Taken Hostage

Demon found Aneko and co. to be quite annoying. They stood in the way of his plans. It was time to eliminate them all. His only way to do that was to take out the head of the group. In order to do that, he would have to learn all about the princess himself. Demon had just the plan to do that. He summoned his key pawn to the deck.

“David!” Demon called out. “I need to see you right now in person!” Within seconds, David was standing right in front of him.

“You called, sir?” he asked with a bow. His boss smiled at him wickedly.

“I have a little job for you to do,” Demon replied. David waited on in silence. His master had trained him well. Demon smiled at him.

“I need you to capture Princess Aneko for me,” he ordered. “She’s pretty annoying. I want to take her apart piece by piece just to figure her out.” David smiled at those words.

“I’m on it!” he said. Then, the immortal closed his eyes and held up his hand. A hot black light formed at his fingertips. Both men waited for a couple of seconds. Then, David looked up with a smirk on his face.

“Found her!” he said. Demon smirked at him.

“Get it to!” the immortal ordered.

“Gladly!” David replied. Then, he held his right hand up into the air. A bright light shot up from his feet. It swallowed him up right away. He was gone in a flash. Demon smiled to himself. “The whole snake will crumble and I’ll region supreme!” he thought. His cold laughter echoed in the black darkness.

Aneko was in living realm walking home from school. She had a late night and was hoping to catch an early night. Sadly, that was not happening. The princess was about to cross the main bridge into the when she sensed something behind. She paused and looked around her. So far, there was nothing. But, Aneko knew better, however. She was immortal after all. The princess knew how to sense an enemy and draw them out. Easy right? Not if your enemy is stronger than you and knows how to conceal their power.

Suddenly, Aneko felt a sharp pain in her neck. She gasped aloud in agony. The princess could barely move at all. This was a powerful sedative drug being pumped into her blood. She felt really dizzy. Her breath become short. Soon, it all went black…

A few minutes later, Aneko woke up in pitch blackness. She looked all around her. Even with her night vision eyes, the princess still couldn’t see at all. She tried to move, but found that she was chained down tightly. Confusion slowly became anger. “What the hell is this?!?” she thought.

“Oh good!” a voice hissed at her. “You’re awake now!” Aneko quickly looked up. David was standing over her now. The princess was angry at the sight of his face.

“David!!!” she barked harshly. “What the fuck is all of this?!? Let me up now!!!” The creep shook his head.

“Sorry,” he hissed in a mocking way. “That’s not a possibility!”

“And why not?!?” the princess barked. David leaned in close to her pretty face. He smiled at her coldly.

“That my dear,” he replied almost silently. “Is to be in the dark from you.” Then, he lightly patted her on the cheek and walked off. Aneko glared at him coldly. “Fuck you!” she thought to him.

“Oh yeah!” David called to her. Aneko quickly looked up. The demon was right at the door with his back to her. “No point in calling for your little friends!” he hissed. “I’ve blocked off your powers and said that you would be fine all night. You’re going to be here for quite a while! Good night!” Then, he left the room. Aneko gritted her teeth pissed off. “That bastard!” she thought.

Then, the princess forced herself to calm down enough to think. Megan’s life lessons were finally sinking in. “When captured or injured,” she constantly reminded her daughter. “Don’t use anger, to fight back, use your head!” Aneko took in another deep breath. Okay, she was calm. So now what? Her powers were blocked off right now. It was just her and David. Not much to go with here. She was stuck.

But then, an idea came her head. It was just and David here in this dark place. The only way to fix that was to annoy him to death. Aneko smirked to herself wickedly. This was going to be an easy plan.

In a few minutes later, the lights flashed on brightly. Aneko squinted her eyes tightly. She could David on the other side of the glass. He was turning on a machine. Aneko smirked to herself. “Show time!” she thought.

“And what are you doing?” the princess asked aloud.

“I told you!” David barked. “That’s for me to know and you to find out!” Aneko tried not smile at that one. This was going to be too fun to pass up.

“And why is that?” she challenged him. The demon immortal looked up at her.

“I don’t have to answer to you!” he barked. Aneko kept her eyes locked on him.

“Oh really?” she asked.

“Yeah!” the bastard said.

“And why is that?” the princess asked. David was trying to keep himself calm now. She was plotting something, he could told. He had to be sharp.

“Because,” he replied. “I said so!” Aneko raised an eyebrow at him.

“How come?” she asked.

“Why should I tell you?” David asked. Aneko smiled at him a bit. She shrugged as well.

“Because,” the princess replied. “I said so!”

“Oh really?” David challenged.

“Hell yeah!” Aneko cried out. David glared at her coldly. She was  trying to annoy him. He decided to try and ignore her. The monster got right to work. Aneko watched on. More questions came into her mind.

“But seriously,” she said. “What are you going to do with me?” David tried to ignore her still. The princess watched quietly.

“Come on,” she said. “Talk to me!” The demon immortal ignored her still. Aneko sat there stuck for a moment. Talking was losing its power. So now what? Then, another idea came into her head. Maybe some singing would do. Well, here goes! The first song was “Sakura Sakura.” It wasn’t just the singing itself. Aneko was singing badly on purpose! The song was all loud and awful sounding. David tried to get ignore her again at first. The princess sang on badly with every song that she knew off of the top of her head. Not only that, Aneko kept talking and hounding him with many questions. David tried to keep working. The princess just went on and on all night long.

Finally, David reached his reached his breaking point with all of it. He just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Will you just shut up already?!?” David barked at her. Aneko looked at him smiling.

“Why?” she asked him once again. David tried to keep from snapping again. He wanted to kill hew now. But, no! Demon wanted the pleasure all to himself. He knew that he couldn’t disobey his master. But, why did this bitch have to be so annoying? Aneko looked at him again.

“So?” she asked. “What is the whole point to all of this?” The man couldn’t take it anymore. He had to shut her up now! But he couldn’t touch or harm her at all. The shield affected his powers as well. So what could he do in a situation like this? David looked down at his data. It was almost complete. This gave the bastard a great idea. That would shut her up instantly. Might as talk now. She can’t do anything right now anyway. David smirked at her coldly. He snickered at her in malice. Aneko raised an eyebrow at him.

“What’s so funny?” she asked him sharply. David looked up at her smirking. Here came the good part! David hit the send button before speaking again.

“You know why you’re here?” he asked her at last. Aneko looked at him oddly.

“No,” she said. “Are you going to tell me?” The bastard kept his evil smirk.

“Demon wants to know all about you!” he barked. “He wants to know what makes you tick!” Aneko glared at him coldly.

“And why would he want to know that?” she barked. David grinned at her coldly.

“We’re going to tear you apart piece by piece!” he called. “Starting with you as the head!” Then, he walked away into the darkness laughing. Aneko became pissed off again.

“FUCK YOU!!!” she screamed out. “FUCK YOU TO HELL!!!” The princess was left in the darkness thinking about how to escape with her life and warn the others of Demon’s plan.

Meanwhile, Demon received the information that David gathered. A smirk came across his face. “Excellent!” he thought. Then, he began reading the new information. An interesting piece of news caught his eye. A corrupt smile came across his face. His plans changed instantly. “Forget killing the princess!” he thought. “I have better plans for her now!” His cold laughter echoed throughout the darkness. The rules of the games had now been changed.

To Be Continued…