Tenchi Masocki:

The star of all three Tenchi series, Tenchi Masaki is a young boy in high school who has lead a somewhat sheltered life. Quiet, polite and somewhat goofy, Tenchi has trained all his life under the tutelage of his grandfather- but he doesn't know what he's been training for. He finds out when he meets Ryoko, Ayeka and Sasmi, three women who's fates are inextricably tied to his. Tenchi eventually discovers that he is the crown prince of planet Jurai, and the keeper of a mighty power known as the "Lighthawk wings." Tenchi must make a choice between Earth, the home he knows and loves, and the planet Jurai, where his lineage comes from. In the meantime, the girls are causing all kinds of trouble, and Tenchi's the only guy with a cool head in the whole house! All he really wants is a little peace and quiet. Good luck.


Ryoko is a Space pirate who, depending on which Tenchi series you're watching, was either imprisoned by one of Tenchi's ancestors or who crash landed on Earth while trying to escape the wrath of Princess Ayeka and the Galaxy Police. They want her to pay for her various crimes as a pirate, which include robbery and assault, among other things. Also depending on which Tenchi series you're watching, she was either created by the mad scientist Washu, or was a partner of Washu's. whatever. Ryoko is 700 or so, but appears young and beautiful, and is definitely passionate about Tenchi- she's in love with him, and she'll do anything for him. However, her impetuous and conniving ways often get in the way of their relationship- but Tenchi knows that Ryoko cares for him, and he doesn't get too angry with her. Very often. Well, sometimes you'll see.


Princess Ayeka is a member of royalty from the planet Jurai. She has traveled across the galaxy looking for Ryoko, whom she thinks has hurt or kidnapped her former betrothed, Yosho. This too, varies depending on which Tenchi series you are watching, though. Ayeka crash lands on Earth and is forced to live with Ryoko at Tenchi's house. She falls in love with Tenchi, and she spends most of her time either fighting over Tenchi with Ryoko, or scheming in conjunction with her to cut out the other women in the house. Ayeka is the crown princess of Jurai, and is used to being treated like royalty. It is a great shock to her to be around all of the "coarse" people in the house, especially Ryoko. Ayeka is the big sister of Sasami, who has a much sunnier disposition. Ayeka is prudish, uptight, self-pitying, and spiteful, but she loves Tenchi very much and will defend him to the death. She even makes friends with Ryoko, though it's not always argument free.


Sasami is the younger sister of the Princess Ayeka, also an heir to the royal throne of Jurai. Depending on which Tenchi series you are watching, Sasami either crash landed on Earth with her sister while chasing Ryoko, or came to Earth in a mishap involving Ryoko and Tenchi. One thing is for sure- Sasami loves to cook! In each Tenchi series, Sasami ends up taking care of virtually all the chores around the Masaki household- especially cooking. The other members of the house all anxiously await the next Sasami masterpiece. Sasami enjoys her time away from the responsibilities of the court of Jurai. She spends whatever free time she can with Ryo-oki, with whom she has a very strong bond. She is both her pet and her best friend. In Tenchi in Tokyo, Ryo-oki can turn into a giant robo-bunny of sorts, into which Sasami climbs and pilots much like a Gundam. Don't ask... Sasami is the most responsible member of the Masaki household, even though she is also the youngest. She harbors a small crush on Tenchi, who looks on her as a little sister.

Mihoshi Kuramitsu

Age: 23

Height: 5'6"

Measurements: 33-22-34

Blood Type: O

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Spaceship: Yukinojyo

Equipment: GP Standard Blaster Control Cube

Powers: Mihoshi is a galaxy police officer and has all the responsibilities and privileges that a law enforcement official would have.

     Mihoshi is best described as a cross between the luckiest person in the universe and...a jinx. It seems that nothing bad ever happens to Mihoshi herself, but anyone around her are always in great danger.

     Mihoshi is a member of the Galaxy Police she only got this position because the Grand Marshall is her grandfather. The GP thought that they could handle one person as clueless as Mihoshi by assigning her to a remote sector in the Sol system. It's quiet there, nothing really big happens there, Right? What's the worst that could happen? Unfortunately that's where Tenchi lives and as you can tell things around Tenchi are hardly normal. Maybe they should have tried a more remote system... Mihoshi's grandfather is the Grand Marshall of the Galaxy Police. Because of this Mihoshi's chief and commanding officer have to take good care of his granddaughter.

