Chapter Fourteen: Valentine Ghost:

August 14th, 1960.

�Tell me about yourself,� Emiko said in their field behind Heaven and Hell. Sumire watched her eat her lunch.

�Well, I died in the Kobe firebombing in World War II,� she said. The butch demon paused over her soy sauce coated rice.

�You were?� she asked.

�Yeah,� Sumire said. �I was visiting my grandmother at the time. I didn't even see it coming. I remember a flash and boom.� She threw up her hands for emphasis. �Everything was gone; all I saw was the foundations of buildings.�

�Wow,� Emiko murmured in a low voice. �That really is Hell.� Sumire tried to make herself smile again.

�What about you?� she asked. Emiko lowered her chopsticks with a little smile.

�Well, my life's not as interesting,� she said. �I was in a Catholic school for most of my life.�

�Catholic school?� Sumire asked.

�Yeah,� the butch demon said. �It wasn't that great. I didn't really fit in.�

�Why?� the other woman asked. Emiko held up her hand.

�Ent,� she cut in. �To be continued.�

�But�� Sumire spoke up.

�To be continued,� Emiko said. The other woman opened her mouth to speak.

�To be continued,� the butch demon said. Sumire reluctantly closed her mouth.

�Good girl,� Emiko told her with a smile. The other woman gave her a blank stare.

January 8th, 2010.

Emiko walked outside to the backyard. Hotaru stood near the fence in tears. The butch demon tried to come up with a way to smooth things over as she walked over to her lover.

�So this is where you went,� she spoke up. Hotaru didn�t turn around.

�Come on!� Emiko said, walking forward. �Everyone's waiting inside.� The lack of response of made things harder.

�Baby?� the butch demon asked.

�Stay away!� Hotaru cried. Her girlfriend stopped in her tracks.

�Hoto-chan?� she asked. Hotaru didn't turn around as she clutched onto the fence.

�This is all for her?!� she cried. Emiko clenched her fists.

�I made a promise,� she said.

�But you used us, you used me!�

�It's not like that.�

�Then what is it like?�

Emiko closed her mouth. The truth would make no sense to her no matter how hard she tried to put it in words. Hotaru whipped around to her with big, teary eyes.

�Do you love her more than me?� she asked.

�No!� Emiko yelled. �It's just��

�Just what?� the loli demon asked. Her girlfriend gritted her teeth.

�I love you both!� she declared. �I love you both, equally.� Hotaru choked back her tears, sobbing.

�Did you enjoy fucking her better?� she whimpered. Emiko tilted her head at her.

�Huh?� she asked.

�Did you enjoy fucking her better?� the loli demon asked. �Please don�t lie to me.�

�I never slept with her,� Emiko said.

�You promise?� Hotaru asked. Her girl nodded.

�Yes,� she answered. The loli demon gave her a little smile as she wiped away the tears from her face.

�Good,� she said. �That's all I wanted to know.� She walked past her girlfriend with a forced smile on her pale face. Emiko stood silent and bit her lower lip. Oh, this isn�t over yet