Thank You, Guys

Dateline: The Ketchum and Sammi went on a picnic.

    Jen crept into Sammi’s room to scare her one last time. “I’ll get her good!” Jen thought. But she opened the door to find…. the room looking as if no had been in there. “Huh?” said Jen as she looked around. Then she went to the kitchen and living room to find Sammi. Jen was beginning to wonder if Sammi left all ready. “Looking for me?” a voice asked Jen. The immortal of rain forests and friendship turned in shock. It was Sammi. “There you are!” Jen yelled. “ And you hoped to tackle me one last time!” Sammi mocked at her. “Actually…” Jen answered. Then Jen slowly backed up and jumped onto Sammi. “Hey!” Sammi cried. “I just did.” Jen finished. Then she walked off. “*Sweat drop* that was not fun!” Sammi wailed. Then she got up off the couch, straightened herself back, and went outside.

    That afternoon, Sammi and the future Ketchum family were all out in the front yard of the Ketchum house. “We’ll all miss you!” Angela said as she tried to hold back her tears. “Take care.” said Jen. “Pika pi!” said Pikachu. “Sayonara Sam.” said Ash. “Sayonara and Domo arigato, guys.” Sammi replied. Then they all hugged her and she walked away for good. As they watched her walk, the future family had memories about the times with Sammi. When she was for from sight, the family went back inside.
The End