Underdog Day


I�m not going to be a loser today! I should do something meaningful! I�m tired of not doing anything! I hate my job. My dreams are all dead. My girlfriend constantly nags me. I just need a change man! But, it�s too early in the morning to do that!

I glanced over at my clock. It�s only seven o�clock. It�s my day off and I should do something useful today. I closed my eyes to think. Let�s see. What can do to make a meaningful stance in my life?

Maybe I clean the apartment for a change? That won�t matter; it�s already clean anyway.

Maybe I cook for Julie once in a way? I can�t even cook. I�d probably end up burning the food by mistake.

Maybe I fix something around the apartment? There�s nothing broken to fix! I shook my head in my bed.

No, I�m thinking too little here. My moment needs to be bigger. Something on an epic scale. I paused for a moment in my thinking. Okay, maybe not that big, but I just have to do something! I glanced over at my clock again.

It�s only 7:03? Only 7:03? How is that even possible? It feels like I have been digging in my brain for some answers longer than that! I shook my head to myself again. All of that thinking and I�ve come up with nothing so far. Sad, that�s just sad.

Maybe, I�m just not ready for this sort of thing. I probably should just lie here in bed until it�s time for me to get up. Maybe then I�ll have my head on straight and think about something meaningful to do with my life. But, if I quit now, I won�t have accomplished my goal. I�m tired of being the underdog. I have to stand up and fight! But first, I have to think of something big to be epic at. And so far, I�ve come up with nothing.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. I reached up to pick it up.

�Hello?� I asked under my sheets.

�Ben?� a woman�s voice asked. �It�s me, Lisa Howell.