Tramp Stamp

I: Ink Love:

On the day after their wedding, Jenny wanted to show how much she loved her new husband. Sure, they had rings. But� that�s so boring! So what could she use to show how much she loved Ryan? Then, a teenage girl gave her the idea.

On the way to get more beer her honeymoon suite, she saw two teenage girls walked to a music store. They looked juicy from behind. Big well-round bums in tight white pants. Black and pink thongs in clear view. Different color tube tops. Jenny studied their backs closely. One of them had a tramp stamp. The singer read it quietly to herself. She began to think it said something. �JT + SL 4-Ever� was what it said. Jenny found it touching. So much so, that it inspired her. Jenny just had to get one of her own.

So, she went to the nearest tattoo parlor. The man was happy to do the honors. On her lower back, Jenny�s tattoo said, �Jenny + Ryan Indigo Kids.� Nothing screams love like a tramp stamp!

II: Teach Me:

Saji is usually a good boy. But tonight� was� different. He didn�t know what triggered this change. It just happened. It was Toshiko�s fault. Really, it was! She came in and messed with his head. Toshiko gave him her number and that was it! Now, the temptation took over.

Saji made the phone call. He dialed her number. He waited for the phone to ring.

�Come on,� he mumbled. �Come on, pick up!�

�Hello?� Toshiko asked.


�Uh� who�s this?�

�Saji. Saji Crossroad.� There was a pause. The boy became nervous.

�Oh! I know you now!�


�What�s up?�

�Uh� not much�� Pause. He didn�t know how to talk to a siren. She and Louise were one in the same. They both dominated him so easily. It was just crazy.

�Well, talk!� Toshiko ordered. �You called me up, so speak!� Saji turned bright red.

�Wow! Uh� uh�� he said. The pressure had spiked. Then, Toshiko turned it up even more.

�If you want me to suck your cock, then say so!� she commanded. Saji was tomato red now. Straight-forward, wasn�t she?

�Well,� the siren demanded. �Do you want me to or not?� That did it! She made up his mind for him there!

�Yes, I would like that!� he almost yelled.

�Meet me in ten minutes in the subway station!� Toshiko ordered. �Don�t be late!� She hung up right away. Saji slowly did the same. Did he just do what he thought he did? Too late to turn back now!

III: Russian Love:

Andy brought back a new gift today. He went to Russia three weeks ago. Searching for talent again. America was predictable this time. Over to Europe this time? Yeah, that�s a plan. So, away to Europe Andy went.

Which country did he pick? What else, Russia! Why? Who can say? Andy just went there and that�s it. Back to the point.

Andy came into a Russian whiskey bar. He sat at one of the back tables and ordered a drink. In a few minutes, Andy got his drink. When he looked up, a waitress served him. He hadn�t expected to see such an angel. This waitress was a true Russian beauty. Long straight black hair to her waist with a part down the middle. Deep baby blue eyes. Pale vampire white skin. Deep rose red lips. Tall girl, she was. Her uniform seemed too small on her. And examined her closely. Ah, she would do.

�Would you like a big tip?� he asked in Russian. The waitress looked at him confused. An American that could speak perfectly good Russian. (He had to; came with the job.)

�How big?� she asked. Andy stood up and leaned in close to her ear.

�Come to Japan with me and I�ll give you a real career!� he whispered. The charming man slowly pulled back. The waitress stared on blankly.

�Uh�� she said. There it was again. The good old Andy Teach charm. It just baited another one! The next morning, she left for Japan with him.

IV: Prison Girl:

The bus pulled up into the city. Mo Billie Henderson stepped off. She had just gotten out of prison. The woman needed a job. What place would hire an ex-con? Mo Billie had always been an outcast. Long black hair that looked greasy. Pale as now. Dirt caked under long nails. She always wore black. Mo Billie always kept to herself. Everyone was too scared to get near her. At first, anyway�

Mo Billie wandered the city under she came to the Factory. The sun had begun to set. She was hungry and needed to sleep. The Stardust Factory looked so inviting. So, Mo Billie knocked on the door. It slowly slide wide open. Andy looked the ex-con up and down. Opportunity greeted him.

�Need food?� he asked. Mo Billie nodded quickly.

�Yes!� she said. Any smiled.

�Come on, in!� he said. The ex-con quickly nodded. She hurried inside the Factory.

�So, where did you come from, anyway?� he asked.

�Prison!� Mo Billie said without thinking. Andy froze in his tracks. The ex-con panicked. �Oh shit!� she thought. �I screwed up! He�s going to kick me back out!

Instead, Andy said, �Tell me about it!� Mo Billie froze up for a moment.

�Oh no, it�s a bad thing�� she said.

�No!� Andy insisted. �Tell me all about it!�

V: Pretty Face:

Savannah did nothing. Nothing, but look pretty. That�s how it always was for her. Her looks got her through everything. Savannah was a high maintenance skinny bitch. She didn�t have to do much. Just look pretty. That itself took work.

Savannah slept until noon. Then, she bathed, fixed her hair, did her make-up, picked out what to wear, and did her nails. Estimated time: three hours. A pain, but worth it. Hey, beauty take work!

VI: Women and Girls:

There is a difference between women and girls. The girls were sweet, young, and innocent. The women were wild, loud, and carefree. The girls played by the rules. The women did as they pleased. The girls stayed to themselves. The women explored the world with desire. Pandora, Emily (by age), Mona, and Jemima were girls. Jenny, Savannah, Jamaica, Toshiko, Violet, and Ophelia were women. See the difference?

VII: Ink Love II:

�Like it, baby?� Jenny asked Ryan. He didn�t speak at first.

�Why did you do that?�

�Because I love you!�

�But why this?� Jenny shrugged.

�Felt like it!� Ryan didn�t speak. Jenny was crazy, no doubt. But this? Tramp stamps were always trashy. Her new tattoo on her lower back took her to an all new level of crazy. Ryan didn�t know what to say. Ryan didn�t know what to say. Yet, he knew what he got into when he took her out on their first date. Couldn�t say much after that. Jenny smiled at him.

�Well, what do think?� Ryan nodded at last.

�Good, pretty good!� His bride was overjoyed.

�Oh, I�m so glad you like it!� She leapt wildly into Ryan�s arms. Her husband nearly stumbled back.

�Whoa!� Jenny giggled. Her groom just sighed and smiled. Anything to keep her happy. Anything to keep her happy!

VIII: Female:

Ah, the women! You gotta love �em!

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