      After her graduation from the Galaxy Police Academy Mihoshi was assigned her partner Kiyone. Mihoshi looks up to her and wants nothing more than to spend time with Kiyone. Mihoshi seems to be good at sleeping, karaoke, and screwing up. She has a small cube called her control cube. Using this control cube which is supposed to be used to control her ship. Whenever Mihoshi plays with it impossible effects are generated. By turning it one way and then another, the sun goes out. When Mihoshi plays with her control cube trying to generate an effect, stand back because you never know what will happen. Her spaceship in the OAV Yukinojyo is also unique. It is a prototype from the Galaxy Police but ended up in Mihoshi's hands because of her grandfather's position at the GP. The ship has an artificial intelligence which allows the ship to evolve.

Washu Hakubi

Age: 12

True Age: 20,000+

Birthday: July 21

Height: 4'4"

Weight: 88.2 lbs.

Blood Type: B

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Powers: Teleportation, Flight, Lightsaber, Alter Her Body, Telepathy, Force Field, Alter Space/Time

Inventions: Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki, The Soja, The Internet

      Washu is the mad scientist that created Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki. Washu is one of those people in the universe that you just don't mess with. She always seems to be ready for whatever happens to be in her way.

      Over 20,000 years ago, Washu's powers and memories were sealed away into three gems. This was the reason that she created Ryoko. Ryoko is capable of channeling this power given that she has all three gems. During the process of creating Ryoko one of her assistants named Yakage, who was charged with creating the perfect sword for Ryoko, stole some of the earliest cells and made his own Ryoko. Her name is Minagi and appears in the No Need For Tenchi manga. After the creation of Ryoko, Kagato trapped Washu within her own invention and abused Ryoko's powers for his own evil purposes.

      Washu remained trapped within a large crystal within the mirror dimension of Soja, Kagato's ship which was invented by Washu as well. Washu was released when Kagato came to earth to reclaim Ryoko. Thinking Tenchi dead the girls go to avenge Tenchi and Mihoshi accidentally releases Washu.

      Washu's subspace lab is actually located on five separate planets. These planets are interconnected using interdimensional wormholes all connected to the main lab which is the one she appears in most frequently. The labs include a supercomputer lab, a biology lab, a lab for extracting "samples", a cybernetics core, and the main lab that contains the shell created by Kagato for Tsunami.

     She maintains the appearance of a 12 year old because when she was young, 20,000 years ago, she had a child. But it was taken from her because of the father's social status. Washu figured that if she took on the appearance of a 12 year old such things wouldn't matter.

Kiyone Makibi

Age: 23

Height: 5'8"

Measurements: 27-20-28

Blood Type: A

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blue

Spaceship: Yagami

Equipment: GP Standard Blaster, High Tension Yo-yo

Powers: Kiyone is a galaxy police officer and has all the responsibilities and privileges that a law enforcement official would have.

    Moving quickly through the ranks of the Galaxy Police Academy, Kiyone had a bright future ahead of her. She finished at the top of her class and gained widespread recognition before graduation.

      On her first assignment she was assigned a partner named Mihoshi. Mihoshi was a bubbly headed blonde. She single-handedly caused the downward spiral of Kiyone's career. She did nothing on purpose its just the way Mihoshi is. Her future as a Galaxy Police detective was put on hold and she became a resident officer on a remote planet named Earth.

      Kiyone wants nothing more than to resume her career and ascend the ranks of the Galaxy Police. However, even fate cannot separate Kiyone and Mihoshi. At the end of the TV series she received a promotion but so did Mihoshi.

      Kiyone is level-headed and serious. She is the only other victim other than Tenchi. She is an excellent detective. Her combat skills are extraordinary and she has the natural gut instincts of an excellent detective.

