Tokyo Story I

-Baby Doll-

Today starts our Tokyo trip. Masayuki�s going with me. Truth is, it�s pretty embarrassing. He�s not doing anything wrong. I just don�t really want to be seen with him. However, he has his uses. He did come from Tokyo, after all. I turned to him on the bus.

�Wow,� he mouthed. I glanced over at him.

�What are you so excited about?� I asked. Masayuki looked at me with a glow in his eyes.

�It�s been months since I�ve been back in Tokyo,� he told me. My face didn�t change at his answer.

�Is that right?� I asked. He nodded at me.

�Yeah,� that idiot said.

�Uh-huh,� I said, �Look, once we get off the bus, don�t talk to me.�

�Huh?� he asked.

�You heard me,� I told me, �If you try to get familiar, I will kick your ass when we get home. Got me?� Masayuki quickly put up his hands at me.

�Okay, okay!� he said, �I get it. Calm down.� I sat back in my seat.

�I am calm,� I said.

�You don�t sound like it with the way you keep threatening me,� he muttered under his breath. My eyes glanced over at him.

�I�m sorry?� I asked. Masayuki closed his window and turned his attention back to the moving scenery outside. I buried my head in my hands. I can�t wait to get this over with so I don�t have to see this idiot ever again. Lord, help me live through this a little bit longer.

The bus in Honshu pulled up to the stop in Tokyo. I leaned in close to Masayuki�s ear.

�Remember what I said when we got off,� I whispered.

�Yes,� he said, �Don�t talk to you. Don�t look at you. Don�t walk too close to you.�

�Very good,� I said. I rose to my feet. �I�ll be going first. You can follow after me,� I told him.

�Sure, sure,� he said. I glanced over my shoulder when I though I heard him mumble something else.

�Problem?� I asked aloud. He shook his head silent. I gave him a sharp little smirk.

�I thought so,� I said. We headed off the bus and began our investigation into my murder for the day.