Chapter Twelve: Urolagnia:

March 2nd, 2010.

3:00 p.m.

Tsuzuki waited in the lobby, staring at the clock behind the desk. The bride must have to their room by now. The wedding would take place at six; plenty of enough time for her to get ready. He's dressed up and ready himself. The bride always takes more time because she is high maintenance on the wedding day. Tsuzuki gave Anna an hour tops.

He followed the Western tradition of not seeing his bride until the wedding. Tsuzuki left early to make the last preparations. He only stopped here to send the maid to Anna's room to help get her dressed. Just one more text and he was gone again.


April 5th, 2010.

10:00 a.m.

He feels the hunger again as he tries to keep it together at his work. Lucky for him that he had to just stare at a computer screen all day. The prettier people always dealt with customers face-to-face. He stayed in the basement at the computer. His fingers worked on autopilot.

The previous two kills settled his pain for briefly. The thought of a couple making love before they died set a fire in his belly and loins. Watching put him under a heavy trance. He could watch the couples' last moment together over and over on tape whenever he wanted.

It almost made him want to get a mate of his own. These thoughts reflected in the way he typed the document. His words shot out of him like a cannon. He never liked seeing blood. That's why the kills were done as cleanly as possible. A strategically placed injection into the male partner and no one noticed a thing. Humans had a high threshold of pain during sexual arousal. They wouldn't even feel a thing except for a small pinch when the needle went in. Adrenaline and sexual arousal did the rest.

His typing sped up and then began to slow down. He knew the come down was approaching. He�d need another fix soon. For now, he could hold it off until tonight. Kabukicho had a flood of meat for killing. He just needed to let the rights ones in. A knock came on the door, but he does not stir from his work.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Excuse me," he heard a co-worker say. Footsteps filled his ears and he stopped typing altogether.

"Yeah?" he asked. The footsteps stopped.

"I brought you some tea," a co-worker said.

"Fine," he said. "Just set it down there."

"Alright," she said. She set his cup on his desk. He happened to glance downwards and that was all it took. His eyes stayed fixed on her hands, slim pale fingers and nicely-shaped wrists. Even her filed nails looked so elegant. He had to see their owner. He turned around behind him. When their eyes met, his chest felt a little warm.

"Uh�" he said. �Do I know you?" His Amaterasu shook her head.

"Not really," she said.

"You new here?"


He tilted his head, blinking. "You're not? Well, how long have you been here?"

"Two years."

"You don't say."

She happened to look up at the clock on the back wall. "Oh! I have to get back above!"

He gave her a puzzled look. "So you work�"

"I pass out the treats to the company." She turned to leave.

"Wait!" he called. She stopped in the doorway and glanced over her shoulder.

"Yes?" she asked. He turned his chair to face her.

"Will I see you again?" he asked. She blinked when she heard the desperation in his tone.

"Of course," she said. "I'm here every noon."


"I have to."

He nodded at her. "Right, of course. Bye." She bowed and walked away. He smiled as he watched her leave, but then his stomach began to turn. It felt like someone shot him repeatedly. He drew in a sharp breath. No, not again, he pleaded in his head. Not now! I'll feed tonight, I promise. He turned back to his computer and the forced typing began from there. However, another pain stopped him in his tracks. This time, he felt it in his chest.

What� is this? My heart's beating so fast! Her image entered his mind. This startled him back so much that he almost rolled the chair. Is she doing this to me? A new curiosity filled his head. She was rather pretty and seemed nice too. Almost made him want to know more about her, almost.

He had never been a social person. His day consisted of work, computers, and home. No time for real face-to-face contact. Maybe it's time for a change? However, he lacked the courage or maybe not. He did talk to her after all, but only after those kills. Something clicked in his brain.

Of course! I have to kill to get stronger. He smiled coldly as he began typing again. From there, he discovered a new motive to channel his sadistic voyeuristic fantasies.