Tea Times with the Ladies

The girls sat around a table in the dining room. The cameramen walks up to them.

"Hey there, girls," he greeted them.

"Hello!" they all cheered. The camera swings around to each one of them and their meals.

"So, how are you guys?" he asked.

"Fine!" the girls cheered.

"Talk to me about Emily," the cameraman said. They had so much to say.

"She is such a spoiled brat."

"She needs to face reality. You know? Face the truth."

"It's her against all of us."

"Em just does her own thing, you know?"

"Crazy little girl."

"Spoiled, wild, bitchy."

"Andy spoils her rotten."

"All of the boys love her, the little whore!"

"Bitchy slut."

"She's Andy's favorite."

"He just adores her."

"She is his muse."

"We can't compete with her."

Emily wasn't the only one they tore down during this film.