Chapter Forty-Six: Two Women:

7:00 a.m.

April made it to the lab early the next morning. Last night turned out decent. Kyosuke was a nice guy, but not her type. She smiled and shook her head to herself.

He�s too innocent, the British woman thought. She liked more dashing wild boys. However, she wondered if Kyosuke ever had a girlfriend. It would be a shame if he didn�t. She came back to earth when she heard the door swing shut. April looked up to see Charlotte standing at the doorway.

�Oh,� the latter said. �Am I here too early?�

�Oh, no, no,� April said, shaking her head. �You�re fine.� Charlotte took a step forward.

�I see,� she said. April tilted her head at her.

�Uh� can I help you?� she asked. The test subject shrugged her shoulders.

�I don�t know,� she admitted. �I just got here on my own.�

�Ah,� April replied. �Say, where is your boyfriend?� Charlotte gave her a puzzled look.

�Boyfriend?� she asked. �What boyfriend?� April blinked at her confused.

�That blind man who�s always with you,� she said. It took Charlotte a second to see what she was saying.

�Oh!� she exclaimed. �You mean Takashi.�

�Yes,� the shinigami answered.

�He�s not my boyfriend,� Charlotte corrected. �And he�s at our apartment.�

�He�s not your boyfriend?� April repeated.

�That�s right,� the other woman said.

�Then� what is he?� the shinigami asked. Charlotte gave her a little smile.

�He�s my roommate,� she said. �And a dear friend of mine.�

�I see,� April replied. She noticed the dreamy look in Charlotte�s eyes. �You two must be really close,� she pointed out.

�Yeah,� Charlotte answered. �He saved me.�

�Save you?� the shinigami repeated curiously.

�Why yes,� the test subject answered. The glow in her face started to die. �But,� she began, �He doesn�t understand.�

�Understand what?� April asked. The other woman glanced up at her uneasily.

�He doesn�t understand things like love and romance,� Charlotte explained.

�Why is that?� April questioned.

�He is an angel.�

�No way,� however the shinigami paused. �No way!� Charlotte nodded sternly at her.

�Yes,� she said. �He is an actual angel.�

�Whoa!� April gasped. More questions filled her head. �So have you� you know?� she asked.

�Know what?� Charlotte asked.

�You know,� April repeated. �Slept together?� The other woman gave her a strange look.

�Why would you ask someone that?� she asked. The shinigami quickly put up her hands.

�I was curious, I�m so sorry!� she blurted out. Charlotte chuckled at her reaction.

�Yes,� she said. �We have slept together.�

�How was it?� April whispered.

�Pretty good,� her acquaintance admitted. She leaned in closer to the shinigami. �He was a virgin too,� the woman whispered. April�s eyes widened when she heard that.

�Holy�� she said. �And he isn�t your boyfriend?� Charlotte sadly shook her head.

�No,� she said.

�Do you want him to be?� the British woman asked. Charlotte bit her lower lip as she nodded.

�Yeah,� she answered. The woman glanced up at April. �What about you?� she asked. The shinigami glanced up at her.

�What?� she asked.

�Do you have someone you love?� Charlotte asked. April looked away with soft red cheeks.

�No,� she admitted. However when she said that, an image of Kyosuke flashed in her mind as she blushed. Charlotte smiled at her response.

�I see,� she replied. Somehow in that short conversation, both women found that they could click rather easily.

�Say,� Charlotte spoke up. �Do you have time after these tests?�

�Sure,� April answered. �Why do you ask?� Charlotte gave her a small shrug.

�Don�t know,� she answered. �Maybe we could talk more later on.� The shinigami gave her a small smile.

�Sure, I�d love that,� she answered.