Chapter Twenty-Eight: Troilism:

March 2nd, 2010.

9:37 p.m.

Anna turned her head when she heard their door slide open. Tsuzuki stood in the doorway.

"Waiting long?" he asked. Anna shook her head. Her husband smirked, chuckling.

"That's good to hear," he said. The groom slid the door closed behind him and latched it. The devilish hunger in his eyes made her gulp.

"Aww," Tsuzuki cooed. "You look like I'm going to kill you and eat you right there." Anna's cheeks pinkened as she looked the other way.

"I'm sorry," the bride apologized. Tsuzuki chuckled as he crossed the room.

"There, there," he muttered. The groom let his fingertips caress along his young bride's chin before gently turning her made-up face to his. One look into those desire-filled eyes made her feel so small under him. His face closed inches to her ear.

"I'll be really gentle tonight," he whispered. His hot breath on her skin alone made her heart speed up in her chest.


April 15th, 2010.

10:00 p.m.

Tsuzuki made it back out to the Wonderland nightclub. He just had to check something out. Days back, he could've sworn that he saw an old "friend" here. Maybe not, he wasn't sure under those bright, flashing lights. The smoke machines and wasted youth made him shake his head. Why do they all do this? It's just�

Suddenly, Tsuzuki became aware of someone standing behind him. He glanced over to his right. Silver blue eyes stared at his shoulder. Tsuzuki pulled a fuda out from within his coat.

"Yes?" he asked.

My master wants to see you, the owner of the eyes said in his mind. The shinigami kept his own eyes on her.

"Does he now?" he asked. "And may I ask why?" Her silver blue eyes retreated into the pounding darkness. Tsuzuki turned as he felt a cool breeze touch his face. Blight lights blinded him in a flash.


Tsuzuki couldn't remember what happened next. It was as if he had a gap in his memory. He was talking to some woman one moment and the next�

A hazy lavender light caressed his face. Tsuzuki paused as expensive French perfume wafted through the air. His eyes scanned the dim light causing him chills. What is this? The shinigami paused when his ears caught the sound of humming. His eyes directed forward to the silhouette of a woman. He squinted his eyes for a better look. The lavender light cast itself upon the woman. His eyes widened.

Her russet red hair brushed her small shoulders while her bangs covered her forehead. The only thing she wore was a pair of black boots as she stood before him on a fully-bloomed light pink lotus blossom. Her greenish-brown eyes stared blankly at him. Tsuzuki blinked at her.

Anna-chan? He shook his head. No, you are not her. You are not my wife. Too bad his starved libido couldn't grasp that. His hands inched towards the woman's ample bosom. She didn't move as her eyes stayed fixed on him. Tsuzuki swallowed back some drool in his mouth. Anna-chan� No! Stop! That's not her! Stop! His hands kept moving closer. His hunger and pounding heart took over everything.

His fingertips reached the woman's plump breasts before he paused. A sharp numbing pain filled his hands. He let out a strangled gasp as he kept reaching. Stop! It's a trap! That's not your wife! Stop! The pain shot through to his chest as he reached her nipples. That sweet nirvana became short-lived, however. The pain doubled through his whole body. Tsuzuki let go of the woman's breasts and sank to his knees gasping for air. His body trembled uncontrollably. Anna-chan� forgive� me�

"My, my," a familiar man's voice filled the air. "What a sad pathetic sight, Tsuzuki-san!" The shinigami looked through his blurred pain to see Asmodeus standing before him, smirking. Tsuzuki gritted his teeth.

"You!" he yelled. "You're still alive?!" Asmodeus gave him a mocking gentleman-like smile.

"Why yes," he said. He turned to the woman on the lotus.

"You have served me well," he said. "Thank you, Lilith." The woman bowed her head and stood by her master.

"Now," he said, holding her hand. "Enough with the games." The demon held out his hand and wave it over. The lavender lights plunged into a heavy silent black.