Riley Christopher

Age: 17

    Here is the lovely outcast here. She doesn't have much of a great life at the moment. She's never known her father. Her mother is a pathetic alcoholic. Her older brother is a goofball. She's pretty much all alone at school. Speaking of which, she hates her school so much. Riley thought it couldn't get any worse. But then, she met the crazy mysterious thief named Melissa. The thief told Riley that she had something of hers. Ever since then, Riley has been through one Hell after another. Quite literally may I add. But, there is one redeeming feature to her. Riley can hear thoughts. She had this gift since she was only three years old. At first, the tomboy just learned without doing anything at all. But now, Riley will have to use her ability in order to survive both Satan and Melissa.

Quinn Mayfield

Age: 17

    Quinn started out as a normal boy. But then, a Hell bat bit him on the back of the right shoulder. Since then, he started to become a demon from Hell. His body became very weak. Quinn kept getting sick all of the time. No one seemed to notice except Riley. She tried her best to help him out. As a result, the two became really close together. Close enough to have Melissa worried. She sees Quinn as the enemy. But, Riley has a different view. She seems to have fallen in love with him and the same with he to her. So they might survive. We'll have to see.


Age: N/A

    A mysterious thief with long history with Satan. Melissa went to Hell one day, got past security, and stole the stone named the Akuma's Eye. Knowing that this item would be hot for a long time, she hid it in a safe place. Melissa hid the stone inside Riley's soul. Now, it's a cat and mouse game between her and Satan of the Akuma's Eye. Melissa constantly mocks the Devil and taunts him about his desperate search for the missing stone. This woman is crazy and enjoys giving Riley and Quinn hell!

Jillian Christopher

Age: 41

    Jillian is Riley and Spencer's mother. She is an alcoholic and unemployed. All she does is stay around the house and drink all day long. Riley is embarrassed of this. She chews out her mother because of it. But, the woman just keeps on drinking. However, she does care about her children. Jillian drinks because he husband is dead and she's harboring a dead secret about her children's powers.

Spencer Christopher

Age: 20

    Spencer is Riley's older brother. He is a goofball and not really bright. His younger sister finds him annoying and wants to smack him sometimes. In truth, Riley is jealous of Spencer because got his chance to escape and she didn't. But, the man really does care about his mom and younger sister. He too has powers, but he has not used them so much that they are really weak. Melissa has an interest in him because of his powers.

Brookey Valentine

Age: 17

    Brookey is a friend of Riley's. She is an artist who loves the whole Goth thing. The girl knows about Riley's powers and tries to help her escape from the Devil. Brookey is obsessed with death and occult.

Gilbert Dylan

Age: 17

    Gilbert is another friend of Riley's. He is an idiot savant. The boy can't count past five, but he is a great musical genius. Gilbert plays piano for the school. He gets bullied around constantly. Riley stands up for him until the very end. Gilbert seems to have a crush on Riley as well. But no one can really say.

Libby West

Age: 17

    The snotty cheerleader here. She puts down, Riley, Brookey, and Gilbert constantly. Libby is rich, popular, and makes straight A's all of the time. Everyone in the school loves her so much. But ever since Riley has learned the truth about herself and her family, she is finally taking revenge on the snob with her own powers. You go, girl!

Dr. Phillip Coles

Age: 37

    Dr. Coles is Riley's physiatrist. He acts like a father to her during her therapy sessions. The man his a crush on her, but he keeps it to himself. Dr. Coles is the only adult that she can trust. She talks to him about everything in her life. Well, except for her family's secret...

Nancy Love

Age: 20

    Nancy is Spencer's girlfriend. Riley can't stand her one bit. Nancy is too perky and cheerful. But, she is really dumb. Many people take advance of her. Riley can't understand what Spencer sees in him. But her brother and Nancy really do love each other. She wants to be an underwear model in Europe.

Ginger Rogers

Age: 17

    This little girl is in Libby's crowd. She is shy and tries to impress her friend/boss so much. But the popular girl ignores her and treats her like crap. But yet, she puts up with it in order to be loved by someone. Riley feels sorry for her and tries to help her out when Libby is not around. In the beginning, Ginger was weak and never really fought for herself. But later on in the series, she breaks away from her mean friend/boss and strives to be an individual.

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