1. Separation Anxiety

    It's just another day at the Masaki household, until the girls learn that Tenchi is moving to Tokyo for the next two years to attend high school there and receive spiritual training as a shrine priest. Tenchi and Grandpa Masaki arrive in Tokyo the next day to meet with priest Tsuchida and as a favor to him, agree to perform a purification ceremony at a haunted construction site. Unfortunately for Tenchi and Grandpa, things get out of hand as their ceremony end up reawakening some rather angry guardian spirits, who are now bent on exacting bodily harm on the two! The girls are all a bit down with Tenchi's departure, especially hot-headed Ryoko, who does not take the news very well and causes havoc and property damage inside the house. This prompts mad-scientist/genius Washu to offer Ryoko use of her latest invention, the Inter-dimensional Tunnel, which allows the user to travel to wherever Tenchi is at. Thanks to the tunnel, the girls are once again reunited with Tenchi and Grandpa, but now they all face some very hostile spirits...

2. Four's a Crowd

    Tenchi's peaceful slumber comes to halt when he awakens to find Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Washu, Mihoshi and Kiyone popping out from under his bed sheets. As it turns out, Washu had chosen Tenchi's bed comforter as the exit point of the Inter-dimensional Tunnel, so now the girls can visit him anytime, much to his chagrin. Later that day, Tenchi has lunch with several of his new classmates, including one of the most popular girls at school, Sakuya Kumashiro, who takes an immediate interest in him. Accompanied by Sakuya on the way home from school, Tenchi is surprised to find Ryoko and Ayeka waiting at his apartment. To avoid the fury of a jealous Ryoko and Ayeka, Tenchi and Sakuya run off and find refuge at a wedding shrine, where they encounter Ine, the Goddess of Marriage. Ine immediately sets up various romantic settings in an attempt to get both Tenchi and Sakuya to mystically pledge their love for each other, but before too long, Ine's scheme draws in Ryoko and Ayeka, who proceed to foil her plans.

3. Long Distance Lunacy

    With the entranceway of the Inter-dimensional Tunnel temporarily blocked off, a frustrated Ryoko pleads for Washu to create a device that will allow the girls to keep an eye on Tenchi's whereabouts. In no time at all, Washu comes up with her latest invention, "Mr. Surveillance" the Washu Special Ultra-Compact Spy Camera. With several surveillance units actively in place, Ryoko and Ayeka are ecstatic to find that they can now watch Tenchi go about his daily routines. Meanwhile, the mysterious Yugi creates a guardian spirit, whose very presence disrupts all of Washu's surveillance units. As a result, the units send back erroneous and outrageous transmissions of Tenchi's activities to the girls. An angry Ryoko flies out with Sasami and Ryo-ohki to confront the trouble-making guardian spirit.

4. The Eternal Pledge

    It's a Sunday afternoon and Sakuya drops by Tenchi's apartment to invite him out for some sightseeing in the city. Taking a shortcut through a row of houses, Tenchi and Sakuya come across a mysterious mansion that appears out of nowhere. Hotsuma, one of Yugi's underlings, suddenly appears and persuades Tenchi and Sakuya to follow him to a party, but it's not the type of party the two had in mind. Ryoko and Ayeka arrive in Tokyo once again and use Ryo-ohki to track down the missing Tenchi. The trails leads into the mansion where the girls find Hotsuma forcing Tenchi and Sakuya into a wedding ceremony against their wills. Enraged that Tenchi had been physically hurt, Ryoko and Ayeka take matters into their own hands and clash with the deadly Hotsuma.

5. Money! Money! Money!

When the Masaki household experiences a financial crisis that depletes the food budget, the alien girls set out to find jobs in Tokyo, but their inability to follow and complete simple tasks drives each their bosses crazy. Ryoko is sleeping on the job as a pizza delivery girl, while Ayeka is mixing up customer orders at a tea house and the waitress duo of Mihoshi and Kiyone destroy a restaurant kitchen. Work is last thing on the minds of Ayeka and Ryoko, as they each spot Tenchi together with Sakuya and attempt to chase after the two, with disastrous results. Answering an ad for a suspiciously high-paying job, Ryoko, Ayeka, Mihoshi and Kiyone take up yet another job at a construction site, unaware that they are helping to build a giant construct for the mysterious and malevolent Yugi. If the girls have any misgivings over this latest job, it is quickly overshadowed by another pressing concern: Will they ever get paid and finally make some much needed cash?

