The True Battle

Dateline: Cameron and Mitchell helped the kids at Sunshine Village sing better to save their home.

    It had been twelve days since we left for the fire realm. When we reached the place in order to get in it, happiness came over us. “So all we have to do is, wait for a flock of crows to fly overhead and then yell for them to take us to the underworld?” Cameron asked me to be certain. “Precisely.” I answered. So we waited patiently.

    When the sun began to set, our crows arrived right on time. “TAKE US TO THE UNDERWORLD!!!” we yelled. We yelled that until everything went black.

    We looked and saw….. fire. Lots of fire. “We’re here!” I thought. “Let’s go!” I said to Cameron. “Right.” said she. Then we continued on.

    After a few dirty tricks to get of lost that Heri played on us, Cameron and I made it to the center of the underworld. “You dare challenge me?!?” a loud deep voice asked us. We couldn’t forget that voice if we tried. It was Heri all right. “You bet!” I yelled. And with that, Cameron and I were rising up off the ground to meet our antagonist. It was time for the true battle.

    Once we came to our destination, Cameron and I were dropped onto the cold black floor. “So, you’re the little thorns in my side they’re been reporting to me!” the voice barked. “That’s right!” I yelled. “NOW SHOW YOUR FACE!!!” He came down like a tub of lava. He had black hair, pale skin, and wearing a long red cloth wrap around his body with a sliver sword at his side. “Too bad it’ll be short lived!” he hissed. Then he lounged at us with his sword. Cameron and I dodged his blade. I pulled out my razor gun and fired. It had no affect. Heri laughed and knocked my gun out of my hand. It broke into thousands of pieces. Cameron tried all of her flower disks but Heri destroyed them all with one sweep of his sword. We tried our gold spike shooters but they were too full to function.

    It finally hit us to use our new weapons on him. Cameron and I pulled out our new ammo gun and tried them but they had no affect on him either. “They’re empty!” Cameron yelled. Then Heri began attacking me. Suddenly, an idea hit me! I took apart my gold spike shooter and emptied the lotus and Shogunfu’s power into the ammo gun. Cameron saw me and started doing the same. What are you doing?!?” Heri yelled. “Say o yasumi-nasai, heathen!” I yelled. Then Cameron and I fired at the same time. Heri tried to dodge them but our shots were too fast for him. Heri screamed as he exploded.

    Soon after our battle, everything went white.

    Cameron and I opened our eyes. We were back in the Ginseng gardens. It took us 2.5 seconds to figure out what had happened We, Cameron H. Miller and Mitchell R. Tsukibara, had defeat Heri! The danger for the Fantasy Realm was over! We had won! Cameron and I spent our last days in the Fantasy Realm in the Ginseng gardens.
To Be Continued….