Tenchi One:

1. The Resurrection of Ryoko

    According to legend, a demon is imprisoned inside the Masaki Shrine in Kurashiki, Japan. When Tenchi Masaki, a student at the local high school and grandson to the shrine master, accidentally breaks the "seal", he discovers that it is not just a legend! Awakened from a deep sleep, Ryoko, the demon, in the form of a beautiful young girl, furious to discover she has been imprisoned for over 700 years, launches an all-out attack on Tenchi. Using her amazing powers, including flying through the air, moving through walls, and hurling massive bolts of electrical power from her hands, she pursues Tenchi in a terrifying midnight chase throughout the school.

2. Here Comes Ayeka

Princess Ayeka has sailed far from her home planet Jurai in search for her long-lost fiancée. On Earth, she encounters Ryoko instead, her mortal enemy from the distant stars - which can only mean trouble for Tenchi! As a blast from Ayeka's main cannon shatters his window, Tenchi finds himself aboard Ryoko's spaceship in flight, only to be captured later by Ayeka! Tenchi doesn't know what to do as the cat-fight between the girls ends up in a big spaceship crash and then... Who is Ayeka's fiancée and where has he gone? How will Tenchi get home and what do these sparring female super-powers want with him? Perhaps Ayeka's little sister, the mischievous Sasami, can help as Tenchi becomes more the master of his mysterious destiny.

3. Hello Ryo-Ohki!

    Sisters Ayeka and Sasami find themselves without transport back to their mother planet when their spaceship is wrecked in a battle with Ryo-ohki. With them in addition to Ryoko, there are now three cute girls at Tenchi's house! While Ayeka sinks deeper into her depression because of the unfamiliar life on Earth, Sasami is full of energy. And as for Ryoko, who knows what may be going through her mind...To top it all off, an infant Ryo-ohki hatches from the spaceship egg! Tenchi may be back at home, but he's not free from troubles!

4. Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars

Tenchi's life with the girls under one roof finally begins to settle down. Now it's the fall season and group visits a hot springs resort. While Ryoko tries to seduce Tenchi in her birthday suit, Ayeka goes into a panic when Tenchi see her stark naked, and Tenchi's father tries hard to take a peek at the ladies side of the hot springs. On one such day, a new character appears before our group: Mihoshi, a female cop with the Galaxy Police!

5. Kagato Attacks!

    Mihoshi, a Galaxy Police officer, joins the group as a new roommate, making Tenchi's life as lively as ever. One day, Kagato, one of the most wanted criminals in the universe, appears before the group! He claims to be Ryoko's creator and he's after Tenchi's sword. Despite Tenchi's and his grandfather's desperate struggle, Kagato kidnaps Ryoko and flees to outer space....

6. We Need Tenchi!

    After losing Tenchi, the girls storm Kagato's spaceship. But Ayeka falls into a trap and into Kagato's hands! In the meantime, Ryoko and Mihoshi find themselves confined in a different dimension where they meet Washu, a scientific genius. To their surprise, she reveals herself as Ryoko's creator. Just as the destruction ray fired at Earth is about to reach its destination, Tenchi is resurrected and reappears! The final battle is on!

7. The Night Before the Carnival

`The Kagato incident is over, but Tenchi is by no means at a loss for trouble with the five beautiful girls and Ryo-Ohki around him. An assortment of troubles, ranging from Ryoko's and Ayeka's war for Tenchi's love, Washu's organic experiment on Tenchi, and the case of the disappearing carrots caused by a divided and multiplied Ryo-ohki, keep things lively around the Masaki household.

8. Hello! Baby

    Yet another dependent joins the Tenchi family - it's a baby! Tenchi's aunt arrives with her grandson one day asking Tenchi and company to take care of the baby for awhile. None of them has any experience in child care, of course. Ryoko and Ayeka display their typical competitive spirits trying to impress Tenchi. Mihoshi remains her usual good-natured, goofy self. Everyone works hard to take care of the baby the best she/he can, but the result is...well, you'll see. And this baby incident causes Washu to reveal some of her surprising past...

9. Sasami & Tsunami

One nice autumn day, Tenchi and company return to the hot springs resort. The innkeeper greets them happily - finally she has helping hands to repair her damaged buildings and do the cooking and laundry! Then, a ghost is sighted. What is this mysterious white shadow wandering about the inn?! In the middle of the commotion, Sasami feels lost and lonely. Years ago, back on planet Jurai, when the Royal Palace was attacked by Ryoko, something happened to awaken Tsunami, and the hidden incident is troubling Sasami deeply now...

10. "I Love Tenchi"

    One clear day with springtime just around the corner, Tenchi happens to hurt Ryo-ohki's feelings. It was because of some misunderstanding, which eventually gets rectified, but Ryo-ohki cannot quite get back to her normal, cheerful self. Then, "he Mass" (meaning "the element of all things"), a strange space creature kept in Washu's lab as a subject of her ever-troublesome experiments, comes into play to make things even worse. Ryo-ohki's fervent desire to help Tenchi is picked up by the Mass, which causes the situation to head in an unexpected direction... Will Ryo-ohki's wish come true!?

11. The Advent of the Goddess

    Driven by the will of Queen Tokimi, Dr. Clay, a super genius scientist, heads for Earth to capture Washu. Tokimi, a high-level dimensional life form, wishes to meet Washu in person. The evil hands of Dr. Clay reach for Tenchi and company, who carry on with their daily lives, unaware of the danger. His assassin is Zero, an artificial life form who assumes Ryoko's appearance. How will the Masaki family deal with this clone of Ryoko?! One mystery leads to another, as the story rapidly unfold...

12. Zero Ryoko

    Zero, disguised as Ryoko, finally tries to assassinate Tenchi. She fails to accomplish her task because Ryoko's feelings for Tenchi hidden in her heart do not allow her to hurt him. Her true identity exposed, Zero returns to Dr. Clay with Ryoko as her hostage. Tenchi and company fly out into outer space to recover Ryoko. Meanwhile, it's a meeting of the minds, as Washu faces Dr. Clay and the two genius scientists clash. What is the true intention of Tokimi, the mysterious queen and the imperial power hidden in Tenchi?

13. Here Comes Jurai

    The three visitors from planet Jurai arrive at the Masaki residence without warning: Azusa, the emperor of Jurai and the father of Ayeka and Sasami, Misaki, their mother, and Funaho, Yosho's mother. They have come to take Ayeka back to planet Jurai and to check on the Masaki Family, which is full of universal secrets, such as the mystery of Washu, the capture of Ryoko, the sworn enemy of Jurai, and the true intentions of Yosho. With everyone's intentions entangled and intertwined, the story is suddenly on the move again. How will Tenchi deal with the sudden arrival of the father of the girl he lives with?

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