Mayuka Masaki

Age: 16

True Age: 0

Blood Type: Special

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blue

Powers: Claws, Flight, Lightsaber, Teleportation, Create Illusion

     In an attempt to get revenge on Yosho, the dark Jurain Tree's essence decides the best way to hurt the prince is by kidnapping his beloved grandson. She does by stealing some of Tenchi's hair. Combining the DNA in the hair with her own she creates a clone. This clone is given the name, Mayuka. Mayuka's memories tell her that Tenchi is her father. Somehow she is placed in the past where she meets her father. In reality she was just created and her memories are false.

      Using Mayuka, Yazuha tries to steal Tenchi away to the Dimension of Darkness. Mayuka is an innocent girl caught up in a conspiracy which eventually costs her her life. Her personality and appearance shares traits Ryoko, Sasami, Ayeka, and Mihoshi. This makes it hard to tell who is the mother. She knows only that Tenchi is her father. Her memories of her mother are shrouded. She has very little modesty about her body. At one point in the movie she takes a bath with her father.

      Yazuha has a hypnotic control over her. At any given time Yazuha can take over Mayuka. Any resistance causes extreme pain which she is incapable of enduring. Mayuka's mission is to transport Tenchi to the Dimension of Darkness. In order to teleport him there she needs to make out with him. I don't quite understand this but...

      Mayuka's powers are a combination of her Mother and Father. Her natural form is that of a furry beastlike creature, resembling her mother. She has the ability to create illusions. She can create a sword similar to the sword Tenchi can create. She uses this illusion ability to make it look like Tenchi's lighthawk sword. She uses her powers without her knowing in the movie, that is why her sword looked like Tenchi's.

      At the end of the Movie she is killed by her mother and becomes a crystal from which she came. Using this crystal Washu was able to resurrect Mayuka. She was reborn as a baby and will be able to grow up.

Yosho Jurai

Alias: Katsuhito Masaki

Age: 60

True Age: 734

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Black

Spaceship tree: Funaho

     Yosho was the only child of Jurai King Azusa and an earthling descendent of Masaki: Funaho. Because of his mixed heritage, his life was complicated to say the least..

      Funaho was under a lot of heat from Jurai Royal Family. Thanks to Misaki, Funaho have managed to gain a support of Masaki and Kamiki clans. This by itself was quite remarkable, considering the fact that very few queens were ever able to gain the support of two clans at once. However, the Amaki clan- a family who held a grudge on Masaki clan ever since Azusa came to power, still remained strong. The remaining family- Tatsuki clan, chose to remain neutral.

      Around the same time, Yosho's half-sister, Ayeka, was born. Four years later, they were officially arrange to be married as soon as Ayeka was old enough. Yosho was not to happy with the idea because he only thought of Ayeka as a sister. Meanwhile, Ayeka couldn't be happier. She went as far as genetically altering her hair to fit Yosho's idea of a perfect woman. Only a few weeks later, Yosho faced another shocker- his grandmother, an all-powerful Seto, has arranged for him to attend the Galaxy Academy.

      Although he took several wives during the 700 years that he spent on Earth, Katsuhito and his wife Itsuki only had one child. Her name was Achika. Achika's mother died when she was young. Yosho began to train Achika in swordplay so that she could return to Jurai in his place. However, Achika rejected her father's vision for her future in order to live a normal girl's life.

      After Achika's desire not to ascend the throne Yosho waited 13 years. Then Tenchi was born he trained him as he did Achika and Tenchi proved to be a better Jurian knight than he was. Although Yosho has all this power, he does not interfere with Tenchi's life. Many times he could use his power so that Tenchi wouldn't have to but, if he did Tenchi would never gain the confidence and experience he needs. Yosho's sword also called Tenchi or Tenchiken, is the master key. Whenever a spaceship tree accepts a new owner they are given a part if its branch as a control device. The device is shaped to suit its new owner. Ayeka's is the tiara she wears on her head, Sasami's is a trigger looking thing, and Yosho's is a sword. Because of Funaho was a first Generation tree the control device can operate any spaceship tree of equal or lower generation.

