Chapter Forty-Three: Tokyo in the Rain:


I: Boredom

It’s a little slow tonight. There really isn’t much to do. Nothing good on TV this Tuesday night, and I feel clueless. We can’t really take the silence, we're just not that couple. I try to cuddle beside him as goes through the motions of flipping he through the channels. Arrrrgh! This is so damned boring! This just will not do. In a last-ditch effort to rouse my husband, I lift my head from the pillow and move to plant a kiss on his cheek. I actually catch his attention briefly as Asato-kun glances down at me. Unfortunately, it was at the exact moment he landed on his favorite infomercial

“What was that for?” he whispers.

“Nothing,” I pout. . “Just bored.” I lay my head on his chest and sigh.

“Cool. Okay,” he says, eyes still glued to the television.

I can tell that he's just not getting the picture. I frown and playfully hit him on the arm. “I’m BORED!!” I complain.

“Okay, okay,” Asato-kun says. “What do you want me to do?”

I smirk as I pin him down on the couch. He looks up at me bewildered.

“Whoa, slow down!” he says.

“Why should I?” I ask.

He raises himself onto bent elbows with a smile on his face.

“How about take this back to our bedroom?” he asks.

My heart does little flips in my chest. “Yes!” I blurt out. My cheeks flush with colour, and Asato-kun laughs at my reaction.

“You're so beautiful like this,” he says as he sweeps the backs of his fingers across my cheek. He reaches out for me and wriggles his fingers. I place my hand in his, and he leads me to our room.


II: Deer Stop


I flop back on our futon. Asato-kun sinks down on me, but pauses.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Do you hear that?” he asks.

“Hear what?”

“Shhh! Listen!”

I lift my head and look around. “It’s raining.”


“What about it?” I shrug, not quite sure what he's on about.

He nuzzles my neck, and smiles. “It was raining that night too.”

“Oh!” I hide my face. “The night I gave you my…” Asato-kun smothers my words with a blistering kiss. His hand disappears down my torso. He doesn't stop until he's pulling back the elastic of my panties. I guide his hand down to my core, and he takes over. God, I love his fingers inside me.


The priest returned to the temple from his meditations under the waterfall. Love twirled her fan as she waited for him, she was smartly dressed wearing a silk surplice blouse, a colourful geisha skirt, and pink fishnets.

“Welcome,” she greeted him.

The priest narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?” he asked.

Love’s lips curved into a smile. “You’ve met my sister,” she told him.

“Sister?” He shook his head.


“Yes,” She smiled.

“Okay…” the priest said.

“Anyway,” she said. “I am Love, and I brought you a little token of my esteem.”

“A present?”

Love giggled and stepped aside. The priest’s jaw dropped when he saw a young woman with blonde hair standing next to Love. Her white robes wrapped around her lusciously curved body.

“Hello…” she simpered.

At first, he didn’t recognize her. He furrowed his brow and narrowed his eyes as he drank her in. Then, he locked eyes with her, and held her gaze for a long while. . Suddenly, his features became less serious and his face flooded with recognition. All due to staring into her beautiful deep green eyes.

“Megumi?” the priest wondered aloud, gasping and covering his mouth. His heart flipped in his chest. “You’re back.”

“Yes,” she replied.


III: Flooding

Asato-kun licks his fingers greedily. “Mmm. Did you enjoy that?”

My skirt and panties were flung halfway across the room as I lie on my back, totally wrecked - panting, struggling for breath. Asato-kun sits in front of me, half-naked, with a smug grin on his face. I look up at him dazed, and slightly puzzled.

“What’s on your mind?” I ask, as my beloved reaches down to roll off my shirt. His fingers wander over the lace cups of my bra as he unhooks the front clasp. It soon joins my panties and skirt.

“Mmm… perfect,” he hums.

“Asato-kun?” I ask.

He places his finger over my lips. “Quiet,” he whispers. “We’re just getting started here.” He pushes my knees apart and lowers leaves soft kisses down my tummy until his head is between my thighs.