6. Play Date

    Sasami and Ryo-ohki are the only ones to have actually earn some money while in Tokyo, and this doesn't go unnoticed by Ryoko, Ayeka, Mihoshi and Kiyone, who each attempt to "borrow" some of that money in their own unique way. As a result, Sasami flees to Tokyo to escape the other girls and seek refuge at Tenchi's apartment. While window-shopping together in the city, Sasami is separated from Tenchi and enters into an antique store, where she encounter an innocent-looking Yugi and an entranceway to a strange mirror world. As Tenchi desperately searches for Sasami, he runs into Sakuya, who wants to ask him a very personal question concerning their relationship.

7. The Day We Met

    The alien girls commemorate the two-year anniversary of their meeting Tenchi on planet Earth by preparing a party in his honor. On the bullet train ride back home to Okayama, Tenchi reflects over the incredible and unique circumstances that led to all the alien girls taking up residence at the Masaki household. At the same time, the girls also reminisce over past events with Tenchi that all tie to the significance of the crystal pendants worn by each of them.

8. Tenchi Anniversary

    Sakuya has followed Tenchi back to the countryside and shows up at the Masaki house where the girls are in the midst of throwing the anniversary party. Naturally, Ryoko and Ayeka are jealous that Sakuya has shown up uninvited and things take a turn for the worse, when the crystal pendants that each of the alien girls have worn on their wrists turn up missing suddenly. This leads to Sakuya being accused by Ryoko and Ayeka of stealing the pendants, however Washu's Special Gem Radar detects a mischievous guardian spirit as the actual culprit. Although a space pirate by nature, Ryoko doesn't take kindly to the guardian spirit stealing something that belongs to Tenchi and metes out her brand of punishment.

9. The Guardians of Old

    While arguing over which TV program to watch at the Masaki house, the girls happen to catch a glimpse of Tenchi on a news program. As it turns out, Tenchi and his classmates are on a school fieldtrip at an excavation site in North Okutama and Ayeka decides to go there to pay him another social visit. Tenchi, along with his friends Tsuchida and Amagasaki, accidentally stumble onto an ancient Juraian Seal Temple underneath the excavation site. The three boys are unaware that this temple had once imprisoned the mysterious Yugi, who had since managed to escape, however two Jurai Guardian enforcers still remain on guard and mistake Tenchi and his classmates as Yugi. Confronted by two deadly Guardians, Tenchi's only hope now lie with Mihoshi (of all people) to lead Ayeka to the rescue.

10. "Ryoko's Big Date"

    After another long day at school, Tenchi gets back to his apartment and receives a phone message from Ryoko, who wants to go on a Sunday date with him. Coincidentally, Sakuya also leaves a message, suggesting a Sunday get-together. As Tenchi meets a giddy Ryoko for a fun-filled date of dining, video games and karaoke, Sakuya continues to wait outside, hoping for Tenchi to show up...

11. "Moon Mission"

    During another heated argument over who is more worthy of Tenchi's love, Ryoko and Ayeka lock horns again, causing damage to a statue placed in Grandpa Masaki's care. Ryo-ohki is mistakenly blamed for the damage caused by Ryoko and Ayeka and runs away after Sasami angrily scolds her. Feeling alone and sad, Ryo-ohki encounters another cabbit, Yu-ohki, in the forest and the two fly out into space together. By now, Sasami has learned the truth and is worried over Ryo-ohki's absence. Tenchi is called back home to help the girls search for Ryo-ohki and when they discover her location, they all don their special cabbit suits for a space trip. Sasami and Ryo-ohki are happily reunited on the moon, however, Yu-ohki is revealed to be a servant of Yugi and is not about to let the group leave the so easily.

12. Stupid Cupid

    Sasami is in bed feeling sick and the girls are at the table feeling hungry. Without Sasami to take care of laundry and dinner chores, Tenchi's father, Nobuyuki, steps in to help, but the girls remain unappreciative of his culinary skills. In order to go out to dine, the girls decide to raid Sasami's savings bank again, however, a vigilant Ryo-ohki is standing guard. While on a business trip in Tokyo, Nobuyuki bumps into Sakuya and the two head over to visit Tenchi. They are all unaware that Yugi's underling, Matori, has created a guardian spirit resembling Nobuyuki and has ordered it to kidnap Sakuya. Matori's scheme backfires on her, as the Nobuyuki imposter seems to have his own plans.

