Chapter Twenty-Two: Thousand Eyes Watching Me:

They are coming for me. I am not afraid. I’ve already died once. I don’t mind it again. I’ve had enough of this world.

-July 16th, 2011-

I’m too old for this. I didn’t want to escape. There’s nothing for me here. I was happy to be judged. But then some idiot freed us. Yeah, you read that right.

It was a woman too. She had grudge. Something about a stupid trip. I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s just dumb. Yeah.

I digress.

So, now I’ve been wandering around Osaka because why not? There’s nothing for me here. My son’s a vegetable in a nursing home. My wife’s been dead for years. My grandkids grew up and left the area. (I don’t care to track them down. I’ll believe they are living happy lives. Yeah, that should be fine.) I’m tired of wandering. I’m tired of Osaka. I’m just… tired.

So now, I am sitting and waiting. Waiting for it to end. They know where to find me. Not those hunters either.

I wrinkled my nose. Disgusting. Those hunters have no class. Rude assholes, all of them. They only care about money. Plus some of them need a bath. And brush their teeth. It makes me want to throw up. I’d rather go to hell than be caught by them.

No. The shinigami are better. They have class. Dignity, level-headed, and not money hungry. Nice, decent fellows. They are much easier to work with.

Anyway, I sent out an invitation to both the hunters and shinigami. They know where to find me. I’ll be right here waiting in my old place. I sat in my living room, frowning.

I’m cold.

There’s no cigarette smell. No sounds inside. In fact, there is no furniture either. It’s all empty now. I think it might be for sale. I didn’t look when I essentially broke in. (Ha! Me breaking into my own apartment. What a sad state.)

Now, I sit in this empty living room, waiting to be judged again. I wonder who will come first.

I looked up when I heard the door open. Here it was. I sat still, poising myself to end this pointless wandering.