Victoria's Bio
Name: Victoria Sabia O'Neal

AKA: Viki and Vic

Birthdate: 3/3/84

Age: 18

P.O.B.: Dublin, Ireland

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Student

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'5"

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Letters, Rolling Stones, music, reading, her boyfriend, hiking, Amy Grant, Ireland, tofu, nature, healthy food, traveling, Dido, postcards, Chris Isaak, notes, Sneaker Pimps, Europe, Cure, history, coffee, Clash, camping, Gorillaz, sailing, The Cranberries, fishing, green, nail polish, art, make-up, spices, chicken, lacy underwear, writing, road trips, and U2

Outfit: A long sleeveless yellow dress, matching sandals, and yellow flower ribbons

Car: Open Skies

Animal: Gazelle

    Quiet yet forceful when she wants to be, Victoria is both an angel and a devil. She grew up in a strict Catholic household. Her parents wanted her to live like their religion and be a quiet housewife when she grew up. They abandoned that hope as their daughter grew older. All the parents could do was pray that Victoria grew up right in the end. She first fell in love with writing during middle school. Now Victoria writes letters like mad!

    Descendant of Helen, Victoria's mom ate a piece of meat while she was pregnant with her daughter. Helen took care of the baby. Overtime in high school, Victoria grew bored with life in Ireland. She longed to find something different in the world. This is where her letter writing came into good use. It didn't take long for the girl to have about twenty pen pals in the middle of her final year in high school. Her mother even joked about her making money off of letter writing. That little suggestion set off her next plan of action.

    Victoria found Tokyo-Zion Academy through an ad on the internet. Soon, she applied to the job and Noizchild sighed her on. The Irish girl's mischief just added onto TZA's charm. She just clicks personality-wise with most of the girls. Guys even turn to her for advice. Victoria lives with her roommate, Lillian O'Conner, in an apartment in Dublin, Ireland. She's currently trying to get said roommate and her parents to accept her Northern Irish boyfriend, Norman. So far, Victoria's family acknowledges him, but they still don't really accept him fully. She has a parrot named Bono.