13. The Eye of the Destroyer

    Yugi invites Sasami to see her at midnight in her dreams. While Sasami plays with Yugi, her friend now, Yugi's other half tries to kill the other girls. An awful battle wages, and it's not until the gems that Tenchi had given to the girls glowed, that everyone is saved. Hotsuma, Ryoko's old rival also helps. He saves Ryoko, and earns her trust as a partner. Now, not even Tenchi could not be worried about everyone at home....

14. Tokyo or Bust!

    Determined to find out once and for all what Tenchi's relationship is with Sakuya, Ayeka decides to hitchhike her way to Tokyo and brings along a reluctant Sasami and Ryo-ohki as traveling companions. After several unsuccessful attempts, the girls finally get a ride from Masayo, a female motor biker. At the incredible speed Masayo is traveling, Ayeka figures she will be able see Tenchi in no time, however, the journey to Tokyo is side-tracked when Masayo becomes obsessed again with chasing down Isao, the man she loves, who also happens to be the world's fastest jogger!

15. Love Match

    Concerned over the awkwardness of alien girls constantly popping out unannounced from his comforter, Tenchi begs Washu to deactivate the Inter-dimensional Tunnel, much to the disappointment of the other alien girls. As carnival booth preparations get underway for the annual White Phoenix Festival at Tenmangu High School, some of Tenchi's classmates use this opportunity to try to bring him and Sakuya closer together. Whenever Tenchi and Sakuya are about to share a moment together, they are interrupted by classmate Amagasaki, who unintentionally breaks up whatever romantic mood there might have been. Amagasaki's intrusions do not go unnoticed by Yugi, who creates a guardian spirit in the form a female wrestler to harshly deal with him.

16. Carnival

    It's finally festival day at Tenmangu High as Tenchi and his classmates are busy running the carnival booths. The alien girls arrive at the apartment, only to find that Tenchi is not there and head over to the campus to look for him. Once there, it's only a matter of time before they all get into some type of trouble as Washu creates a rodent racing vehicle that runs amok, a Ryo-ohki transformation goes awry and Mihoshi and Ayeka inadvertently destroy some booths. As a result of the chaos caused by the girls, an exasperated Tenchi scolds them and asks them all to leave the school carnival. Later that evening, Tenchi is on the rooftop with Sakuya and apologizes for the alien girls ruining the carnival, but at the same time, finds himself feeling strongly attracted to Sakuya. Ryoko finally arrives on the school grounds, heads over to the rooftop and is shocked to find Tenchi and Sakuya sharing a tender kiss.

17. Drifting Away

    Ryoko is devastated and hurt when she spots Tenchi and Sakuya kissing. In her melancholic state of mind, the evil Yugi sends over Hotsuma to create a deeper rift in the relationship between Ryoko and Tenchi. Yugi declares that her goal for the planet Earth will be realized once all the bonds between Tenchi, his family and the alien girls have all been shattered. As the first step to fulfilling Yugi's goal, Hotsuma manages to convince Ryoko to revert back to her space pirate ways and join him as a partner in crime in outer space. Meanwhile, Tsugaru, another agent of Yugi, appears before Ayeka in the evening at the forest and plants doubts in her mind, hoping to cause further dissention within the Masaki household.

18. Game Over

    Ayeka is beginning to notice that the everyone in the Masaki household is slowly drifting apart as Ryoko is now missing, Washu is locked away in her room, caught up with her scientific research and Mihoshi and Kiyone both have been transferred to another Galaxy Police post away from Earth. In the meantime, Ryoko and Hotsuma continue their crime wave throughout the galaxy as they break into banks with ease. Ryoko is enjoying herself as a space pirate once again as all remnants of her previous life on Earth with Tenchi and friends are now left behind...

19. The Lonely Princess

    Unable to shake off an omen that something bad will occur when everyone at the Masaki household is separated, Ayeka tries unsuccessfully to convince Mihoshi and Kiyone to return back to Earth, however the two Galaxy Police officers are now focused on capturing space pirate Ryoko. Feeling abandoned and alone, an anxious Ayeka calls Tenchi to share her worries, but even Tenchi seems to be drifting away as he is apparently preoccupied with his new life in Tokyo.