Azaka & Kamidake

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 220 lbs

Powers: Absorb Matter, Flight, Laser, Force Field

    Azaka and Kamidake are Ayeka's guardians they protect her and obey her without question. They serve as advisors, companions, servants, and protectors of the princess. In the TV series Azaka and Kamidake also act as storage devices for the essences of the Knights of Jurai. The knights are pictured on the right. They are named after their corresponding knights. Ayeka can create lesser versions of Azaka and Kamidake but these copies are not nearly as powerful. The reason that they look so much like logs is that they are crafted from a tree of Jurai.

      Azaka and Kamidake can attack by firing lasers while flying about individually. However, their most powerful attack can only be performed while both are present. They can emit massive amounts of electricity. This can be used as either a physical attack or to form a force field for defense. They can also absorb normal matter which allows them to imprison anyone like they did to Ryoko in OAV episode 2.

      For the most part they hang outside the gates of Tenchi's house and terrorize mailmen and paperboys. Hey how would you feel if you were doing your job and somebody's mailbox asked you how your day was?


Age: 0

Height: 1'2"

Eyes: Amber

Fur: Brown

Species: Cabbit

GP Classification: Space Pirate

Powers: Laser, Telekinesis, Telepathy (Ryoko), Polymorph Self, Phase With Matter

     Ryo-Ohki is a "Cabbit" that's a cross between a cat (meowing) and a rabbit (a distinct love for carrots). Ryo-Ohki transforms into a Ryoko's spaceship. Ryo-Ohki spends most of her time playing with Sasami. Ryo-Ohki was created by Washu. She is also one of the most popular characters in the series.

      Ryo-Ohki transforms into the space pirate Ryoko's spaceship, which can be seen below. While Ryoko was being controlled by Kagato in the OAV, Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki lead the only successful attack planet Jurai. Ryo-Ohki's power comes from Ryoko's gems which is the same as the power that comes from the trees of Jurai. Since this power is the same she was able to sneak past the defense systems that prevent non Jurain ships from entering Jurai space without permission. During this battle Sasami was killed and after which Yosho went off to fight Ryoko on planet Earth.

     Ryo-Ohki has died many times. But just before she dies she lays an egg. Within 3-5 days this egg will hatch and Ryo-Ohki will be reborn. Sometimes the new generation Ryo-Ohki will evolve new abilities. Ryo-Ohki dies twice in the OAV and once in the TV series. Ryo-Ohki died after being shot down by Funaho, Yosho's ship and when Ryoko crashed her into the earth to destroy Ayeka's ship. In the TV series she died in the first scene.

      Ryo-Ohki was created by Washu using a simple life form called Mass and an unknown mineral element. Later in the OAV some Mass escape from Washu's lab and gets loose near Tenchi's house. In order to stop the Mass Ryo-Ohki absorbed the Mass themselves. After that she could take on the form that the mass were in, that of a teenage girl that looks a lot like Ryoko. After learning that she didn't know how to walk as a human, she decides to learn the way humans do. She becomes a toddler and grows up.

       She draws her power from Ryoko's gems. That explains the gem on Ryo-Ohki's forehead. The gem is what keeps Ryo-Ohki alive. It allows her to communicate with Ryoko when she has at least one gem. The gem can also emit a powerful laser which is her primary weapon in spaceship form and can be fired in cabbit form too. She can use telekinesis to make herself fly as well as other objects.

Noboyuki Masaki

Age: 43

Occupation: Architect

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Powers: Noboyuki has the innate ability to annoy and repel members of the opposite sex.

      Noboyuki is the lucky devil that Achika fell in love with. They later married and nine years later gave birth to Tenchi. After Achika's death he never remarried. One of the reasons that Achika is believed to have fell in love with him is his appearance is similar to that of her father's During the movie Tenchi Muyo in Love Noboyuki was shown much younger. When he was he looked a lot like Tenchi.

      Noboyuki in short is a pervert. He's constantly trying to get a look at the girls at the house. He has always enjoyed playing with the latest gizmos usually motion picture cameras. All of which just happened to be produced by Pioneer, talk about product placement. He also designed and built the house which Tenchi lives in. It was built in the suburbs of a major city, but got moved by Ryoko in OAV 1. The house crashed in the woods conveniently near Grandfather's shrine. The location was more convenient and the scenery better so they never tried to move it back.