Chapter Nineteen: Trapped and No Rest:


I didn’t get to tell Mama goodbye the first time I died. Three years ago, we got into a huge argument. I said I hated her and stormed out.

Then I died in an accident.

I was bound for Meifu, but then I was freed back into Chijou.

Maybe I could make things right with Mama this time.

But I ran into some trouble.


Nanaka trembled. Hisoka looked at his current situation.

“What’s going on here?” he asked. The bounty hunters glared at him.

“Nothing!” the leader hissed. “Now beat it!” Nanaka shook her head.

“This doesn’t look like ‘nothing’,” the shinigami said.

“Well it is!” the leader snapped. “Now get lost!” Hisoka turned to the high-risk soul.

“Is this true?” he asked.

“Yes!” the leader snapped.

“I was talking to the hostage.”

“The answer’s still yes.”

Nanaka shook her head. Hisoka’s eyes locked on her. I will need your help with this. Blink if you understand. Nanaka blinked once.


The leader glared at them both. “Hey, what are you plotting?” Nanaka’s eyes widened.

“Nothing,” Hisoka said. He stuck his hands in his pockets.

“Don’t lie!” a second hunter snapped. “You’re up to something!”

“Why would I be?” the shinigami asked. “You’re not doing anything. Neither am I.” His eyes shifted to the right. Nanaka took a deep breath. The leader narrowed his eyes.

“Hey!” he said. “You can’t have her! We found her first.”

“No,” Hisoka said. “She’s not a bounty. She is to be judged by the king. Let her go.” The hunters burst into laughter.

“So?” the third one asked. “We don’t care about no stinkin’ king! We just want the money!”

“Yeah!” the other hunters said. Hisoka sighed.

“Oh dear,” he said. “I knew this would happen.” Nanaka closed her eyes. The leader gritted his teeth.

“Fuck off!” he shouted. “We’re taking her and that’s final! Now, get lost!” Hisoka shook his head.

“I can’t do that,” he said. “Miss.”

“Huh?” the hunters asked.

“I got it,” their hostage said.

“What” the leader asked. Hisoka drew out his hands. Three hunters lunged at him as three beads hit the ground. They exploded into a cloud of white dust. The hunters shielded their eyes and coughed. Hisoka grabbed Nanaka’s hand.

“Wait,” she said. The shinigami turned to her in the air.

“What is it?” he asked. She lowered her head.

“I have one request,” the soul said.

“What?” Hisoka asked.

“Could I apologize to my mama and say goodbye?” Nanaka asked.

On the ground, the smoke cleared. The hunters found no sign of the target of the shinigami. Their leader clinched his fists and gritted his teeth, growling.

“Damn it!” he yelled. He kicked the side of a dumpster.



I finally got to say sorry. Mama was shocked to see me again. I apologized to many times, bowing. Mama pulled me into her arms and hugged me.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I forgive you.”

“I love you, Mama,” I said.

“I love you too, Nanaka-chan,” Mama said. We shared one more hug before I crossed over again. Now, I was free.

Five souls left.



Tsuzuki and Hisoka ran into their third soul of the day. Or rather, they ran into them just as the shinigami got back together for a breather.