Chapter Thirty-Seven: Tough Little Mama:


I’ve had enough of this bullshit! My daughter has gone too far. She will have to die.

But first, I need to escape.

I woke up in this dark, cramped room. I could hear the blood running through my veins. Where was I exactly? Okay, try to think about this. Idiot husband and Anna went to end this. Yes. We headed out this morning. I think we made it to a park. Then we all got separated.

Now I am here. Where is “here”? I don’t know. Time is meaningless here. I have worked my mind to keep myself sane. Earlier, my power had been weakened. That’s wearing off now. Let’s see, how to get out.

I took a look around. I couldn’t move. I will have to try. Let’s see. I’m huddled in a ball. My awareness came back. Good, good. Which direction am I? Up? Down? Am I upside? I cranked my neck for a little bit. Okay, I can move. I need to keep going.

Neck. Shoulders. Arms. Fingers. Waist. Legs. Feet. Toes. Okay, good. But I am still stuck in a ball. Good thing that my daughter’s power is waning.

Wait… What is that? That sounded like rumbling. Oh crap. We don’t have much time. I looked up. Was that light there earlier? I reached upwards. Warmth touched my fingertips. Ah. I think I might have a way to escape. It looks tight. But I am going to have to try. Okay, here goes.

I crouched down and took a breath. Five… Four… Three… Two…


I sprung up and flew out through the tiny opening. I probably cut my face and body. That didn’t matter. Suddenly, I stopped. I was free now. But celebration didn’t last long.

Another wave of rumbling hit my body. I didn’t have anything to grab onto. Damn. I will have to make this quick. I stuck my hand up in the air and closed my eyes.


Anna! Anna, can you hear me? Say something.

Anna paused in her tracks. Airi? Airi, is that you?

Can you hear me?

Yes! Where are you? Where did you go?

There isn’t much time! Where is Asato?

The tsukai frowned. I don’t know.


I’m sorry.

Never mind that now! We’ve got more pressing issues! This barrier is going to collapse!

Anna’s eyes widened. Are you serious?

Yes! There isn’t time left! Let me come to you.

Okay, what do I need to do?

Hold your hand up in the air and focus on me.

Anna nodded. Okay! She stuck her hand up in the air and closed her eyes.

Thank you! I can see you just fine!

Anna’s body jolted forward. She stumbled but kept her balance. She lowered her hand and opened her eyes. A small smirk spread across her face.

“I’m back,” Airi said.

“Welcome home,” Anna said.

“Thank you,” the Mother said. “Now let’s go find our husband.”

“Yes!” her vessel agreed. They headed down further south as best as they could.