Try to Stay Normal


A knock came on the bathroom door. I jerked my head.


“Omi-kun, what are you doing up so early?” Ken-kun asked on the other side. I nearly jumped.

“Uh… nothing! I’m fine!” I put my shirt back on and opened the door. Ken-kun looked at me.

“What’s wrong, Omi? You look so pale.”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing.” I pushed past him and want to my room before he could ask more questions. I went back to bed and practically hid there.

The hours that followed felt like a post-apocalyptic movie. Everything was so quiet. I looked around my room. It just felt out of place for me. I touched my shoulder. The burn was still there. I shut my eyes for a moment. I can’t show this to anyone. I just have to act normal.

I got out of bed and got ready for school. I tried not to make eye contact with Ken-kun, Aya, or Yohji. (They won’t understand what’s going on. They probably won’t believe me.)

“I’m leaving now,” I said as I headed out the door.

“Take care,” Ken-kun said back. I headed out to my moped. They can’t find out of my number. No one can know. Just act normal.

I rode all the way to school. Seemed strange. I couldn’t hear a thing. Nobody was in sight. I was all alone this morning. I shuddered at that thought. So creepy…

It feels unreal. Almost like a movie. Or a dream. I tried to focus on the road ahead. I couldn’t even hear the traffic around me.

School felt like a different place. All eyes were trained on me. They can’t possibly know, can they? I try not to make eye contact. I take in deep breaths as I walk to class. Try to act normal. Try to act normal.

I made it to the classroom and sat down at my desk. It’s quiet here too. I feel like my brain is disconnected from my body. I am here, but yet I am not. I look around the classroom. The other kids are staring at me. It feels like they are judging me. They don’t know anything. They don’t know anything.

I keep my eyes down as I pulled out my laptop. Try to act normal. I kept telling myself.

This should have been easy. I am an assassin, after all. I have to try and act normal. This is different. I am the hunted one. My life is at stake.

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