Ecstasy was taking a bath tonight. Her long midnight blue hair looked like wet silk cascading from her head. She seemed preoccupied. She kept track of a count down as her eyes scanned the darkness. So, it had begun.

She rose to her feet, and stepped out of the tub. “Mimi! Fetch my robes!” A handmaiden entered the bathroom with white silk robes to help her mistress get dressed, fawning and preening over every in of her. Once done, the smooth silk clung to Ecstasy’s damp skin while she continued being attended by her dresser. A light smile lit the young woman's face as she slid a silver and ruby hairpin into her mistress’s hair.

“Will you be off now?” Mimi asked.

“Yes,” her mistress nodded. Ecstasy waved her hand in the air and disappeared into the water.


IV: Hungry Duck

Asato-kun licks his lips lewdly and swallows.

“Damn, you're delicious. So sweet,” he moans. He unzips his trousers and takes them off. He crawls onto the bed until he hovers over me, then lists to his side. I close my eyes and moan as he explores me. When he slides his two finger inside me. My eyes fly wide open, and I gasp out loud as he inserts one, then the other.

“More, please?” I beg him, nearly breathlessly.

He smirks at me like a hungry cat as he adds third finger. My body quivers at the sensation of feeling full.

“Think I can fit my whole hand inside?” he wonders. Asato-kun slips off his boxers with his free hand. My jaw goes slack as he adds even more fingers into my waiting core. After four fingers, he uses the duck to push inside of me.


Love returned to her house. Her sister had already set their plan into motion. Now, it was time for phase two.

“Yuiko!” Love called from the doorway. “Your assistance is required...!” A woman with butterfly wings appeared above her head.

“Go out into our woods,” she ordered. “We’re having a feast tonight.” Yuiko’s darkly colored wings fluttered with excitement at those words.

“You mean it?” she asked eyes bright with excitement.

“Yes,” Love replied. “Now go get ready.” She shooed her away.

“Yes!” he handmaiden cheered as she took her leave.

Love stared at her handmaiden’s beautiful round bottom through the sheer white wrap loosely slung around her hips. Small lily pads appeared under her hand maiden’s feet as she walked. The fading rays of setting sun caressed her half naked torso.

V: Moon Feast

The priest walked into the woods at dusk. A young girl dressed in black greeted him. She lifted her veil to reveal a traditional kitsune mask. Oddly, the priest didn’t feel threatened when he saw the white and red of the mask.

“You're here for me, aren't you?” The masked girl nodded and took him by the hand to the party; which had already begun when they arrived in her realm.

Fox-like courtesans lie on the grass, scanning the scene, waiting for some action. Red swans swam on the lake while five nuns stood under kitsune statues sharing goblets of their blood. The priest stared blankly as he waded further in. “What is this place?”

The main kitsune-like courtesan danced under the moonlit trees alone. The priest stared her eight white tails. Her short royal blue kimono pitted against her white kitsune mask. Colors blended around her as the priest noticed that the courtesans had tails, ears, and random fox features in place of human body parts. He could barely keep up.

The next thing he knew, he stood before the main courtesan sitting on a throne of red before dozens of lit candles. She uncrossed her legs to reveal a singing yoni. The priest backed away, covering his mouth with both hands. Behind him, a madam dressed in a gold and black kimono removed her sunglasses, revealing glowing kitsune-shaped eyes. The courtesans surrounding him began a highly sexual dance. Within the crowd, he found Megumi standing under a willow tree of hearts. From a distance, she appeared lost in a world of dreams.

“Megumi-chan!” he shouted. He raced through the crowd to get to her. His beloved’s doe dreamy spell broke when she looked up as he got closer.

“Asato-kun?” she asked, bewildered. He raced over and swept her into his arms. They shared a kiss under the full moon, bathed in moonlight.

In the morning, the priest and Megumi woke up separately. The little girl in black lowered her veil and disappeared into the woods.


VI: Losing My Mind

Asato-kun lies next to me, sound asleep. Thinking about how we spent the evening makes me laugh out loud, and I can’t stop. And I don't want to. Wow. I fear I must be going mad. Wait... I already am mad.

Aren't I?