Chapter Five: Underground Meeting:

February 1st, 2011.

There is a conspiracy brewing. A woman in a black cloak walked up to a closed lingerie shop. She made her way around to the back. She pressed her hand against the chained gate. At low hum ripped through her body as white noise hummed in her ears. Then she disappeared.


The basement only had black lights lit up. She appeared in the closed doorway. A hooded man looked up.

“You’re late,” he said. The woman bowed her head.

“Forgive me,” she said.

“Hurry up and join us!”

“Yes sir!” She took her seat at the table. The leader rose to his feet.

“Good, we are all here. We can begin.”

They are plotting a slaughter. Too long had the Eda-Kimoto clan had murdered innocent people. Now the Mother returned, they couldn’t be ignored anymore. They had to die. This group’s first target.

“We have to go after the offspring!”


“All of them?”


“Even the children?”



“What is it?”

“They are just kids.”

“So? We have to stop them while they’re young.”


“No arguments! We have to do this.”

“But they’re kids.”

“That doesn’t matter! They are our enemy! They must die! Am I clear?”



“What about Yasuo-san’s son? He doesn’t use his kitsune at all. He hates his father.

“We shall follow him. We shall watch him closely.”

“What about Anna-can?”

“What about her?”

“She the Mother.”

“But she’s fighting her family too.”

“Plus Tsuzuki won’t let her go.”

“We let her live.”


“She is not the enemy. Anna-san is fighting against her family as well. When the time is right we will aid her.”


“Do not argue! This is for the greater good. We have to stop the clan. Understood?”


“Good! You are all dismissed for the night.”


Everyone disappeared as the sun began to rise.