Chapter Eleven: Thunderbolt:

Kirika-chan felt like floating away. Nozomi wasn’t exactly “normal”. She didn’t wear make-up. She didn’t like manga either. Sports weren’t her thing. Nozomi definitely wasn’t social at all.

That didn’t stop Kirika-chan from trying to be friends with her. So far, it looked to be going swimmingly. Her parents didn’t mind Nozomi. (Okay, Tsuzuki was put off by her first. She’s growing on him. Slowly, of course.)

Lately, the girls had been getting closer. Their classmates could see it. Some even whispered about it. Kirika-chan didn’t seem to care.

However, now it’s spreading to home.

Watari saw it first. At the wedding, he asked Tsuzuki.

“How is school for Kirika-chan?” he asked.

“Good,” his old friend said. “She hasn’t decided on high school yet.”

“Ah. Any good friends she’s close with?”

Tsuzuki took a moment to think. “Yeah.”

“Any crushes? Anyone she’s really close to?”

“Why?” the older shinigami asked. Watari shrugged.

“She’s at that age,” he said.

“No, she’s not dating anyone,” Tsuzuki said. And that was it.

Still, he had to wonder.

Tsuzuki didn’t want to pry. But he had to know.

“You think she would tell us if she was seeing someone or not?” Tsuzuki asked.

“Maybe,” Anna said. “Why do you ask?” Her husband shrugged.

“No reason,” he said. Anna tilted her head.

“Is this about Nozomi?” she asked.

“Maybe…” Tsuzuki said. He paused. “Wait… You noticed too?”

“Same,” Airi said.

“Hm…” the shinigami said in thought. Who else noticed?


Meanwhile, Kirika-chan didn’t notice. Her mind was elsewhere. The summer festival was coming up. She had the perfect person she wanted to take with her already. Kirika-chan pulled out her phone.

“Hello, Nozomi?” she asked. The girl didn’t notice anyone else watching her.

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