Lola Calatrava, is his love interest.