20. Old Friends

    As Tenchi and his classmates meet to plan for their summer vacation, another gathering is taking place in outer space as Mihoshi and Kiyone go undercover as part of Ryoko's pirate gang and arrive at the gang headquarters. Ryoko sees through their disguises and puts Mihoshi and Kiyone through numerous, demanding tasks, but in the end, invites the two to a friendly game of cards, which was something they all used to do back at the Masaki household. Ryoko begins to have second thoughts about being a space pirate and even reconsiders going back to Earth, but her thoughts are interrupted when a fleet of Galaxy Police cruisers attack the gang headquarters.

21. Real Friends

    Washu emerges from her seclusion with disturbing news for Ayeka regarding the mysterious Yugi. After conducting extensive research, Washu had discovered that Yugi is actually a powerful mutant responsible for causing massive chaos and destruction years ago on the planet Jurai. Yugi was finally defeated by Jurai's champion, Queen Hinase, who had her imprisoned in a Jurai Seal Temple and exiled into outer space. By sheer chance, the Jurai Seal Temple had crash-landed on Earth and an earthquake had set Yugi free. Realizing the immediate and grave danger to Earth posed by Yugi, Washu goes to Tokyo to convince Tenchi to head back to home to Okayama, however, Sakuya becomes visibly upset over Tenchi possibly leaving her behind.

22. "Sakuya's Secret"

    Sakuya has taken up photography and of course, her favorite subject matter is Tenchi. During one of their outings, Tenchi inquires about Sakuya's family, however, she does not seem to have any memories of her family or home. Later on, at Tenchi's apartment, Sakuya becomes further upset at her own inability to recall any memories of her past and runs back home. Alone, in her apartment, Sakuya realizes that she doesn't remember anything before she had met Tenchi. Back in Okayama, Ayeka fortifies the Masaki house with various defenses in anticipation of another onslaught from Yugi.

23. Here, There and Everywhere

    Ryoko is becoming bored with being a space pirate and feels that something else is missing in her life, as she reminisces of the times spent with the other alien girls at the Masaki household. Lost in her thoughts, Ryoko passes by and overhears Hotsuma reporting back to Yugi and realizes that she had been manipulated. As she decides to head back to Earth, Hotsuma attempts to kill her. At the Masaki residence, Washu focuses her research on Sakuya, while Tenchi is bewildered to find his classmates acting and behaving as though Sakuya had never existed. As Tenchi tries to locate Sakuya, Washu unleashes another shocking revelation: Sakuya is actually an apparition and alter-ego of Yugi!

24. Yugi's Shadow

    Grandpa Masaki and Washu head to Tokyo to tell a stunned Tenchi about Sakuya's true nature. Grandpa also reveals that the Masaki male family members are planetary defenders and that the crystal pendant worn by Tenchi is a symbol of their sworn duty as defenders. When all the crystals are assembled again, they will manifest a special power that can defeat Yugi. Since the crystals are a threat to her, Yugi had orchestrated events that would sever the bond that Tenchi shared with the girls, each of whom carried a crystal pendant. With everyone separated, Yugi finally makes her move to create the Earth as her own.

25. The End of Time

    In the confusion and chaos that ensues from Yugi's attack on Earth, underling Matori abducts Sasami and while Tsugaru attempts to eliminate Galaxy Police detectives Mihoshi and Kiyone. Meanwhile, Tenchi rushes to Sakuya's apartment, but is too late as Yugi had arrived earlier to reclaim her alter-ego. Things appear bleak, until the crystal pendants activate and begin to draw back all the girls to Tenchi. Reunited once more, Tenchi and everyone head off to rescue Sasami and confront Yugi in a final showdown.

26. Payback

    As Tenchi makes his way to Yugi's fortress, the girls provide back-up help by taking out all of Yugi's perilous obstacles. Yugi herself becomes distracted and loses her concentration as Sasami refuses to join her side. Before entering the fortress, Tenchi gathers up the crystal pendants from the girls to recreate the powerful defender sword, but Washu and Grandpa Masaki are still worried. Can Tenchi bring himself to defeat the wicked Yugi, whose alter-ego is Sakuya, the girl he still cares about?